SH Spotlight The True Story of the "Into the Mystic" mixing goof on Van Morrison's "Moondance" album

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Jan 17, 2007.

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    It's at 3 3/4 ips. Useless low-fi speed so it really doesn't matter!
  3. Steve Hoffman

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    That's the one!
  4. Steve Hoffman

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    Played this yesterday. Don't know which version I like any more..
  5. Thanks for bumping this thread, Steve. I love this album and only now got to read the opening post, crazy stuff ... will have to give it a spin tonight.
  6. Steve Hoffman

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    Crazy (Love) stuff, indeed..
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    I was put off by the tambourine the first time I heard it. It really sort of changes the tone of the song. I'm pretty fond of both versions now, but it still takes me by surprise when the tambourine kicks in. Every. Time.
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    Great story, wickedly delicious recording!
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    Thank you Steve for the great and interesting story. I hope someone can tell as detailed information behind different "Starman" versions on Bowie's Ziggy LP. :laugh:
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    FWIW, My non-gatefold, UK "palm trees" pressing has the tambourine mix.
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    Is there any legal digital download source where the original mix can be purchased?
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    Without reading the whole thread, in truth just the OP.
    When was the half speed master cut? It simply states "years later".
    I bought a copy of this album mid 70's in the UK. Green label WB. Now, I no longer have that pressing to check as I wore it out and simply passed it on as I bought a cheap thin pressing cica 1990. This I still own and have just played it against the fine Hoffman repress I have.
    Anyway, the cheap (has a price sticker of £3.49) copy I picked up as a replacement has a white WB label with 46040 above WS 1835 on the front cover. While it still plays fine it contains a constant hum throughout (only audiable between tracks. Lack in bass and detail is a little lost BUT it does contain the "constant" foghorn and Van's tamb' bashing which appear louder in the mix than the Hoffman press.
  14. Mister Charlie

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    I found the tambourine jarring and too loud, so I agree with them taking it off eventually. But it IS cool to hear! :)
  15. Ed Bishop

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    Van did get some advertising in RS and Crawdaddy, among other mags, so WB did think fairly highly of it. For one thing, MOONDANCE was a commercial album; ASTRAL WEEKS was not, and everyone must have known it didn't have a 'hit' on it (though "Sweet Thing" did eventually find its way to a B-side). Ironic that they chose "Come Running" as a single, and while it was a Top 40 hit nationally, it's not the only commercial side on that album. The man himself must have wanted some commercial success, because his albums through 1972 all had at least one big potential single on them; after that, well, he seemed to have lost interest until "Wavelength" (How "Natalia" was ignored I'll never figure out). And after that, he was never a hitmaker again, and apparently content with that.

  16. Steve Hoffman

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    Such is life, Ed..
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    Best version I've heard is the UK 1st . & yes, Into The Mystic rattles along with subtle grace...

    VM 1.JPG
    VM M1.JPG
  18. wayved

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    I actually have a copy of the album with this tambourine mix (not in great shape mind you--it looks good but does not play well--whoever owned this record before me loved it a lot and played the holy heck out of it and who can i be to blame them--I remember buying this on cassette back in the 1990s and it blew my mind as I had not heard any of this music before)--and it is definitely an experience hearing the different mix. I was like WHAT??? Thanks for sharing this.
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    I too have a vinyl copy of this with the tambourine, even though it's a later repressing.

    The sleeve (46040/WS 1835) has quite bit of airbrushing on it and claims to be "Made in Germany" even though I"m convinced that it's an Irish pressing inside. This is because the font looks typical of Irish pressings with the tell-tale (P) instead of P inside a circle. The deadwax contains the word Strawberry too.

    My CD pressed in Germany (7599-27326-2) does not have it, nor does the new BDA release.
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    A Christmas Eve purchase of the SH/KG "Moondance" is knocking my socks off. I've never heard the tambourine mix until now. And I've never heard this record sound so spacious. The CD version(s) never sounded this good. I'd swear you can hear Van's proximity to the mic change according to his movements while singing...and it sounds like he's standing here in the room. This mastering brings life back into all of the instruments and vocals, while giving each space to be.
  21. Steve Hoffman

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    Enjoy, and Merry Christmas.
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  22. Which version of "Into the Mystic" is used on Direct Disk Lab's Super Disk? This is the best vinyl issue of Moondance I've heard and I cherish my copy of it.
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    I don't have a head for such things, but was the 'tambourine' version included on the five(?) disc set that came out a couple years ago? (My copy is 1200 miles away and I won't see it for months).
  24. Steve Hoffman

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    The tambourine mix (original mix).
  25. MMM

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    Yes. I wish they would have included both mixes on the otherwise great set.

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