SH Spotlight The Steve Hoffman Music Forums 15th anniversary is January 12, 2017, congrats to all of us!

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Jan 8, 2017.

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  1. bhazen

    bhazen an okay Boomer

    Deepest suburbia
    Very thankful I found out about this place in 2006. I has certainly enhanced my enjoyment of music, despite my spending about half my time in the Hardware forum. :D

    Thank you Steve, and the Legion of Gort!
  2. motorcitydave

    motorcitydave Enlightened Rogue In Memoriam

    Las Vegas, NV, USA
    thanks for keeping me from partying and gambling on the strip! now i'm now funneling my money into this wonderful hobby. which is far more rewarding and not hazardous to your health. on the contrary, music and audio soothes the savage beast far more than partying, gambling, and buffets!
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  3. SergioRZ

    SergioRZ Well-Known Member

    THANK YOU so much for all that this forum has given me in my never ending learning voyage about sound and music. :)
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  4. grandegi

    grandegi Blind test maniac

    Rome, Italy
    When I joined here, I was anaware of the importance of mastering. And I was unaware that most of my humble collection was junk. I've been slowly trying to fix it and it's still a long way to go. Thank you all and Happy Birthday!
  5. Well done! Great job!
  6. Participation trophies for all! :)

    Seriously, thanks for an awesome music forum!
  7. swedwards1960

    swedwards1960 Forum Resident

    Canton OH
    Congratulations for this milestone and thanks to Steve and all who help in connecting those interested in music and the other arts, to inform, to debate, and to share.
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  8. EasterEverywhere

    EasterEverywhere Forum Resident

    Congrats indeed.Been away about two years.Glad to see both that you're still here,and my old login still works.:thumbsup:
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  9. Joey The Lemur

    Joey The Lemur Forum Resident

    I've enjoyed this site for several years and finally joined as a member. Congratulations on fifteen years and creating a haven that is nirvana for this fan of music and pop culture.
  10. Sax-son

    Sax-son Forum Resident

    Three Rivers, CA
    This has been a great forum for me. I have gleaned a wealth of information from it. Long may it live!
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  11. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host Thread Starter

    Thanks for the kind words! Onward!
  12. WayOutWardell

    WayOutWardell Forum Resident

    I'm very thankful for this forum. It led me to lots of wonderful musical discoveries as well as the chance to meet a long-lost inspiration of mine.
  13. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host Thread Starter

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