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  1. lschwart

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    I've always had a thing for the live recording from Newport in 1963, especially the two tracks with Pee Wee Russell that originally appeared on the Miles and Monk at Newport album (side 2). The whole set from '63 was available for a while on the set called, Monk Live at Newport 1963 and 1965, but I don't know what its status is now.

    And I agree with the recommendations of the Carnegie Hall set with Coltrane and the It Club set.

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  2. chervokas

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    My favorite Monk is the Blue Notes, especially as heard in the singles collection. I love the Prestige trio dates, all the 50s solo albums -- Thelonious Himself, Alone in SF and the Paris date. I love Monk's Music and Brillant Corners. I love the 5 Spot recordings with an on-fire Johnny Griffin. And I adore the studio quartet sides from '57 with Coltrane. The '60s stuff rarely gets any play from me.
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  3. chacha

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    Any vinyl you can recommend for this stuff or is it all CD? Thanks
  4. Spotmaticfanatic

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    The Blye Note stuff is available in a collection called the Genius Of Modern Music, Vol. 1 and 2, and there’s a nice Prestige 10” LP box set. Most of his catalogue seems to be available on vinyl.
  5. chervokas

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    Though I have to say, listening to the Blue Notes in singles-release order via the most recent remaster on 'Round Midnight: The Complete Blue Note Singles, really changed my experience of the Blue Note material vs. the Genius of Modern Music releases or the complete, session order box sets that have been issued by Mosaic and Blue Note. I don't think there's ever been a vinyl release on the singles collection, but it's my preferred way to listen to the Blue Note material by far (of course, one could always try to collect the original 78s for the real, hardcore, original vinyl experience).

    I grew up with the old OJC vinyl pressings of the Prestige and Riverside stuff -- Monk's Music and Brilliant Corners and Trio and Himself and Alone in SF, etc., and they're great on vinyl. A lot of this stuff has been reissued on all kinds of specialty audiophile vinyl over the years (and Alone in SF is kind of a small audiophile classic). But of course all this stuff was originally released on vinyl and has been reissued a lot over the years on vinyl, so there are lots of options. I've never replaced any of the old OJCs I've had for decades with other vinyl copies, so I have any insight into the caliber of what's currently available. I love the fact that there are boxes like the Presitge box that put out the original 10" configurations though with the original art, vs. the 12" compendiums I grew up with. In a lot of cases, Prestige in particular, mixed and matched sessions for the 12" era that didn't always make sense (not so much with Monk, but definitely with Miles). I like the idea that you can go back now and listen to the original 10" lineups (I do that with streaming sometimes since I'm not going to buy new copies of music on 10" LP I already own on 12" LP).
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    I have the same priorities. Have all the 60s albums but for a pure shot of Monk it's the Blue Notes.
  7. Spotmaticfanatic

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    I generally prefer to get stuff as it was meant to be presented. My only complaint about the 10” collection is having to get up every 9-12 minutes to flip a side. Hard to do once the whiskey has been poured!
  8. Spotmaticfanatic

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    Ottawa, Canada
    Well, it's settled. I just order Thelonious Monk & John Coltrane Live at Carnegie Hall, and Misterioso. Should hopefully have the Carnegie Hall set sometime this weekend! Misterioso? Depends on how quickly Amazon can find it in the back corners of the warehouse, I guess...
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  9. tug_of_war

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    I finally got the 1982 version of "Live At The It Club". I love this muddy, reverbed mix. And the quartet really cooks!
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    I agree!
  11. Spotmaticfanatic

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    Ottawa, Canada
    I picked this up on vinyl recently. Great set. The recordings from this period are usually pretty enjoyable, as the quartet was fairly stable, and had some time toreally get to know the songs well.
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  12. smitquest

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    is big band and quartet live in concert the only columbia era release that wasn't remixed and re-released on cd without the purple border on the cover?

  13. Gdgray

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    Live at the Five Spot- Discovery
    Monk with Trane.
    Recording not great but the music is, what a great fit. It was CD issue from Blue Note in 1993.
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  14. Monk 1963 In Japan (Early Bird, CD). May 23, 1963, TV broadcast. Monk/Rouse/Warren/Dunlop. A shorter set than Monk In Tokyo from a few days earlier, but at 37 minutes it's a perfect condensation, and the band's on fire. Sounds great.
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  15. Valkenburg

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    Thelonious Monk Orchestra at Town Hall solely for the transcription of Monk's 1952 trio "Little Rootie Tootie" solo for full orchestra. Overall, the playing is pretty ragged; this ain't the Duke Ellington Orchestra.

    Start at about 7:00 in.
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