The Yesterday film, yes or no?

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    No, the two people he met may have also been unconscious at the same instant Jack was. The movie didn't get into it because this is fantasy, not science fiction. Presumably they went through the same thing he did, where they woke up and all of their Beatles records were gone and nobody had ever heard of them, only Jack had the ability to sing and play guitar so he could bring this music to the world in which he found himself.
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    Again, fantasy (genre should not be an excuse for weak plotting) or not, this was a poorly set up premise. I love the premise by the way, but not the execution. Clearly we’re not going to sway each other’s position so I’ll leave it here.
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    Suppose the question is, would the film be more enjoyable it explicitly said how the Beatles disappeared from that world, or never happened?

    Andy Summers wrote a book about his career with the Police, and he titled it One Train Later - which is how he wound up meeting Sting. It's been years since I read it but, if he had or hadn't taken one train later they never would have met. There's a million ways John and Paul would never have met, and potentially a million universes in which there's no Beatles.

    One of my favorite films is Groundhog Day, and the original script had Bill Murray's character being cursed by girl he'd dumped. The director cut that out of the script and made it a better film as far as I'm concerned. As I said before Yesterday was about giving us the opportunity to see people discovering these songs for the first time, and that to me is the most magical part.
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    Actually, those two other people were one my favorite parts of the film. The way they gradually popped
    up in various scenes, and the expressions on their faces, showed that they realized there was ONE other
    person who remembered. Especially, when he went to Strawberry Fields and Eleanor Rigby's grave,
    how she was watching him was fascinating. And, until their final scene with him, (with the Yellow Submarine)
    you didn't know if they were going to expose him. Great scene. Plus you see them dancing together
    on the rooftop while he's doing "Ob La Di.. " with the kids.
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    While the film is a bit hard to believe and there's obvious flaws within what could have existed and not existed without the fabs, it made me realize that those songs are extremely important to our modern culture. It made me appreciate the ones that I had been a little tired of (The Long & Winding Road, Let It Be, Hey Jude, etc.). What would a world be like without those songs? It's almost like some higher power gave us the fabs so those who can relate can have that music in common. Overall, I liked it even if it is a bit cheesy at times. It's just entertainment.
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