The term " New Wave ".

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  1. ralphb

    ralphb "First they came for..."

    Brooklyn, New York
    "(I'm) Stranded" was a big favorite on the CBGB jukebox.
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  2. krisjay

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    When I think New Wave, I think Flock Of Seagulls, Ultravox, Devo. So many others. Including Hawks, The Silencers, The Producers, Great Buildings, Quincy. Such a large wonderful umbrella. One of my favorite genre's, and favorite era's.
  3. John B Good

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    NS, Canada
    Does it all eventually become Old Hat Music?
  4. manco

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    It's interesting with all those successive movements in popular music that we haven't had one in a long time, no? K-pop?
  5. Purple Jim

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    If my memory banks are in order, I think that was the one of the very first punk albums on the streets in Britain (after Horses, The Ramones and Damned, Damned, Damned).
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  6. jimod99

    jimod99 Daddy or chips?

    Vienna, Austria
    Came out Summer 1977 IIRC, one if not the first punk compilation, and on the “prog” label Vertigo too!! It was also a pretty big seller as it was mid price. For some reason I’ve ended up with 2 copies, i certainly remember buying it when it was released.

    Having a quick check on Discogs it appears there’s also a German version on Phillips which has a different track listing, it includes The Jam and The Saints, must keep a lookout for that one.
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  7. Cryptical17

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    New York
    It was when he released “Scarecrow” in 1985 when I realized that John Cougar Mellencamp was not a new waver at all! Now looking back, it was obvious from his “American Fool” days! Somehow we just couldn’t see it
  8. WLL

    WLL Popery Of Mopery Thread Starter

    ...I guess Johnny Cougar, back when he was called that, was sort of a last clasp of glitter/glam/Bowie wannabe...Wasn't he originally hustled/pushed in that image by " Tony DeepFreeze "/MainMan? When his original album.
    release in that vein, CHESTNUT STREET INCIDENT, came out on a major, I believe, in the midd-ish 70s, I recall whole hype and launch of it getting written up in the New York Sunday News in a " The making of a would-be rock star " article writing up the launch and the hype that I must not have read for decades but still remember reading - " " Real " newspapers still didn't write about " our music " at length and with respect/interest in 1976, and it was unusual. Does anyone else remember this article? The News, as a not very respectable tabloid that is, furthermore,
    rather overlooked in image for being " a seen-everything NYC tabloid " in favor of the flashier New York Post, does not have its archives very well/widely preserved. I would think:cry:. I recall some other feature articles of interest on Pop culture in during this era in it, too:angel:!!! I also recall the article - maybe - at least sorta hinting at Deep Freeze, anyway, at least hyping/PR imagery-ing suggesting him to be a hustler/rough trade/ whatever type. Considering the Bowieconnection with Main man, no wonder!!!!!!!!!!!:laugh: Given Mellencamp's later" all-American heartland roots rocker " image, 'tis funny:agree:...I think that one album from that period has been little-repackaged, considering JCM's later success...Another album I suppose of unreleased material from the same period titled " THE KID INDIDE " appeared on the market after his success and I suppose the same people must have owned I as I recall rare double-length repackaged of it as are over with the re-released1976 album...(which include several classic rock cover versions)
    I recall Mellencamp complaint about those vault-diggings for including what
    he thought was inferior material along with what I suppose he thought was acceptable stuff and saying " If DiFreize were smart I could've let him use the best stuff from those albums of mind that never came out in America ', meaning that " A Biography " album I guess - which I think introduced " I Need A Lover " which was, originally, the one song from it added to C
    Cougar's " first big-time/successful " USA release:confused:? I recall seeing an add
    for " A Biography " in an early issue I bought of MELODY MAKER in the Seventies and I remember hearing Vin Scelsa on WNEW-FM playing a cut from it. Years later, it did come out in America, with " I Need A Lover " on it and the second album minus it. Cougar originally was on Riva Records, this labeled " owned " by Rod Stewart/his management - Am I correct:realmad:?
    And, continuing with labels and New Wave Johnny, Cougar had, in-between Chestnut Street and his American Comeback, an EP release on this early Midwestern punk label, Gulcher Record's. It was of demos/leftovers predating Chestnut Street. not newly recorded stuff but there's your punk credibility for J-yCM, then!!!!!!!!!!!:D I never heard it Tim's the You Tube era.

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