The Yes Album, Super Deluxe Edition, due November 24, 2023

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by SJB, Aug 8, 2023.

  1. SJB

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    Let's hope it's a complete and dedicated performance, rather than a rehearsal/jam or a fragment as was the case with "All Fighters Past" on the expanded Fragile. I really like what there is of "All Fighters Past" but I wish more of it survived rather than just a stub on a partially erased tape. It was more than just a tossed-off idea because it has a backwards guitar part, which requires a dedicated overdub.
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  2. EdwinM

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    Let's hope the instrumental is not the counterpart of the "Unknown Ballad" Steven Wilson unearthed on Tarkus by Emerson Lake and Palmer
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  3. John Fell

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    YES To Receive Two Releases That Include 4CD/LP/BD 50th Anniversary The Yes Album, And Single Collection – Yessingles

    Rhino is also releasing an lp only release of various single edits called Yessingles. Both releases are discussed above.

    Yes Detail YESSINGLES Collection | Rhino

    Side A
    01 Your Move (Single Version)
    02 Starship Trooper: Life Seeker (Single Version)
    03 Roundabout (Single Version)
    04 America (Single Edit)
    05 And You And I (Part One) [Promo Radio Edit]
    06 Soon (Single Edit)

    Side B
    01 Sound Chaser (Single Edit)
    02 Wondrous Stories (Single Version)
    03 Don’t Kill The Whale (Single Version)
    04 Into The Lens (Single Version)
    05 Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Single Version)
    06 Leave It (Single Remix)
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  4. JimW

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    Different strokes and all that, but I can see no attraction to singles versions of Yessongs.
  5. DigitalDave74

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    Seems a pretty skimpy comp of the singles. Couldn't they do a complete A's & B's at least up to the Big Generator years? Like, even going back to whatever single had Something's Coming on the B-side? Though I'm no expert on what tracks had unique edits. Also, the cover is pretty lame IMO.
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  6. JulesRules

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    Doesn't seem to be complete. Where's the single edit of Total Mass Retain? One of the more interesting edits, mind.
  7. SJB

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    I don't have a definitive list of Yes single variations, but the upcoming Rhino LP is definitely not complete - it's just what would fit on one LP. Left off are single-only edits of "Sweetness" (the A-side of "Something's Coming"), "It Can Happen," "Love Will Find a Way," "Rhythm of Love," and a bunch of others. Some of the single versions were on a bonus SACD with the High Vibration box set.
    There's also the Japanese Special Sampler promo.
    "Total Mass Retain" wasn't just an edit, it's a remix - the noises during the intro and between some of the vocal lines are different from the record. "Run Through The Light" was also drastically remixed for the single, but at least that version is available on the expanded Drama CD. You'd probably need at least two CDs for all the single-exclusive edits and mixes, even if you stopped at Big Generator and left off the 80s dance remixes. (The "dance remix" of "Leave It" is barely recognizable.) Live versions of "City of Love" and "It Can Happen" were issued as B-sides, later re-released as bonus tracks on Friday Music's CD reissue of 9012Live: The Solos. 90125 produced two singles where the A-side and B-side were different versions of the same song. "It Can Happen" had the aforementioned live B-side (not the same recording as seen in the 9012Live film), and the A-side was an edit later re-released on the Ultimate Yes compilation. "Leave It" featured an a cappella remix on the B-side, which appeared on the expanded CD and on a compilation called Modern A Cappella.

    I'd be very interested in buying a CD collection of single mixes/edits (on full-length CDs, for God's sake, not a big box of eight-minute CD singles), with a nice book of full-size reproductions of picture sleeves.
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  8. SJB

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    I'll add that there's an existing thread on Yes single mixes, to avoid derailing this thread too badly.
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  9. JulesRules

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    That and their reissue of Yesshows are quite hard to find.
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  10. Jason_Rhino

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    I A&R and oversee the Yes catalog for Rhino. The Yessingles compilation is not intended to be complete.

    It is intended to be a solid introductory title. There's a lot of demand from younger fans who are looking for a single LP "hits" title that contains tracks from 71-84. If this is the way we can lead them towards discovering Close to the Edge, The Yes Album, Drama, etc. in full, then I'm all for it. The single mixes/edits were the best way to fit as many tracks as possible within a 1LP.

    If this compilation does well, then there will likely be a Vol. 2, etc.
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  11. Tommyboy

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    Jason, if it’s ok to disclose, who mastered the LP? Was is Chris Bellman?
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  12. lucan_g

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    “Classic Yes” was my introduction to the band and I can think of no better way.
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  13. SJB

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    I'm glad to see active outreach to the next generation of fans! I picked up a budget CD, Roundabout and Other Hits, and I remember thinking that a volume 2 could cover the late 70s and 80s.
    I know the upcoming compilation isn't meant to be comprehensive, but I think the market might tolerate a complete singles collection on CD.
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  14. Brian Imig

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    Jason: thank you for checking in here [please don't let any blue meanies chase you away] :)

    Can you please divulge here or in a private message whether there are any plans for any more live releases-especially from the 1970s [for me 1973-1979 especially]. Many of us are waiting for any Tales/Relayer/ tours. Is there ANY film footage.
    Any and all answers will be most welcome, and I thank you in advance.
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  15. Anthrax

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    A comprehensive Yes singles compilation on CD is a release I'd totally jump on. :agree:
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  16. FanOfTunes

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    I have the same question. This reissue interests me because I cannot find a good sounding all analog copy of the Yes Album.

    The Rhino LP reissue from a few years back did not sound good. The Friday Music 45 RPM was OK but lacked the magic.

    I have paid a premium for early presses seeking one that plays without crackle and pop, and despite mint or near mint grades and premium pricing, all 3 had surface noise and were heavily spindle marked.

    Also, I purchased a sealed one at a premium. The cover matched the original U.S., but only one side was GP and the other side was DK and the DK side sounded like ass.

    It would be nice to have a great sounding analog Yes Album as it is one of the few desired titles for which a minty one has eluded me since I returned to vinyl and began rebuilding the collection.
  17. Lovecraft

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    Isle of Bute, UK
    "There's a lot of demand from younger fans who are looking for a single LP "hits" title that contains tracks from 71-84."

    Really? I am sceptical but would like to believe this is true. Where would this kind of info come from? Focus groups?

    Mind you, younger fans here could mean anyone below 50.....
  18. ArpMoog

    ArpMoog Forum Resident

    This post surprises me , must be a location thing. YES Album clean first press are not a problem around here.
  19. coolsound

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    Any idea what will be the master of the CD : the barry diament ? The marino ? The rhino ? A new one ?
  20. JAG

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    Northeast USA
    On my system, the 45rpm is great! The yes release market is getting repetitive and saturated. I don't have any reason to buy this.
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  21. JAG

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    Northeast USA
    I agree. If the younger fans want an introduction to a prog band, you give them edited "hits"? I would think they should have the art as the artist intended.
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  22. Fred68

    Fred68 Loves Music

    It appears the Forum tradition of running off industry professionals is in full swing...
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  23. Jason_Rhino

    Jason_Rhino Forum Resident

    Los Angeles, CA
    Yessingles was mastered and cut by Jeff Powell.
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  24. Jason_Rhino

    Jason_Rhino Forum Resident

    Los Angeles, CA
    It's swinging wildly.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. However, to be clear, the development and research for Yessingles was rooted in research, streaming data and retail requests.


  25. FanOfTunes

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    I'm envious. If you or anyone else has, or can get, a truly quiet early press (Piros both sides), please send me a PM. I have been scouring ebay and discogs with no luck finding a truly minty play grade. The one thing I've learned in my return to vinyl is that vintage records that play near mint per Goldmine standards are very, very rare. There is no shortage of sellers willing to grade VG and VG+ vinyl as NM or M, though! My favorite is the "only played once" and then you get a record with labels so spindle marked that they look like an etch a sketch after a toddler played with it for an afternoon....

    There are many nice VG/VG+ play grade records out there, and I really wish that was a standard with which I could be happy. Surface noise is very distracting to me. An album such as The Yes Album is an all-time fave. I will sit and listen in the dedicated treated jam space, and I can't accept crackle, ticks, and pops just because it is an old record. I'm not asking any seller to offer me a minty record at a low price. I get that minty is rare for 50 year-0ld records. All I ask is that I not be charged that rare premium price and then get a very typical used record I could have purchased for a tiny fraction of that price at a used record store, goodwill, garage sale, or whatever. It is bizarre to me that so many online sellers grade vintage records on a curve. The whole point of grading standards is to serve as a universal reference point, and introducing subjective curves creates a nightmare for buyers who can't hold, examine, and audition a record that is on the other side of the country, or the world.

    Can you imagine selling a pristine vintage Ford Mustang to a car collector, he/she shows up to pick up the car, and the fenders are rusty? You tell the buyer "Dude, the car is almost 56 years old, it IS pristine compared to most cars that old." The car is either pristine or it is not. If it is rusty, or the interior is badly worn, or it doesn't run, or whatever, then it should be described accordingly regardless of its age.

    Car collecting, sports card collecting, stamp collecting, etc. are pretty strict with grading. For whatever reason, the vinyl community is very loose with grading, particularly in this "boom" era in which minty records command such huge premiums compared to VG records.

    Please forgive the rant, but finding a minty GP Yes Album has not gone well for me. I think I need a valium!!!
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