The Who-Meaty Beaty Big & Bouncy vinyl reissue

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by beatleswho, Jul 27, 2017.

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    sooooooooo...has anyone listened to the new MBB&B vinyl re-issue? and I don't mean ordered it, received it, stared at its packaging or checked for lint in the grooves. has anyone listened to it, and formed an opinion on the mastering or discovered irregular mixes?
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    *cricket chirp*
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    This the track listing off the Polydor/Track Record label. Haven't had a chance to listen to it. Maybe some time today.

    1. I Can't Explain (Mono)
    2. The Kids Are Alright (Enhanced Stereo)
    3. Happy Jack (Enhanced Stereo)
    4. I Can See for Miles (Stereo)
    5. Pictures of Lily (Enhanced Stereo)
    6. My Generation (Enhanced Stereo)
    7. The Seeker (Stereo)
    8. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere (Mono)
    9. Pinball Wizard (Stereo)
    10. A Legal Matter (Enhanced Stereo)
    11. Boris the Spider (Mono)
    12. Magic Bus (Enhanced Stereo)
    13. Substitute (Mono)
    14. I'm a Boy (Stereo)
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    That's interesting, the labels on my original pressings are vague to the point of being incorrect, i.e. the labels state the 'true' mono tracks correctly, but the only track stated as 'enhanced stereo' is Magic Bus - the album cover is similarly vague - on the track list inside the gatefold it only singles out the mono tracks, suggesting the rest of the album is 'stereo' - your list above looks the most accurate as far as the original release is concerned.
  7. MYKE

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    This is exactly what the Discogs submission says for the 2017, plus it states " this information on the back. "

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    I'm pretty sure Boris was only stereo on the CD.
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    Listened to this today. As this is one of my favorite compilation albums, I bought it so I could have a nice clean vinyl copy. IMO, it beats out my CD copy (Hoffman, I believe?). I'm not gonna sit here and pretend whether I care about some tracks being mono or stereo 'cos I don't. I only know it sounds good to me with decent bass ( I use a sub). The record itself is nice and flat and shines like a star. The cover made with good heavy stock. I only wish, for us US buyers, we could a had nice Decca label instead of the boring Track label. Overall, I love it. And for 17 bucks, I love it even more. YMMV.
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    No reason to double-dip so far.
  11. reb

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    Does this lp re-issue include the original 4 page folded insert ?
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  13. reb

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    Not surprised, I doubt those in charge had any knowledge of it's existence.
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    Listening to mine. Dead quiet vinyl, nice shine. It is exactly faithful to the following UK edition:

    The Who - Meaty, Beaty, Big & Bouncy

    The label is an exact replica, with the addition of a UMC logo and an additional marking for stereo mixes. The tracks are all faithfully and truthfully marked as MONO, ENHANCED STEREO (duophonic) and STEREO.

    The stereo tracks are "I Can See for Miles," "The Seeker," "Pinball Wizard" and the alt mix of "I'm a Boy."

    The mono tracks are "Can't Explain" "Anyway Anyhow Anywhere" "Boris the "Spider" and "Substitute"

    The remainder are in enhanced stereo, which to these ears just means everything tilts slightly toward the left channel. The mix of "PIctures of Lily" does not have the fade in from my old MCA LP and Hoffman CD: it just comes crashing in at full volume, as intended. A/B'ing it against a nice Japanese remastered CD from about 10 years ago--the Mini-LP edition---I found the LP to be punchier, with a bit more bottom end, particularly on the enhanced stereo tracks, which slightly redeems them. I admit I was hoping the duophonic tracks would be replaced with true stereo mixes, but then there would have been an outcry about futzing with the original version, and so, on balance, I'm happy to have a pristine new copy of this comp with all its endearing warts and blemishes still intact, and polished up like new.
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    Anything stopping you from doing this? :)
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  16. ProfBoz

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    Oh, and "Magic Bus" is the extended 4'34" version, without the fade out. Also, I got mine via Amazon US and it came with a "vinyl rip" MP3 download which is the Hoffman CD master from 1990.
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  17. JP Christian

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    No download card with my EU copy - it sounds excellent generally but I'm baffled as to why the fake stereo versions have made their way onto a 2017 version? I'm very surprised - there's a point where keeping this faithful to the original is a bit of a mistake - surely the tracks on the original release that are fake stereo could have been replaced with mono versions?

    Anyway, it's a nice re-issue (had no idea it was half-speed mastered for a start), and some tracks sound better than on a Track original - I'm a Boy sounds much improved and you can tell it's true stereo better on the new LP.
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    All this has got me listening to my Classics, and the German My Generation I bought from @Cassius years ago. One thing I'm still convinced about is how that rhythm section still stirs something in me, esp. in :angel:Mono:angel:

    I have not sufficiently talked myself out of this purchase. Yet.
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    Just for the record, my copy didn't include a card. The download was provided exclusively by Amazon. It's a feature they call "AutoRip" or something: you buy the album, and they give you a download. I bought the blu-ray of Tears for Fears' Songs from the Big Chair and they gave me the download to the superdeluxe four disc version, with this endless succession of remixes and extended mixes and so on. Conversely, I bought the vinyl reissue of Elvis Costello's Taking Liberties b-side collection, which has never been remastered or released--although the tracks themselves have appeared as bonus tracks on the pertinent albums--and I was hoping for a remastered download but in fact just got files from the old Columbia CD--which is fine: I've never even laid eyes on a copy of that CD, though I know one exists. So that "AutoRip" deal is weird: there's often no telling what version of an album they'll send you.

    Also, the Hoffman CD that is the basis of the download replaces all the fake stereo with true mono, with two exceptions: "Magic Bus" is the shortened stereo version from the Magic Bus LP and "Boris the Spider" is a nice stereo mix. "Pictures of Lily" and "Substitute" are subpar versions on that set. The versions of those tunes on the new LP are way better, IMHO, even in the case of "Pictures of Lily" which is fake stereo.
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    Substitute doesn't sound good, but I can't think of anything wrong with Pictures of Lily. That's the only place I can think of where the original mix is properly represented on CD.
  21. Elvis Costello - Taking Liberties
  22. Bigbudukks

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    Mine has a sticker on the front with track information but it's a bit different from the one stated on discogs. There are no notes on stereo or mono anything. I'm waiting until tomorrow to open after I photograph it. I can't take pictures now because my camera battery is recharging.
  23. ProfBoz

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  24. Tommyboy

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    Are you sure about the “enhanced stereo” tracks? I’m willing to bet that the album is not AAA. Why any tracks on this compilation are in fake stereo is beyond me.
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    I too am curious as to why enhanced stereo versions were used. One would of thought we'd be past that by now. This is one record that calls out for a deluxe edition, coupled with, IMHO, the tracks on the UK Direct Hits and U.S. Magic Bus LP's (that are not already on MBBB), but in their "proper" mono and/or stereo formats with no revisionism - just for the purists - or a bonus disc with modern remixes, remasterings, etc.

    I once had a WLP mono promo of the Magic Bus LP, but it was in so bad shape, I could not enjoy it. There were some very interesting mixes on that, but I didn't have it long enough to figure it out.
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