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  1. Meh, even without the cell in Alexandria, they could have easily shown Negan in Shiva's old cage. Plenty of room to walk around, a pallet on the floor, and bucket to poo in.
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    Pretty sure all that blood was from Rick gripping that glass shard he used to slice Negan. Of course, that begs the question with that much damage to your hand, how do you ever use it properly again? Don't ask those kinds of questions though, if you're still watching the show...
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    Visible in one shot of Negan clutching his throat is what looks like a gusher of blood coming from his neck. It certainly wasn't coming from Rick. A quick Internet search says that you can die in as little as 30 seconds if a major artery it totally severed, though it typically takes from 2-5 minutes.

    I'm not sure how Negan got the help he needed in time - he would have needed a transfusion and those are difficult to do in the field, especially with no known blood supply.

    Glad the season is finally over. Continuity with the comic is somewhat restored. I'm probably back for next season because I just can't give something up.
  4. So, all in all, it wasn't a disastrous finale. It did what it needed to do. It makes me want to find out what happens next season, especially with a new showrunner.

    The only thing that still bugs me, though, is Eugene. They aren't cutting Dwight any slack, yet let's break down Eugene's transgressions:

    a.) He lied to everybody when he told them he was a scientist, getting their hopes up for a cure and a safe place, only to tell find out that he was a friggin' high school teacher.

    b.) As soon as Negan shows up, he calculates which is the stronger group, with the most comforts to offer him, so he stabs Rick's crew in the back and sides with Negan.

    c.) While Rick's group is on the ropes, instead of making working ammunition for Negan, which would have wiped out Rick's pathetic group, justifying Eugene's original decision, he sabotages every round, in the hopes that Negan's plan would backfire on him...literally. This is under the assumption that Eugene knew exactly what a malfunctioning round would do to the weapon, of course killing or maiming the bearer.

    This leads to 2 (two) big questions:

    #1. Why would he turn turncoat yet again? What could have possibly been his motivation against wiping out the group that he saw as being weaker and less equipped to deal with the zombie apocalypse, especially when Negan gave him a cushy job and all the poon he could handle? After all, Daryl and Rosita had just captured him, further cementing, at least those two, that Eugene was a sorry SOB.

    #2. Based on the above, what would make Eugene believe that Rick's group would welcome him back after all of the BS he just pulled? This is a person who nobody can trust. He's betrayed everybody's trust 3 times! He even made Father Gabriel sit in the dunce chair! Unforgivable.

    If I was Rick Grimes, before I offed myself, I would strip Eugene and Gregory of all their clothes, tie them to a pole in the middle of Alexandria, face-to-face, and pipe in some of Ezekiel's speeches to them while they just suffered like that. Maybe in a week I come back to Alexandria, maybe they are alive, maybe they're not. Perhaps one dies first and eats the face off the other one. If they are alive, all is forgiven, but you can't stay with here. :evil:

    So, can somebody please explain Eugene's actions?
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    And even cutting them slack for no readily available blood supply, did the doctor have any supplies at all with him? Not saying he didn’t and maybe I missed it but I didn’t see him carrying any.
  6. Just finished the season. I’ve had it. I’m with Maggie.

    As I said awhile back, depending on Negan’s outcome this season, I’ll decide if I continue next time or not.

    So it’s over for me now. Too many other good shows to take my time up with.
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    I'm waiting for the review by Leonard Pinth-Garnell.
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    So.... after swearing to kill Neegan a bazillion times, Rick keeps him alive. Eugene flips on the Saviours and rejoins the group he flipped on originally and Rick's crew is pretty much down with that except for Rosita who gives him a shot in the puss, not for flipping on them and endangering their lives, but for ralphing on her. All the Saviours who aren't dead flip and join Rick's crew for Kumbaya and gardening except for Dwight, who risks everything to do the right thing and gets exiled. And Maggie The Merciful chooses Jesus of all people to go into cahoots with to overthrow and possibly take out Rick because he's too reluctant to off people like Neegan. Hokay..........

    Well, let's get to work on Season Nine !


    I think Morgan's got the right idea...

  9. And the first new Fear episode with Morgan was my favorite episode of either show in years. It was smart and well acted.
  10. I'm still laughing out loud 8 minutes after you posted this! :biglaugh:

    I don't know where you got some film of TWD's lead writer, but it's good to know that he's already hard at work on Season 9. :laugh:
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    Negan will prevail...this peace and love hippie sh** has gotten old real fast...I was hoping for Rick's demise...Carol and the rest of the new better world assh**es sicken me...Maggie & Daryl seem not to be following the new Carl "One World Peace and Luv Order" way...hopefully before Maggie leaves the show she'll do something grand and right all this crap and drain the swamp...
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    No way Negan survives that injury the way blood was coming out.

    Maggie was the smart one wanting him dead.
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    What little character continuity and logic this show had left went down the drain with the finale.
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    A ho-hum ending to a terrible season. Unless the reviews of next season & the buzz on here are really good, I think I'm done.
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    Boy I'm pretty close.
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    I forgot to mention Episode 17 of "Walking Dead", errr, I mean, Episode 1 of the new season of "Fear the Walking Dead."

    I was laughing at how brazen AMC is about desperately trying to convince "Walking Dead" fans to watch "Fear" by essentially making the first "Fear" episosde an hour-long extension of the "Walking Dead" finale. Don't get me wrong; this meant that this was probably the best episode of "Fear" I've seen. I kind of wish they had written out the "Fear" cast and just made a show about the characters we see in this first episode. Not to say it was an amazing episode, and I was kinda disappointed "Crazy Morgan" had miraculously gone away.

    But just from a marketing standpoint, I think it's hilarious how AMC tries to launch and/or promote new series and returning series by various "Trojan Horse" methods, like force-feeding "Into the Badlands" to "Dead" viewers, and now completely contradicting the original stated ethos of "Fear" (namely that it was about the "early" days of the outbreak, and that it would *not* crossover with the other show) and immediately shifting into "Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase" territory. "Fear the Walking Dead" now truly is "Chief Wiggum, P.I."
  17. But it worked well so why not? That Fear episode was better than anything from the last few years.
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    I like Morgan and I enjoyed the episode of "Fear" but it's the only one I will watch. I don't care enough to watch it anymore, I bailed at the end of season one on Fear, no need to go back to it now.
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    Can we just rename this thread "We Hate The Walking Dead"? It would stop me from coming in here expecting a logical discussion. Instead, I come in here, and see all the hate for it. Why do all of the haters still watch the show? Do you just like to criticize?
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    They really should have had this song playing in the background (and blasting during the credits) during the entire finale on repeat: Get Together-The Youngbloods.
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    Start a Walking Dead appreciation thread, then the comments will all be sunshine & pink unicorns.
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  22. Michael

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    it's called venting...look, we all have invested time in the show like 8 years now? we all feel differently and have the right to bitch, moan, whine, love, hate, the show...most of us will finish it out...I know I will.
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    yes, The Walking Dead through Carl, Carol and Rick's Eyes...
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    Crank it up lol!!! :D

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    A logical discussion would require logical writing on the show. As soon as that happens I'm all in for a logical discussion.
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