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    Like rufus T firefly said, I also think Rick snapped way back in the prison on the phone after Lauri died and he's never been the same again. But there were periods, post prison, that he does save the day with quick decisions, like when Carl was about to get raped and Rick ripped that lowlife's neck. and when he repelled the governor from attacking the prison the first time. but then he made some bad decisions. It goes to show that Rick, being human, and vulnerable, and shouldering some form of PTSD, is doing the best he can in a hellish world. Negan on the other hand, got to Rick from day one. There's nothing worse than psychological games and Rick, being susceptible, broke. That's probably why, through all that "I'm going to kill you" bravado, he still looks shaky and unsure. Now it looks like he's hellbent on revenge for the death of Carl, regardless of what Carl told him before he died or what he wrote in the letter.

    On another note Morgan's PTSD has surfaced big time. I wonder of the prison Morgan built will be put to use. In the trailer for next week, we see the priest on his feet. I wonder if he's going to have another conversation with Negan.

    This episode reminded me of the early episodes with good back and forth dialogue between characters. What I would actually like to see is a Negan backstory episode. Just to see how he was pre-zombie.
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    Maybe I missed this along the way. But what exactly did the Garbage people produce/supply to the Saviors that kept them alive?
  3. misterdecibel

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    Garbage art?
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    it's all BS...neither one will be killed off...just talk to get ppl excited in the possibilities of getting pissed off when and if their favorite character gets offed...more likely seeing carol, Daryl or Maggie biting it before Rick & Negan...
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    Shane’s main contention was that Rick wouldn’t be able to keep Lori and Carl safe. So yes his words were prophetic, though Rick tried.
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    No one is safe as they all are infected and will all die eventually by the hand of another or the virus...It all boils down to how much we can deal with the games the writers are playing...lately it seems the writers are losing...been there done that too many times...heck, I could care less about Daryl, Carol and a few others...
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  7. Scotian

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    I thought that episode was surprisingly good. Not great but nothing really obvious to nitpick about. Negan was certainly more tolerable than he has been previously.
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    I didn't think either was going to be killed off.

    TWD is in a real bind here. They're really painted into a corner, because I bet you the ratings drop severely if Daryl buys it.

    They also can't keep Negan alive forever, either, which is a shame, because he is probably the only consistently interesting character on the show.

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  9. Michael

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    I agree Negan is the best thing about TWD presently...seems they are keeping Carol & Daryl in the background lately...If Daryll left I wouldn't see the same reaction as if they killed him off a few seasons ago when he was red hot...he seems to be wimping out along with carol and Morgan is now pulling up the slack....
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    Well said nosticker.
  11. notesofachord

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    I'm glad that more folks are getting on board with Negan being an interesting, complex character. Several pages back almost every other post was folks complaining that they hadn't killed him off yet.

    Based on what he told Father Gabriel and also what my buddy who knows the comics told me, it seems that pre-apocalypse Negan was a youth counselor/leader. I'm guessing a teacher or coach - or both. He is running his Savior society like some twisted, medieval high school. He feels that the "rules" keep his community from anarchy and chaos. Maybe he was a principal?
  12. Scotian

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    I think the majority of the complaints were about the one dimensional portrayal of Negan. The cartoon character leaning back, the swagger & idiotic mannerisms. If this last episode was an indication of where they're going with this character, I like it.
  13. Cerebus

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    What has Daryl done this season? He's barely in the show. Rick is just not a compelling main character for me anymore and I'd have been very happy if he'd been taken out along with Coral.

    I'm starting to long for the days of Beth and Noah.
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    My like for Daryl is not there anymore. He hardly has any lines and most of the time he just walks around pissed off and brooding. I miss Daryl from the first 2 seasons, he was a lot more opinionated and animated, especially when his brother was still alive. After that, his character just got quieter with a few lines thrown in here and there. Best moments with Daryl was when he and his brother are trekking through the woods and his brother rips his shirt off showing all the scars on his back he suffered at the hands of his father as a child. now I don't even know what Daryl is up to. I see him in scenes but there's no weight behind what he's doing. It's like he's off doing his own thing, wandering to and fro. Does he want to kill Dwight and does he want to let Dwight live. Even though he's supposed to be "second" in command to Rick, he's making no decisions other than ramming a truck in the Saviours compound and blowing it up, and not thinking about the consequences. Carl was in charge of evacuating Alexandria if Negan attacked and he's giving orders while Daryl is just standing there. If I were Daryl, I wouldn't be taking orders from a 15 year old teenager. Just a personal thought.
  15. Morton LaBongo

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    Yeah, I totally hear you guys about Daryl. It seems like he's been relegated to the background for some reason, I think his last significant action was the fight with Rick when the Savior's truck and guns got blown up, and that was quite a while ago. What is going on? Entire episodes used to revolve around him, he was a great character. Also, what ever happened to Heath? Guy just disappeared last season, no follow-up at all. No hint about it other than that one clue. Maybe they forgot about him.
  16. Even that bit with Daryl and Rick was corny. It was like they shoehorned in a bit with Daryl, akin throwing the character a bone. It was a totally crap scene, too, where physics did not apply. The better scene this season was with Rick and Daryl wiping out one of The Saviors groups in the building (what building was that anyway? It didn't seem clear), where Daryl killed that throwback dude from Season 1, and then killed the dude that Rick promised not to kill. Daryl really got it on in that scene.
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  17. Recap from Season 8, Episode 10

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  18. Michael

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    LORD NO!!!! HAHA!
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    I wonder if Aaron will find him. They are both in/around the female group on the beach, right? Maybe that is setting something up where the two of them are able to convince the female group to join up with them.
  20. Rubber65

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    Heath. I totally forgot about him and he was never mentioned again to explain away what happened. I guess the writers let the viewers assume that he just got bit and and turned.
  21. misterdecibel

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    There was a bit of a tease when Tara encountered a dreadlocked walker on the bridge, but when it turned around the walker was female.
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    I had assumed this was all budgetary - they cannot afford to have more than a handful of the leads in one particular episode. Hence Darryl and Maggie have just about disappeared completely for extended periods. I still watch the show out of a sense of misplaced loyalty or something... always hoping it will improve. Plus Lauren Cohan was one of my students years ago, and I'm always rooting for her!

    I do agree Negan is much more bearable now he has become more complex and stopped rocking back on his heels all the time...
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  23. Jim B.

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    The actor playing Heath left as he had better offers and they just let him disappear instead of explaining it, very lazy.

    I think the thing with Daryl is he doesn't want to do the show anymore, but as he is such a fan favourite they have begged him to stay and offered him a good deal so that he only has to show up for the odd episode here and there, he's effectively 'part-time' as they can't deal with the fan anger of he did die. Lazy again, if he wants to go then kill him off and move on but his part currently makes no sense just wandering about doing the odd thing.
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    I don't think Norman Reedus wants to leave the show at all. He's in all likelihood either on par with Andrew Lincoln as the highest paid actor on the show, or pretty close to Lincoln. Either way, Reedus is making a TON of money for doing *very little.* If he was interested in artistic integrity (both for the show and for his own creative aspirations), he would have left the show several seasons ago. I'm not saying it's not possible that he's frustrated with the direction of the show and/or how light they've gone on his character. But I think the whole thing is a big free vacation for Reedus. In fact, AMC literally gave Reedus *another* show (the one it's just footage of him riding his motorcycle around) where it's *literally* just footage of Reedus on vacation (a vacation paid for by AMC).

    Keep in mind, most of these actors, and certainly Reedus, also make a TON of money doing conventions. It isn't the olden days of Adam West showing up in an auditorium and making a grand or something. Reedus and those of his similar fame can make hundreds of Gs per gig doing those conventions. Obviously, they can continue to do those gigs after they leave the show (which many others have done, on down to the bit players who were killed off quickly in early seasons), but Reedus will command even more money for Cons while he's still an active member of the show's cast.

    However, I have little doubt that AMC does dictate the sporadic nature of actors appearing in individual episodes due to being cheap and trying to save money per episode. The problem is that it leaves the show feeling utterly disjointed. It's like "oh, yeah, I forgot; Tara and Rosita are still characters on the show." When a show writes characters very lightly/minimally, and then *also* leaves those characters completely out of some episodes, then the whole thing feels choppy and one is left trying to get their bearings.

    If the show is truly not profitable enough to employ the large cast (and/or AMC is too cheap to cut into huge profits), then they should have long ago simply pared down the cast to a manageable amount. And that may actually be what they're starting to do with dispensing with Chandler Riggs. They may also see this happen with Lauren Cohan whether they want it or not, if she indeed walks away from the show.

    I'm also curious if folks like Robert Kirkman are seeing the ratings for the show TANK, and he's trying to do everything he can to help prop it up, to the point of appearing on "Talking Dead" and doing press events and interviews for "Walking Dead" even while he's in the middle of a *huge* lawsuit with AMC over both shows.
  25. balzac

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    For some strange reason, despite the show's penchant for flippantly killing off main characters, mid-level characters, and bit characters, they clearly were hoping they'd be able to get the Heath guy back at some point, so when he had to leave to do the other show (was that the "24" reboot?), they strangely just had his character go missing.

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