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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Chief, Jun 21, 2019.

  1. Ray Blend

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    Yeah, some internet sleuthing has me convinced the latest track on that comp is 1966.

    Probably their strongest album, almost despite itself. The '80s Rhino version, for me, is a significant improvement over the original (which I played to death on 8-track back in the day).
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  2. tonyballz

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    After, but I usually file albums chronologically by release date.

    Also re: the earlier Warren Zevon/Turtles conversation, Warren also wrote Like The Seasons, which the Turtles placed on the B-side of Can I Get To Know You Better AND Happy Together AND the Happy Together LP. The Turtles actually put out four singles in a row with a Warren Zevon song on one side:

    Outside Chance / We'll Meet Again
    Making My Mind Up / Outside Chance
    Can I Get To Know You Better / Like The Seasons
    Happy Together / Like The Seasons

    Here's the clip of Howard discussing Warren:

  3. Ray Blend

    Ray Blend One and Two

    The Midwest
    ^ Thanks for that. I've been digging some Turtles lately. It's amazing that they never made a bad album, despite being known best for their singles.
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  4. Brettlowden

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    There's a real cool song on the "happy together" LP called "walking song" thats like a little mini opera that i think is a great record.
    I saw them a few years ago and i thought they were still great. I was glad to get to see them. Gary Lewis played too and he was really good as well.
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  5. apple-richard

    apple-richard Overnight Sensation

    When I saw them a few years back it was;

    Mark Lindsay
    BJ Thomas
    Gary Puckett
    Gary Lewis
    Chuck Negron
    Howard & Mark
  6. Ray Blend

    Ray Blend One and Two

    The Midwest
    I first found this track as a B-side on one of their 45s. It's one of my favorite Turtles tracks.
  7. chef0069

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    Loved seeing Flo and Eddie back in the 80's in NY!
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  8. joepepitone

    joepepitone Well, I laid my head on the railroad track....

    Jeez, I was just looking at some Flo and Eddie videos and nothing was remarkable. Any suggestions?

    I did find this interesting one....

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  9. cwitt1980

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    As a 60's pop music lover, the Turtles are IMO the most overlooked band from this period. Yes, folks know a few of the hits. However, they really did no wrong and they basically changed their style with each album. I think the only thing keeping them from a Beach Boys level of greatness is they didn't have a genius producer/writer in the band.
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  10. simoncm

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    Haven't read the whole thread, but if you like The Turtles you should check out their earlier recordings as The Crossfires (the easiest way is probably via the Sundazed CD, Out of Control). As well as some scorching instrumentals they did some vocals that pointed the way to the Turtles' sound.
  11. jeffrey walsh

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    Picked up all the Turtles releases on cd recently, awesome band with great deep cuts.

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