The Yes Album, Super Deluxe Edition, due November 24, 2023

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by SJB, Aug 8, 2023.

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    Huge fan of the album but I will have to pass. I have the original album on CD and the CD/BD with the Steven Wilson mixes already. I don't have an ATMOS setup and I don't do vinyl so I don't see any need to own this, I will stream the live tracks. Hope those who do want it enjoy it.
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    RAZORMADE I crawled out from the bottom in the dark...

    I'm loving this version! :love::pineapple:
    Thanks for everything, Jason (and Steve)!
    Let's keep these Super Deluxe YES boxes coming, please!
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  3. highfell

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    From the Rough-trade site :

    “Originally released 19th February 1971 The Yes Album was the band's first album to feature guitarist Steve Howe. It's now released as a Super Deluxe Edition, a multi format boxed set featuring 1LP of the original analogue cut of the album, 4 CD’s including the original album, Steven Wilson Remix , Rarities and live recordings plus a Blu Ray of the Steven Wilson Atmos Mix.”
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    Boy, that ABWH tour was awesome!
  5. Jason_Rhino

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    Incorrect. The LP in this super deluxe set is a new AAA cut by Bernie Grundman from the original master tapes.
  6. highfell

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    Hi Jason

    AAA = all good. TY for producing this. Please do continue the same through all of the Yes albums.

    However, since you are viewing this thread, please be aware that there is some other interesting Yes news to break today.

    Jon Dee in Australia has managed to get a hi-res copy direct from the BBC’s master tapes of their famous 24 track Wembley 78 recording including Madrigal and Future times. He is looking to contact Warners.
    ^ Anyway a CD/vinyl boxset on Wembley 78 would very well received - its probably the most requested wish from fans. Please get onto this money making opportunity for you !

    Any thoughts appreciated :)

    RAZORMADE I crawled out from the bottom in the dark...

    I don't know about that but it's up there ;)
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  8. Black Elk

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    This clearly isn't true since Clap is not included (I'm guessing there is no multi-track to work from).
  9. maki881

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    I thought Steven Wilson doesn‘t do remastering, „only“ remixing?
  10. Scottb

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    Yes a great sounding live 78 show would sell very well.
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    I thought the same thing. Assuming this is true, who did the new digital remaster for CD and hi res?
  12. MrSka57

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  13. SJB

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    Wonderful to see the updated/corrected track listing and confirmation of the upcoming release! I would have bought the version originally described, but I'm not going to complain about more outtakes and rarities. Thanks @Jason_Rhino. Attention @bondegezou, time to update your site again.
    That's my guess too. Anyway, the complete album would be too long to include two versions on one CD. If "Clap" can't be remixed, and it's already an instrumental, then it's the obvious track to omit in order to fit two versions of the rest of the album onto one disc. (Separate discs of both versions would trigger howls of "cash grab.")

    Does this mean more Yes super deluxes are in the future? No idea, but if they are, I'm there. (And I'd certainly appreciate an update on the "early years" set that was announced in 2019.)
  14. SJB

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    That may be, but the Rhino preorder link posted earlier today shows the early, inaccurate version as shown on page 1 of this thread....
    ...don't get me wrong, I like today's revised version much better!

    Here's Rhino's press release with the correct, updated information:
    Yes Sounds Bigger Than Ever with THE YES ALBUM (SUPER DELUXE EDITION) | Rhino

    Mini-quibble: Some of the live performances labeled as "previously unreleased" are already available. The Konserthuset performances of "Everydays" and "Astral Traveller" were on The Word Is Live, and "Perpetual Change" from the Yale Bowl was on the Steven Wilson Blu-ray. But that's not a complaint about content, it's an observation about stray asterisks. My enthusiasm is undimmed!!
  15. SteveCam

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    Any chance we'll see a stand alone LP release of the studio album?
  16. SJB

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    The liner notes to The Word Is Live mention fan demand for Wembley 1978, so it can't be too far off Rhino's rhadar. I have to suspect that there are potential legal snarls because Wolfgang's Vault has that concert up for streaming, and they tend to jealously guard their interests. But that shouldn't be an impossible hurdle to clear, given the inclusion of Wolfgang-owned audio and video on the recent Jethro Tull Benefit set. Here's hoping they can work something out and release the full show from the best possible sources.
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  17. HaroldRivera

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    List price of $100? I might actually be in for this after all. Good to hear the LP is AAA.
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  18. highfell

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    Well you can buy a 2LP 45 version from AP (using BG as well ?)
  19. jeffrey walsh

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    When can we expect the first two titles released with bonus cuts? Many times they have been passed over…
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  20. classicrocker

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    Love this album and I am very intrigued by the two 1971 concerts both of which have been in collector circles forever.

    I do have some questions on the information listing though related to the concert CD.

    Gothenburg- The preorder lists the date as January 21 but the Yes Forgotten Yesterdays website shows the date as January 24th as the band was supposedly in Southampton, UK on the 21st. There are boots circulating of the 3 tracks from this concert as being very good audience recordings so it would be interesting to see if these are actually SB's or the band is just releasing the audience tape.

    Yale Bowl- This concert has been in collectors circles forever and is a SB recording where a fan plugged in a reel to reel and recorded the short set right off of the SB. If the band is using this bootleg tape then the SQ may not be better than what is circulating as there are versions supposedly from the master reel circulating. Here is the story on

    Nick Savoyski
    On this evening I walked into Yale Bowl with an RCA 1/4" 3and 3/4 ips. battery operated open reel recorder with an external "ball mike" as they were called in those days. I recorded "Perpetual Change" to get a level and figuring I better get something from this band on tape. It's the only cut I have from that night as I wanted to save the tape for Grand Funk as I only had a total of 60 minutes of tape. Glad I did it! Yes forever changed my life as budding young musician. I recall saying to my friend Dave, " Who are these guys??" Steve Howe's guitar was clear, fast and precise. Bruford's drumming had a mathematical feel. What great vocals! And how was Squires getting this cool bass sound? Little did I know how much this band was going to influence my musical life for many years to come. I just happen to come across this tape a couple of weeks ago which I put into a file cabinet for safe keeping. I have no idea how well the tape has survived time but, I bet Steve Norde still has the copy of the cassette I duped for him.

    Since I am a collector of live Yes shows I will probably order this to support the band and hopefully they will release more archive stuff if they get enough orders.

    If Rhino is using collector tapes from Steve Howe's archive hopefully they will release other tapes even if not pro-recorded SQ. I would love some band releases of complete live Bruford era concerts from the TFTO, Relayer and GFTO tours
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  21. SteveCam

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    I guess, technically I could, but up here in Canada those pressings are pricey and not easily available. Not a fan of the 2x45 format either.
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  22. FanOfTunes

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    Yes, the spirit of your post makes sense, however, when his remix is done, no one masters it. His remixes are transferred flat.

    Note that Peter Mew did master at least one of Wilson’s Thick As A Brick Bookset remixes. However, Wilson did not authorize it and later versions have the Wilson remixes “mastered” flat.
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  23. FanOfTunes

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    Thank you, Jason. This is great news.

    Perhaps I was looking at an outdated ad for this set because I saw only Wilson mentioned, not Bernie, and Wilson is on record as not working in the analog domain.
  24. Timjosephuk

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    A difficult one this. Too much of it already on the last two reissues to make it an automatic buy. But enough not on those discs to make it an automatic buy.

    Schrodinger's Yes Album!
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  25. SJB

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