The Who Fillmore East 1968

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by whodanny, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. WonkyWilly

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    Paradise, PA
    Pridden's remixes range from acceptable to poor. Hopefully these will be more towards acceptable.
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  2. scocs

    scocs Forum Resident

    What else has he remixed?
  3. misteranderson

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    englewood, nj
    The boot (Shakin' All Over) has been a favorite of mine for a long time -- decent quality for being so early.

    This release should be a blockbuster, depending on completeness/sound. As decent as the boot is, it should be easy to make a massive improvement on it. Really looking forward to it.
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  4. reb

    reb Long Live Rock

    Long Island
    Greatest Hits Live comp from 2010
  5. whodanny

    whodanny The Who ! THAT'S WHO !! Thread Starter

    I'll have to dig it out, but I think my original vinyl copy of the boot wasn't quite as shrill as the CD versions I have. But maybe the actual quality of the vinyl isn't too great. Will have to have a listen.
  6. dee

    dee Forum Resident

    ft. lauderdale, fl
    iiirc the extended section of Relax as heard on the audience tape bootleg reminded me more of the kind of improvised 'auto destruct art' or 'white noise' approach on guitar that Townshend might do say during MG, AAA, or elsewhere, or perhaps in tandem with the extended soling on the BBC version of Run Run Run. It seemed very visceral and noisy. I'm anxious to hear it and AQO especially and a new mix of the recordings. fwiw I don't usually like vinyl as a format for concerts because I like the more uninterrupted flow that a cd, dvd, or blu ray audio format offers, but for some reason, I find myself debating whether to get this particular release on vinyl.
  7. whodanny

    whodanny The Who ! THAT'S WHO !! Thread Starter

    Also much of, if not all of View from a Backstage Pass. IIRC
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  8. overdrivethree

    overdrivethree Forum Resident

    I don't know. My take is, the recordings were captured on then-primitive technology in volatile conditions. That anything listenable made it to tape in a live Who concert environment back then is kind of amazing. Pridden had some pretty raw materials to work with. Again, no complaints on my end.
  9. lukpac

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    Milwaukee, WI
    As noted:

    Although some tracks were not remixed, either because they were live to 2-track recordings or existing mixes were used.

    Now-primitive, but not then-primitive.

    I hope to be pleasantly surprised. But it's possible to screw things up regardless of how they were recorded. Witness: how terrible the 1990 Robert Johnson set was and how great the 2011 set was. You can't polish a turd, but you can avoid stepping on it with your shoe.
  10. reb

    reb Long Live Rock

    Long Island
    Another Pridden mix is the 1 disc John Entwistle Left for Live-
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  11. overdrivethree

    overdrivethree Forum Resident

    There's no redeeming the JEB, whether George Martin himself was at the console. I love the Ox, but talk about polishing a turd...
  12. whodanny

    whodanny The Who ! THAT'S WHO !! Thread Starter

    We're all hoping for that . :righton:
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  13. whodanny

    whodanny The Who ! THAT'S WHO !! Thread Starter

    I've not listened to that in years, can't really remember how it sounds. I've got a lot of listening to do.
  14. bobcat

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    London, UK
    "...we have the just released yardbirds set, the hendrix shows, the dead and the cream shows...."

    Sorry for the OT question but are these official releases you're talking about?
  15. beatleswho

    beatleswho Forum Resident

    Now the vinyl edition shows My Generation in the third vinyl divided in two parts.

    Disc: 1
    1. Summertime Blues
    2. Fortune Teller
    3. Tattoo
    4. Little Billy
    5. I Can't Explain
    6. Happy Jack
    7. Relax
    Disc: 2
    1. I'm A Boy
    2. A Quick One
    3. My Way
    4. C'mon Everybody
    5. Shakin' All Over
    6. Boris The Spider
    Disc: 3
    1. "1. My Generation (Part 1)
    2. My Generation (Part 2)"
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  16. Not a live version - only the studio version on Odds & Sods. And in the description it says "2 Eddie Cochran songs" -- but there are 3: My Way is also an EC song.
  17. whodanny

    whodanny The Who ! THAT'S WHO !! Thread Starter

    So My Generation split over two sides?. Hmm... Not good
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  18. dee

    dee Forum Resident

    ft. lauderdale, fl
    So that's 3 vinly discs with perhaps 3 or 4 songs per side on the first 2 vinyl discs and then MG split on the third vinyl? Confused :)
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  19. czeskleba

    czeskleba Senior Member

    It would make complete sense to include them, since they have two CDs and plenty of room, and appear to be drawing from both nights' shows. So of course (being as this is The Who) that means they won't be included.
  20. keifspoon

    keifspoon Forum Resident

    New Jersey, USA
    It would of been the perfect opportunity to just release both recorded shows. I know they're similar, but the first night they did play Substitute and Pictures Of Lily. Plus with The Who, there were always differences on how the songs were played each night. We already got Hull which wasn't much different than Leeds. Maybe they'll release the April 5th show when we're all gone in another 50 years. :sigh:
  21. whodanny

    whodanny The Who ! THAT'S WHO !! Thread Starter

    Well, let me tell you this : If they do release it when I'm gone I wont be buying it, have they GOT THAT ??:realmad:
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  22. supermd

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    Campbell, CA
    When I die, I'm going to arrange in my will that all releases by my favorite artists are purchased and played to my urn. ;)
  23. picassoson

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    New York
    It’s amazing that something as silly as a terribly designed album cover will keep me from buying a release on vinyl but I think this one might. :cry:
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  24. reb

    reb Long Live Rock

    Long Island
    The great Mountain Jam on Eat a Peach was split between two lp sides.

    I have no problem what so ever with My Generation extended jam being relased on two lp sides.
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  25. whodanny

    whodanny The Who ! THAT'S WHO !! Thread Starter

    Ask the retailer to put it in a brown paper bag. like a Led Zeppelin record. :shtiphat:
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