The Velvet Underground: The Matrix Tapes 4CD Box Set

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by DeeThomaz, Sep 4, 2015.

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    The lower price point (current $51.98) suggests to me the packaging might not match the VU Super Deluxe boxes of recent years. Maybe.
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    Well, well, well..... :goodie:
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    Now I'm itching for a track list...
  6. Strange it seems to be listed only on Amazon as of now.
  7. The Zodiac

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    I pre-ordered ASAP just to be on the safe side in case this suddenly surges in price.
  8. rnranimal

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    Nice. This is where my money will be going instead of the Loaded set.

    I assume this will be the complete Matrix tapes as those could all fit on 4 CDs, correct? So I think we have the track list if it's the same as the tapes (sorry, don't have that on this laptop). I'll gladly buy this assuming it's the complete Matrix tapes and no funniness. No editing out Lou talking or other unnecessary edits like the first couple 45th sets and no leaving out tracks like, well, all the sets.

    Between this and the Max's inclusion on Loaded, I think it's safe to say that live '69 and Max's deluxes have been decided against. Loaded seems like the end of the road. Hopefully we do see live releases happening as the copyright window is closing. Judging by the tracks released on the 90s French CD EP, they have/had an even better sounding copy than the excellent bootleg of End Cole with some extra talking. Would love to hear the whole show from that source.
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  9. TeddyB

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    Wow. I've ordered both. Cool stuff.
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  10. Brett Stampley

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    I honestly never thought I would see the day all 4 hours were released. All VU fans should pat themselves on the back for showing that a market does exist for this material. This is really huge news and has been a fantasy for a lot of us for a long time.
  11. Walter H

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    Well, good, but if you bought the Super Deluxe third album for the two CDs' worth of Matrix, do you want to re-buy those two discs? Not sure.
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  12. Edgard Varese

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    Instantly pre-ordered. I've been waiting for this since, forever. :laugh:
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  13. dlemaudit

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    that was my first thought . so it means they will be duplicated ?
  14. Maurice

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    Oh awesome!!! I'd deliberately held off on the Super Deluxe edition because I was only interested in the Matrix discs but I'd come close to giving in many times, figuring it'd never get a standalone release. Instant 6:30 AM pre-order!!
  15. Roger Thornhill

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  16. mBen989

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    Remind me; what do these tapes have to do with Live 1969?
  17. jkauff

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    Just when I thought I'd spent my last dollar on VU stuff, this happens. :shake:

    I pre-ordered immediately, of course. :righton:
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  18. Stuggy

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    I thought they were recorded at the same time as the tapes that Live 1969 came from and that set included some tracks from this collection in inferior folded down quality. I remember reading how outstanding the Matrix tapes in their original version were.

    Is there anything else out there to satisfy the VU market?
    Are there any more Cale era live recordings of decent quality? Nothing else anybody's been sitting on for years like the Gymnasium material apparently had been up to about 5 years ago?
    An official version of A Symphony of Sound or whatever that Warhol hour long rehearsal film is called?
    Actually an official video collection including whatever is extant, hopefully not too many floor sweepings.

    Chronologically they could just redo that japanese post Reed box set since it did have at least some interesting stuff on it. Decent band even if it was totally lacking the thing that made VU different and seemed to turn into a r'n'r review playing his material. last time i heard that set it reminded me of Jason & The Scorchers more than the banana lp group.
  19. ralphb

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    I was really hoping for an expanded Live 1969 that would have covered everything (that Dallas version of "What Goes On" is definitive) but I pre-ordered this anyway. It is the Velvet Underground after all.:)
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  20. Nightswimmer

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    There are two discs of Matrix recordings on the Third Album deluxe, there are one and a half on the Quine Tapes box, so how much of this box will be unreleased?
  21. Nightswimmer

    Nightswimmer Forum Resident

    Ok, a quick list of what has been released:

    1. Live 1969

    Lisa Says 5:46
    What Goes On 8:47
    We're Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together" 3:12
    New Age 6:31
    Beginning to See the Light 5:26
    Ocean 10:46
    Heroin 9:42
    Some Kinda Love 4:44
    Over You 2:15
    White Light/White Heat 8:32

    The providence of some tracks is unknown at least on Wikipedia.

    2. Quine Tapes

    Follow the Leader (November 27, 1969) – 17:05
    White Light/White Heat (December 1, 1969) – 10:03
    Venus in Furs" (December 1, 1969) – 5:14
    Heroin (November 23, 1969) – 8:11
    Sister Ray (December 3, 1969) – 38:00
    New Age" (November 24, 1969) – 11:21
    Over You" (November 25, 1969) – 2:41
    The Black Angel's Death Song (November 23, 1969) - 5:54
    I'm Waiting for the Man (November 27, 1969) – 11:37
    Ride into the Sun (November 24, 1969) – 11:11

    3. 3rd album, deluxe edition (26th/27th November):

    I’m Waiting for the Man – 5:30
    What Goes On – 4:32
    Over You – 3:02
    We’re Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together – 3:25
    Pale Blue Eyes – 6:00
    I Can’t Stand It Anymore –6:49
    Venus in Furs – 4:37
    There She Goes Again – 3:15
    Heroin – 8:13
    I’m Set Free – 4:46
    After Hours – 2:55
  22. richard a

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    The Quine tapes are audience recordings, albeit rather good ones.
    The other released Matrix songs (on Live 1969 and on the third album deluxe set) are from the 4-track recordings made on the Matrix desk. So surely even if the new set duplicates some of the Quine recordings, these will be better quality, soundwise.
    I think... confusing isn't it?
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  23. DeeThomaz

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    One weird claim on the Wiki page for the album is that "Sweet Jane" and "Rock 'n' Roll" are listed as from End of Cole Ave-- but neither song was even played there!

    There is a fun "Rock 'n' Roll" rehearsal (recording location unknown) included as bonus material on some End of Cole Ave boots, but it's CLEARLY not the same performance heard on LIVE 1969.
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  24. DeeThomaz

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    Exactly, plus the versions heard on LIVE 1969 were dubbed from rough mixes-- some (maybe all, but I doubt it) transferred from acetates.
  25. Sean Murdock

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    I'm playing catch-up with this Matrix stuff ... should I even bother picking up the LIVE 1969 CDs for the non-Matrix tracks, or just wait and get this box for the better sound and all-inclusiveness?

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