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  1. notesofachord

    notesofachord Where are the prawns?

    Negan certainly believes in his feudal system. I'll give him that. Even with damage done by the "war", he still thinks that he can revive his medieval system of government. Simon seems to have given up on the local "serfs". He certainly has less faith in his boss's system. Or maybe he just likes to blow off steam by massacring entire communities. Other than wanting to kill Negan, I'm not sure what Rick wants anymore.
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  2. MikeInFla

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    I enjoyed seeing Negan's genuine sympathy for Carl's death. And as someone mention, Jadis dropping the stupid act. But other than that a pretty useless episode.

    Reports are Lauren Cohan opted not to renew her contract. I heard it on The Talking Dead Podcast. She had been offered another show and signed on for that.
  3. Ethan B

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    Solid episode last night with lots of tension. Now we have Simon in the mix against Negan!!
  4. Shawn

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    The actor who plays Simon is doing a nice job with the character. Looking forward to seeing the inevitable confrontation between Simon and Negan once the latter finds out he disobeyed him.

    So what power source was providing the energy for that industrial grinder?
  5. misterdecibel

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    Master/Blaster and some pigs?
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  6. Bender Rodriguez

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    Am I the only one who wants to call Simon "Trevor?"
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  7. misterdecibel

    misterdecibel Bulbous Also Tapered

    Well if you kill either one of them today, they'll come back tomorrow. Just in different ways...
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  8. Solar panels. Simon mentioned them briefly. The implication was that the garbage dump had some value other than the people and their weapons.

    Yeah, since I was the only one watching in my home, I said aloud, "Uh oh, Simon, you're in trouble!" Heh.
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  9. Rubber65

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    Ok so this was a solid episode all the way. The dialogue between all the characters was right on. Points go to Simon and Negan's conversation, and Simon and Garbage woman conversation. Her acting was spot on. I felt that she knew she made terrible mistakes along the way and now she paid for it. I have a feeling that she's going out for revenge. I was expecting Rick to say to Negan that he just went over to the Garbage dump and discovered everyone is dead. This would have put Negan suspect that Simon lied to him. But he made no mention. Also, Negan finding out that Carl was dead was nice change of pace in his character. It showed that Negan has some humanity left in him, that he does feel something. It hit me that when Negan told Rick that it was his fault that Carl was dead, that he got him killed, it reminded me of when Shane told Rick that he doesn't think he can keep him and Lauri safe. I completely forgot about Edith and her companion asking the women to help them. That was a the only mehh part of the episode. I'm questioning why Negan hasn't asked about Dwight. Didn't that woman from the saviours group escape when she found out that Dwight betrayed them? If so she should have made it back to the compound and tell Negan by now.
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  10. This was where I was wondering if Negan was speaking for most of the viewers, that yes, almost all of it is Rick's fault, though not necessarily for the reasons Negan claimed. That's what irks me the most in the show, that the lead protagonist can no longer do anything right.

    I was trying to think back, and I'm pretty sure that Rick's mental lapses only happened when Negan entered the scene. I might be mistaken, but all through the farm, the prison, getting everybody together and protecting them...oh yes, in the city when Maggie's sister was going through her turmoil, Rick's decisions were fairly solid. He juggled a lot of emergency situations, with a minimum loss of life.

    Then Negan enters the scene and Rick totally goes to seed.

    Well, maybe that's the way they want Rick to be written now. I can't stand the guy anymore.
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  11. Shawn

    Shawn Forum Resident

    Those must be some solar panels to power that grinder! But I'll let it slide as they at least gave some explanation ;)
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  12. rufus t firefly

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    I guess we can harken back to Rick's "telephone conversations" at the prison.
  13. Yeah, so we're saying that the phone conversation with his dead wife was a harbinger of things to come? If so, I can see that.

    Like @Rubber65 said, was Shane's words prophetic? Is Rick too soft for this world? There's only so much diplomacy that one can exercise when the chips are on the table, and although the good-guy diplomat has worked up until recently, it's as if Rick is fighting on a lower playing field than Negan. I mean, Negan is a turd, but perhaps if Rick worked up to being on a Carol or Maggie level he might save the day.

    If Rick sitting under the tree with a wound is a flash forward to how they'll end the season, then there will be a lot of weeping a gnashing of teeth, as the war with Negan will not be over this season (if they stick to the comic in this case).
  14. Shawn

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    Well at least Rick told Negan he’d kill him. Because we haven’t heard that before.
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  15. nosticker

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    ...the only real misstep in the episode, but thinking about it now, it gave Negan something to key off of and verbally bludgeon Rick. He saw an opportunity to "break" Rick again and so he took it--bigtime.
    That dialogue was amazing. Negan went for the jugular as Rick stumbled around aimlessly, maybe needing to expend a lot of frustration and nervous energy. It was uncomfortable to watch, but brilliantly executed.

    Also high marks for the Jadis shredder scene. It was really horrifying to think that those were all of her friends and allies, and every ounce of it was written on her face. Bravo.

    This episode was so much better than the previous one that I almost can't believe it's the same show. Kudos to all involved.

  16. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    I'm hoping Simon goes soon he is truly a DB...Negan is a favorite of mine. He's quite entertaining...most of the other characters are EXTREMELY annoying...seems like Carol & Daryl are fading...missed Morgan this week...
  17. tommy-thewho

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    Rick is turning into Jon Snow getting everyone killed with half-ass planning.

    I do hope Jadis kills Simon...
  18. This is for Simon:

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  19. Rufus McDufus

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    When Jadis gave her talk to Rick & Michonne, she appeared to be speaking normally, and not 'garbage people' style. What was up with that?
  20. She basically told them that it was all an act: that they had created their own unique post-apocalyptic world. She reckoned that was over and she could used her regular speech before the zombies came.
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  21. Rufus McDufus

    Rufus McDufus Forum Resident

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    Cheers - I missed that bit.
  22. daglesj

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    It's like the comics...never ending. :shake:
  23. MikeInFla

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    Someone on the Talking Dead Podcast mentioned that the actor who plays Simon looks like a video game character. He is:

  24. MikeInFla

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    Was recently watching Monk on Amazon Prime. I saw an episode where Jeffery Dean Morgan was a suspect in his wife's death. My initial thought was "of course he did it, he's Negan". Talk about reverse type-casting.
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  25. Cerebus

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    So the garbage people had the entire dump rigged with traps and had hidden pathways throughout, and they just walked into that open pit and gave up?

    The writers had some characters that no one knew what to do with and they took the easy way out and had them all shot off-camera.

    Another poor episode. The characters I like are either sidelined or dead.

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