The Walking Dead - Season 9

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by masswriter, Jul 20, 2018.

  1. mattdm11

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    Let them all die. :)
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  2. johnod

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    For several years , I've been waiting/hoping for an episode entitled "Darryl Takes a Shower" , maybe this season.
  3. brimuchmuze

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    Hope you enjoy this....

  4. misterdecibel

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    Next maybe he could shampoo?
  5. misterdecibel

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    Hasn't it always been?
  6. steveharris

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    In this kind of dark world that is really the only end of the story I`ll be satisfied with.:D
  7. The Hud

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    Could be, I haven't watched in awhile, and it was really bothering me tonight.
  8. tommy-thewho

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    Glad karma got him.

    Don't want to spoil.

    How long you figure time jump is?
  9. snowman872

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    I liked episode 01 ... started off a little slow, but some interesting possibilities by the end and surprising developments. :thumbsup:
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  10. misterdecibel

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    Not a big action episode, but it seemed like a step up in overall quality over the standard of the past couple of seasons. I'm cautiously optimistic.
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  11. genesim

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    I enjoyed the episode a great deal and a reminder to me that the show has never faltered for the true fans that actually watch the show.

    The struggles that are coming are the problems with complacency. Interesting thinking of the WWI thread and my recent watching of Casualties of War and its remake Redacted and the obvious problems of taking care of the "losers".

    I also dig Michone pointing out how Daryl was giving good advice. Rick has that young vs old mind set, but worse there is the leadership independancy problems. I always thought Daryl made some bonehead decisions, but still has been essential to the group. His criticism is real.

    It is a pity that the cracks are coming from a community that is too big to manage the current mind set. Loved Gregory old school exit. Maggie has kept that idiot around long enough. Weird that she didn't punish the father at all. I can't figure out how this has been criticized for no big action? Several deaths...Maggie almost died and was Carl's girl permanently put in a wheel chair?

    The scene with Carol and Daryl was pretty great as well. Always liked their chemistry. Snoring line reminded me of Daryls quote back at cabin where Carol hid out. A dig at the king. I feel this is left over from his brother, but also shows how he is better than him.

    Man I would be very wary of that Savior graffiti. I see no reason to support the group in their current location.
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  12. kouzie

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    That's been my exact thought as well.
  13. johnod

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    Guess I wasn't the only one. :)
  14. Ken_McAlinden

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    Read "18 months" somewhere, but not sure if it was firmly established in the episode.
  15. Hall Cat

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    TWD's been terrible for a couple of seasons, but the premiere was very encouraging. I'm glad it looks like it might be again because FTWD is now terrible. It looks like Angela Kang may have been watching season 3 of FTWD and taking notes.
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  16. genesim

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    St. Louis
    I saw nothing "terrible" about eitger show. Both still remain very entertaining shows that have strong fan bases.
  17. Hall Cat

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    Chicago, IL USA
    I saw a lot
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  18. Stillhouse

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    1. They needed a wagon to learn how to make wagons, yet they already had a wagon?

    2. Horses couldn't pull the wagon out of mud, but half a dozen people could?

    3. Initially gave up on getting the wagon out of the mud because walkers are coming, but then go back and fight off the walkers anyway when one of the group gets bit?

    4. There aren't any books available that could teach them how to make things like wagons, plows and canoes, or has everyone forgotten how to read?
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  19. snowman872

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    There are no Dummies books on how to construct useful things for pioneer living.
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  20. genesim

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    Maybe it was a certain kind of wagon...but I thought it was the farming trough?

    Horses tired. Thought they could have hooked up more but time was running out? So they made questionable decision that worked in the end. I never got people questioning people making weird decisions. Part of life.

    Ok this is nitpicky. Obviously adrenalin and desparation brings out the best in people

    Why go and read when you can take? You have item...and the ability to duplicate. Win/win barring tragic death.

    They shoulda used internet.;)
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  21. balzac

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    I have zilch expectations these days for the show and full admit I watch the show more reflexively than anything else (and/or the Walking Dead viewer oft-cited "I have too much time invested into the show to give up now" reasoning).

    I wondered if the first episode might indicate a large shift, but I didn't see much of one. This was firmly in the category of a "slightly better than average Season 8 episode" to me.

    The show is being dragged down by the impending departures of two of the top three-billed cast members.

    This episode did prove that there's *no way* that Norman Reedus has the acting chops to carry a show; they're going to build this show around him rather than *with* him as much as possible. Even Reedus admitted last night that he has barely said anything for a couple of seasons. Turns out, when he talks a little more, it isn't terribly interesting.

    They seemed to rush through the Gregory stuff. I figured they'd at least occasionally dip back into the comic book and use little bits, so I thought they'd use the "comic book version" of what happens with Gregory, but they didn't (at least directly).

    Was disappointed (but not surprised) by the Kang interview post-show (and, without delving into the muck, I think it's fair for someone to say "Talking Dead" is an even *more* difficult watch these days with no change in host). She literally rattled off the most generic platitudes. The cast is awesome. Everybody gave a thousand, million billion percent on set. Was surprised Hardwick did ask her directly how to address fans who are bummed Andrew Lincoln is giving. She gave like a textbook non-answer. Basically, you'll still be able to see *other* people on the show. I realize there isn't much else one *can* say in response. But geez, it would be nice if they'd admit they wrote themselves into a weird corner killing off Carl and others and then losing Cohan and Lincoln.

    There's certainly room to improve, and I'm grateful that they haven't completely de-saturated the color on this show into near-sepia tone they way they have the execrable "Fear the Walking Dead." "The Walking Dead" looks like "Speed Racer" compared to "Fear...", even with the 16mm grain and everything.

    I do fear (no pun intended) that "The Walking Dead" will end up a bit like "Fear" in that the show will essentially morph into an entirely different show. I wouldn't mind entirely different writers and directors. But the core characters are the only reason left to watch the show. It's going to be hard to even watch out of habit once Lincoln is gone, and that's saying something as the writers haven't even given *him* much to work with the last few seasons.

    I liked a few lines/ideas in the episode. I appreciated Daryl pointing out the obvious: The "Sanctuary" is pretty much the same, just with someone else in charge instead of Negan.
  22. I'm a true fan. I've been reading the comic book, in singles, since issue #13 was on the stands (though back then I had the comics sent to me while I was overseas).

    Not that the 1st episode of Season 9 was bad, per se, but I was watching and it sort of dawned on me the show doesn't really resemble the comic anymore. I watched out of loyalty to the franchise more than anything.

    So, now...well, I take it back; this episode was pretty bad.

    I'll just be happy reading the comic from now on. That's where the true The Walking Dead universe is anyway.

    I'm out. Good riddance, huh? :D

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  23. genesim

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    St. Louis
    Sure. The show moved away from the comics. Not sure why they have to compete.

    You think it was bad, I think it was great. But yeah perhaps you have stayed too long. Never got trashing something you don't want to watch.

    I would rather the subject be actually talked about then crapped all over just to do it. But even worse an announcement for a farewell to a viewing habit? Again, sure. I don't know about "good" riddance but a riddance as you say all the same.
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  24. It’s a soap opera now : The Walking Days of Our Lives :tiphat:

  25. Shawn

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    Didn’t some older woman drop off a bunch of instructions and books on how to build things a few seasons back?

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