The SugarCube Is Here At Last...Clicks & Pops R.I.P.

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by DigMyGroove, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Jim0830

    Jim0830 Forum Resident

    I own an SC-2 Mini, not an SC-1. But if I did own the SC-1 Mini and the firmware I was on was problem free, I might skip doing upgrades. I would say if it ain't broke don't fix it. I would let other users "beta" test it for me and then consider installing it.

    As an SC-2 Mini owner I do go for all of the firmware upgrades. They often add new features to the recording process: more sides in the storage, faster processing and/or saving out recorded files, VU meters, interface streamlining etc. Every so often Discogs updates their backend software which sometimes breaks the album lookup feature in 3rd party apps that have tie-ins to Discogs. I will say Sweet Vinyl seems to get out firmware upgrades to fix such issues very quickly.
  2. dharmabumstead

    dharmabumstead Forum Resident

    Pacific Northwest
    I seem to be up to date now:

    Last check at about 3 hours ago - ok

    This SugarCube has no update pending.

    You are running SugarCube 2.3-700-g7ea08110-20230130-0200-prod installed about 20 hours ago​

    It’d be nice to know what was actually updated in the firmware.
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  3. That was quick!
  4. They were available YESTERDAY at Music Direct but no longer. My guess is that yesterday Music Direct had one of each on hand which they sold. Good for Sweet Vinyl—there is obviously demand for their product. Unfortunately, it seems that they haven’t been able to scale production to meet demand. That’s pretty normal for very small companies, however.
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  5. Tony A.

    Tony A. Senior Member

    1. Support for the SugarCube Desktop App. Please note this is for Windows, macOS, and Linux personal computers, not iPads or mobile devices.
    2. Download link for the SugarCube Desktop App is found on the 'Updates' page.
    3. Controls multiple SugarCubes from its startup screen.
    4. Various internal bug fixes.
    5. Peak Meter still off-line, expect to have it back in service soon.
    6. All user guides are back online
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  6. So they sold out those two units within 20 minutes of me posting that they were available. Crazy!
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  7. In any event, I’m going to get on the waiting list for an SC-1 Plus. Unless someone convinces me that a Parks Audio Puffin “Magic” setting works just as well.
  8. PATB

    PATB Recovering Vinyl Junkie

    SF Bay Area
    In my case, I blame it on Discogs "NM"; "vinyl looks unplayed"; "it appears a needle has not touched the record!" ratings. And, classical music on vinyl :D.
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  9. marblesmike

    marblesmike Forum Resident

    It doesn't.
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  10. SC-1 Mini Phono and SC-2 Mini Phono are showing as back in stock again at Music Direct!

  11. DigMyGroove

    DigMyGroove Forum Resident Thread Starter

    It does not, I have the Puffin and it's a great device, I use with with my mono turntable. However it's Magic setting is limited in how much it can do (as of now). It tames the noises but doesn't completely eliminate them all. The Sugarcubes on the other hand are technical "magic", I can't imagine not having one now. That said Shannon Parks is always updating and offering more to his customers. It wouldn't shock me if the Magic setting gets even better down the line.
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  12. FrankieP

    FrankieP Forum Resident

    I’m hoping it does get better and on par with the Sugarcubes. With the uncertainty of them being available, it’ll be good to have other options.
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  13. GuildF512

    GuildF512 Well-Known Member

    Merritt Island Fl
    I have the SC-1 plus and enjoy the fact that you can record your album at 192 kb /24 bit on a computer and then play it back anytime you want. Recently I started using a streaming service with UHD "Ultra High Definition" audio at 192Kb/24 bit and appreciate the fact I can use the SC-1 Plus as the DAC. There is some vinyl I have that has not been offered on the streaming service at the UHD quality so I am experiencing the best of both worlds.
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  14. The SVNR is what I am most interested in. The occasionally pops and tics on vinyl do not bother me. I do have some very old records as well as some CD transcriptions of Glenn Miller 78’s that could benefit.
  15. GuildF512

    GuildF512 Well-Known Member

    Merritt Island Fl
    I noticed that has a huge database of downloadable FLAC files from that era that are mostly free. I would imagine the SC-1 Plus could be utilized for that era of music where the SC-1 Plus has a selection for equalization related to different record company labels.
  16. WDeranged

    WDeranged Forum Resident

    I let my SC-1 Mini update week or two ago. I had one weird episode where the music occasionally stuttered like a CD skip. A reboot solved it.

    Otherwise all seems normal and the unit has continued to work its magic on second hand vinyl purchases. Recently a copy of Band on the Run.
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  17. stromgol

    stromgol Forum Resident

    Some were back in stock as I checked music direct yesterday. Bought a sc1 mini, transaction went well. Then today, I received a mail from music direct tellling me that they can,t sell it to me, because i,m living in Canada. They don,t distribute it here. I guess I will have to wait for one second hand. I,m sad.
  18. darkscarf

    darkscarf Forum Resident

    United Kingdom
    Isn’t there many parcel forwarding services you can use?
  19. stromgol

    stromgol Forum Resident

    Never thought about that, will have to check how it works. Thanks for the tip.
  20. PATB

    PATB Recovering Vinyl Junkie

    SF Bay Area
    Send them an email ( and they can sell one to you directly. That's how I got mine during the pandemic lockdown. Note that their website always says Sold Out; the SC1-mini was "sold out" too when they sold one to me.
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  21. stromgol

    stromgol Forum Resident

  22. stromgol

    stromgol Forum Resident

    I just sent Sweet vinyl a mail. They do offer International shipping on their site, so it should works.
  23. dharmabumstead

    dharmabumstead Forum Resident

    Pacific Northwest
    I’ve got an SC-1 Plus on preorder. As soon as I get that, I’ll be selling my original SC-1.
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  24. YourMainDude

    YourMainDude Forum Resident

    Just received an update - 2.3-710

    The "What's New.." document is still reachable through the App but it is devoid of any details for this particular release. The document is dated 1/25. So much for SV being 'clean' about things ...
  25. Synthfreek

    Synthfreek I’m a ray of sunshine & bastion of positivity

    I’ve had my SC1-Mini for a while now with zero issues and I’ve also never touched a firmware update. Starting a week or so ago when I turn the strength knob the screen turns to gibberish characters and I have to turn off then back on again to read the display.

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