SH Spotlight The Steve Hoffman Music Forums 15th anniversary is January 12, 2017, congrats to all of us!

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Jan 8, 2017.

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  1. JamesD1957

    JamesD1957 Forum Resident

    Cypress, Texas
    Congrats to all of us! I've been on EVERY day since I joined, only missing two 7 day stretches while on a cruise. Didn't have WiFi, and I think I went through honest to goodness withdrawal symptoms. Here's to many more years!
  2. southamorican

    southamorican Forum Resident

    São Paulo
    Congrats & thanks!

    By far the best music forum on the web!
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  3. George P

    George P Notable Member

  4. Myke

    Myke Rock Geezer

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  5. Dugan

    Dugan Senior Member

  6. Sander

    Sander Forum Resident

    Happy 15th anniversary all!!!
  7. Mikey679

    Mikey679 Forum Resident

    Worcester, MA
    Congrats on 15 years and many more! This is a great forum with tons of knowledge, I've learned so much in the 6 years I've been a member here.
  8. vinyl13

    vinyl13 Forum Resident

    IN, USA
    Happy anniversary! Hope it lasts another 15 years. :righton:
  9. Beatle Terr

    Beatle Terr Super Senior SH Forum Member Musician & Guitarist

    It' seem just like yesterday that "BEATLE TERR" was born here. Thank you for giving me life on your internet forum and thank you for being and having such a cool place for me to hang out with you and a bunch of way cool people too. Say hello to Jeff the HOLY ZOO for me too. : -)
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  10. bluesbro

    bluesbro Forum Hall of Shame

    What a long, strange trip has been
  11. RelayerNJ

    RelayerNJ Forum Resident

    Whippany, NJ
    very cool! Always a great time on this forum.
  12. George P

    George P Notable Member

    Can't believe I have been here over 9 years.
  13. rburly

    rburly Sitting comfortably with Item 9

    Here's to 15 more! :cheers:
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  14. wilejoe

    wilejoe Forum Resident

    Parlin,NJ USA
    Thank you Steve,moderators and all the members who I have learned so much from

  15. parkmebike

    parkmebike Stupidly Happy

    Happy Birthday! I've been loving this place since 2009, can't imagine the internet without it! Cheers
  16. jimjim

    jimjim Forum Resident

    Wait...this thread hasn't been hijacked yet by a Beatles reference somewhere? I'm shocked! :eek:

    Just kidding...happy anniversary! You guys made me feel welcome after leaving another music forum which was turning septic with hate. I feel the love here! :cheers:
  17. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host Thread Starter

    Beatle T.! Good to hear from you..
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  18. lwh1

    lwh1 Forum Resident

    Kent, England
    A big thank you to Steve H, the moderators and everybody who contributes for making this such an informative and entertaining site. Here's to another 15 years!
  19. Thanks and Congrats on Your Crystal Anniversary!


  20. mikrt17

    mikrt17 Life has surface noise.

    Congratulations this site gives me a lot of enjoyment.
  21. varispeed

    varispeed what if?

    Los Angeles Ca
    I'm making a guess here. That's half-inch tape right?
  22. Joel1963

    Joel1963 Senior Member

    Congrats to you Steve and one and all.
  23. thxdave

    thxdave Senior Member

    What a long, strange trip it's been since the old DCC forum. Congrats Steve et al for a wonderful place to hang out!
  24. Platterpus

    Platterpus Forum Resident

    The Cosmos
    I joined up with the SH.TV forum 10 years ago yesterday. I did lurk here for a while (about a couple years) before I joined up using the index page only for reading the threads.:laugh:
    Best music forum on the web. A one-stop source for all your music needs and more. :cheers: to our host and all the moderators for their hard work. I'm happy to be here. Thanks.
  25. npc210

    npc210 Forum Resident

    This site is an incredible resource for music. Great people, too! :)
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