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The Vinyl Community on YouTube

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by jon9091, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. Skip Scuffmarks

    Skip Scuffmarks Forum Resident

    This guys impersonations are hilarious.

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  2. Oakenshield

    Oakenshield Forum Resident

    Remember spudboy? Ottavio in Mississauga, Ontario (I think). He was absolutely awesome, loved the dude. Sadly his channel went away many years ago. The early days were so much fun, still hanging on watching and still never made a video!
    Jeff Recordman White also had a great early channel that he took down. Miss Mark (Dr Deadwax) a lot too.

    Gorvo, Chris (johncoltrane68), Aaron the Metal Theologian, Vinyl Rich, Dan at Dots&Loops, Nico in Norway, Jonas, Anders, Mayo Joe (those videos with the guys at Infinity, just great),
    Matt and Sam, Bo in the PNW, Dillon, Tim (A Sound Decision), Mazzy, Ron at the Hog's Ear, Bill Camarata, Pudsy etc etc...

    (NOT a fan of VinylEyezz and those dudes)
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  3. Oakenshield

    Oakenshield Forum Resident

    Haha good one! There was another one years ago, can't remember who did it and never bookmarked it. Don't think it's still up.
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  4. Skip Scuffmarks

    Skip Scuffmarks Forum Resident

    Agreed. It’s all about monetizing with those types. Metal Theologian is great and Greeno. I wish Dan in Canada (dhanycz) hadn’t taken his videos down. He was one of the first on there.
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  5. Oakenshield

    Oakenshield Forum Resident

    Yes, Greeno of course. And LJ! I had forgotten about Dan...

    A couple of years before the VC started evolving, there was a guy who posted fairly short videos. I think the channel was just called My Record Collection. Around 2007-8 perhaps? I think he had been given boxes of records by a friend and
    flipped through the content. Lots of psych, sunshine pop, he did a couple on UK invasion etc. I remember thinking that was a really cool concept, and then Dereck and mrhoffame and Dan and the others started appearing.
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  6. AllAboutAlbums

    AllAboutAlbums Well-Known Member

    Chicago, IL
    Newest video about the 6 best record stores. As always, likes, subs and comments appreciated! Enjoy!

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  7. RussTCB

    RussTCB Well-Known Member

    Detroit, Michigan
    New video is up :) this time we took at a look at the new Third Man Records Vault 47
  8. RussTCB

    RussTCB Well-Known Member

    Detroit, Michigan
    New one is up. We took a look at 3 different pressings of Run DMC - Raising Hell
  9. Levi's Tubs

    Levi's Tubs Less cool than West Coast

    I just discovered this channel last week. He has a really impressive collection of stuff you don't see often in other videos.


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