The Worst Pricing You've Seen at a Record Store

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    Most of the time records that look good / pristine play that way. Every so often a record will have a little surface noise due to the vinyl formulation and pressing aspects. Sometimes noise is from poor playing / equipment / wear etc. but thats usually audible as distortion. Such as light fuzzing to the music at certain frequencies. Or constant surface noise, pops, etc. In their heyday records despite being mass produced - to the tune of 100's of thousands and millions - were of very qood quality. The correct rig, a decent condition, clean record...... there should be no distracting noise during playback. Sometimes just a cartridge change will create a readily apparent difference in perceived noise. As far as wear -- that should be inconsequential over the life of the record.
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    About 1K in my system (all vintage--see my profile). I think most of us have sunk more money into records combined than the total cost of our systems.
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