The Walking Dead Season 8

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    Hey I might be in for any of those if this season doesn't get better. :unhunh:
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    You laugh but Charlie Brooker, creator of Black Mirror, did a Big Brother/Zombie mash up in 'Dead Set', the housemates don't realise a zombie apocalypse has happened. Very clever and enjoyable.
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    I used to love those Mad & Cracked Magazines.They used to do spoofs like that.
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    Did anyone get the sense that maybe all of the last episode was a dream of sorts? Referring to the end of the episode where Rick wakes up under the tree...
  5. Shawn

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    Please please please don't let it be a dream - I want Carl to remain dead! He's the Wesley Crusher of WD.
  6. Aggie87

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    In the Talking Dead after the episode, Greg Nicotero and Chandler Riggs talked about the dream sequences as being Arl's, ever since they started showing them. It seems to have been his idea for a peaceful future.
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    Hahaha! And I will keep watching, I just couldn't stand to watch what was going on with Carl, I guess it hit a nerve that I didn't know was there, WoooHooo! I'm a Woosie!! And proud of it!!!
  8. Michael

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    I see nothing wrong with that! : )
  9. sloaches

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    Chumlee might not make it to the first commercial break!
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  10. A recap of last week's episode.

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  11. tommy-thewho

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    There was an old scene between Rick and Shane and Shane was trying to explain to Rick that he won't be able to save Lori and Carl.
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  12. Michael

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    and tomorrow night-Sunday we all hope for a better episode...expect the worse and maybe they'll cook something up that won't leave a bad taste in your mouth...but, I'm sure they'll be a lot of bitching after anyway.
  13. Scott222C

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    Thanks for that ! So true.

    I will keep watching these recaps instead of the real show from now on. :cheers:
  14. I hope for a better episode, too.

    During the first half of the season I though there was one really solid episode, and one that was fairly solid. I forget which ones. This tells me that they are more than capable of making a good show, instead of a lot of cringe worthy pap.

    At this point, though, I have lost all faith in Rick Grimes as a leader. Maybe that's what they want to show us, e. g. the slow decline of Rick Grimes.

    Do you think that's it? They want us to lose belief in Rick, only to have him rise from the ashes?

    At this point, it would take a herculean effort on Rick's part, with no margin for error, to win me over again. I mean, we're talking full on Morgan-mode to the 10th power to get me back on Rick's train.

    At this point it looks like Negan doesn't want to screw with Maggie, who would make a much better leader, despite caving into Jesus' Harry Hairshirt tactics. At least now that The Savior prisoners are at The Hilltop, she can still exercise options, like maybe using them as bargaining chips.

    Otherwise, King Zeke lost his balls, and kept them tucked away, during his retreat, yet somehow gained them back when The Saviors are in his camp, with him in chains?

    Unbelievable! I hope Rick (or Maggie) rights the ship. Zero margin for error.
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  15. Veltri

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    The last episode with the utopian future sequences would have made a fitting final episode to the series.
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  16. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    good points, but at this stage anything is possible as the writing is in the toilet overflowing with bu**s***..
  17. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    yea, come to think of it...we all would have been saved the nightmare of the LOST ending...they are screwing with us. I wonder if they enjoy doing this and laughing their asses off knowing we'll put up with their crap week after week!...
  18. Scotian

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    I like these articles on the Forbes site written by Paul Tassi. He's a much better writer then anyone on the show itself & he still takes this crap seriously. They need to hire a few writers like him. Comic spoiler warning.

    Can 'The Walking Dead' Replace Carl? It Might Have To
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  19. But the question remains, are the writers really hacks or are the merely toeing the party line? I believe it to be the latter.

    The party line being, we have X budget for effects, X budget for actors, X budget for this and that, now stay within these parameters, and stay within the outline written by the showrunner...which, by the way, has already been signed off on by the network heads of state.

    Let's not forget that the director sets the scene (in a lot of cases we have a special effects artist dressing the scene, Greg Nicotine). Then we have the editing. Oh boy, maybe this guy is the hack! But, he has a budget, too, right?

    The point is, in a writer's room, already hampered by too many constraints (we know this by documented budget cuts), there is a helluva long path from the room to the editor's chair.

    Fact: budget cuts has paralleled the show's decline, leaving the troops on the ground little to play with, while the generals rake in all the cash.

    This is what happens when AMC co-owns the show with a few select individuals, as opposed to having to answer to another company, as is the case with Better Call Saul (and Breaking Bad and Mad Men).
  20. Scotian

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    I'll rephrase. They need to hire a showrunner like him. There's a show called Episodes with Matt Leblanc that focuses on two talented writers coming over from the UK & trying to do good work within the Hollywood system. That might apply in this case. It's quite a funny show. The Walking Dead is probably beyond saving but wouldn't it be great to see it turn around suddenly? We'd fall off our chairs in shock.
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  21. Hawkeye

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    "Episodes" is quite enjoyable. My wife and I really got a charge out of that show.
  22. tommy-thewho

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    Not a good episode this week.
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  23. Hall Cat

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    My favorite episode of the season
  24. stuwee

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    I always wanted to see what one of those big badass grinders could really do...nice!! I felt her pain though :sigh:
  25. Heh. I dug the hell out of the Simon and Garbage Woman scene. Simon's speech was a little long, but that's nitpicking; he was pretty convincing. I think Simon also pretty much takes the performance whenever he's on camera, sort of like dingy Gregory. Simon was over there showing Negan how it should be done (a bit like Morgan), proving that Rick & Negan are both dumb asses. Really, Rick blew my "zero margin for error" before the credits rolled by going back, once again, to the trash people.

    Speaking of blowing it, was nice for Jadis (AKA Garbage Woman) to drop the act. It was actually pretty touching. I thought the actress did a good job. So, it ends up that Garbage People were faking it all along. Of course, that's an out for the creators of the show, but at least it makes more sense to the fans now.

    What I don't understand, though, is why The Saviors hadn't made a run for The Hilltop? Is it because they are spread too thin and they hope that Rick is cut off from them, or not in communication with The Hilltop? Because, if not, that's pretty dumb, too. I bet we'll find The Hilltop loading for bear in the next episode, yet, if not, they are pretty dumb, as well.

    I guess we'll find out which group has the huevos pretty soon.
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