Thor Ragnarok*

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Thievius, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. Thievius

    Thievius Blue Öyster Cultist Thread Starter

    You may recognize the song played throughout. :p

  2. Jim B.

    Jim B. Forum Resident

    Looks fab to me. Looking forward to it. Epic.
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  3. vince

    vince Stan Ricker's son-in-law

    Smitty loves it!
    ...and, so do I!

    I sure that song didn't come cheap!
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  4. neo123

    neo123 Forum Resident

    Northern Kentucky
    Was going to post this myself this morning when I saw it, but I was in a hurry and figured someone else would.

    Can't wait to see this.
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  5. maccafan

    maccafan Forum Resident

    Looks good, just hope it's not a comedy like I've heard!

    Thor should not be funny, there is absolutely nothing funny about Ragnorok!

    So we'll see?
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  6. budwhite

    budwhite Climb the mountains and get their good tidings.

    Götaland, Sverige
    Was his hair cut in captivity?
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  7. Thievius

    Thievius Blue Öyster Cultist Thread Starter

    That's the impression I got, thus the blood running down his face from his own scalp.

    By the way, it was great seeing Jeff Goldblum in this teaser.
  8. smilin ed

    smilin ed Forum Resident

    "We know each other - he's a friend from work..." Hmmm. Thor becomes Spider-Man.
  9. Jim B.

    Jim B. Forum Resident

    I think the film will be pretty serious given the subject matter but there will be moments of levity like in any real life situation like that. Otherwise you get B vs S. It's like the Avengers films, there were a couple of jokes in there. I wouldn't worry as they will get the balance right.
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  10. Luke The Drifter

    Luke The Drifter Forum Resident

    United States
    Every MCU film balances the drama, action and comedy. And they have always done it well. I expect this to be no exception.
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  11. dkmonroe

    dkmonroe A completely self-taught idiot

    I expect that there's ZERO chance of that song appearing in the movie - they probably paid dearly just to have it in a trailer! :laugh:

    Frankly, if all that buildup is just to have Thor fight The Hulk, I'm somewhat disappointed.
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  12. Jim B.

    Jim B. Forum Resident

    It's a combination of two stories - the Norse Ragnarok and the 'Planet Hulk' storyline that ran in the Hulk comics (where they shot the Hulk off into space so as to not be a danger to anyone and he landed on this planet where he was forced to fight like a gladiator).

    They are two unique stories but they have cleverly combined them in the sense (I think) that Hela wiping out Asgaard is the main story, Ragnarok, but to do this she has to get rid of Thor so she orchestrates some situation where he is placed on that planet and used as a gladiator. And that's where the 'Planet Hulk' things come in. But Thor needs to get back and stop Hela. So the Thor vs Hulk thing is just a really cool concept but it isn't the main storyline.
  13. PhilBorder

    PhilBorder Forum Resident

    Sheboygan, WI
    Compared to "Fate of the Furious', 'Ragnarok' looks like a Frederick Wiseman documentary
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  14. Rhett

    Rhett Gettin' down and gettin' funky

    Cool City
  15. misterbozz

    misterbozz Forum Resident

    Nerima-ku, Tokyo
    Looks quality, like a proper comic book - and not afraid of it.
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  16. Folsom

    Folsom Member

    Eastern WA
    I too wonder about the Planet Hulk situation...

    First, Planet Hulk, would beat Thor like a rag doll. Thor only can fight off the Hulk when he has a hammer anyways. I find the depowering of the Hulk to be upsetting in general. By the end of Planet Hulk series he was so angry he could exert as much power as The Sentry, which is something like 10,000 super nova suns.

    If they could make some truly amazing Hulk movies, it would be an at least 3 part series based on the God Bomb/Killer arc that was recent, and absolutely baller.
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  17. The Pinhead


    There's a great animated movie of this.
  18. mpayan

    mpayan Forum Resident

    Loved the first one.

    But this trailer is the silliest looking mess Ive ever seen. There is a difference between Thor having humor and out and out campiness. What a friggin joke.

    Gladiotor meets Wonder Woman meets the Three Stooges.

    Was my favorite Marvel character. Geesh.

    Was that seriously Jeff Goldblum cast as some nordic warrior?? W..T...F..? Who produced this thing? Mel Brookes...??
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  19. Thievius

    Thievius Blue Öyster Cultist Thread Starter

    Jeff Goldblum is playing The Grand Master, not a warrior. He's one of the Elders - like Benicio del Toro's character The Collector. He's old and eccentric, certainly no warrior.

    And there's only one comedic element to the trailer which otherwise looks fairly dark. People are acting like the comedy is something new for the Marvel films when its been there pretty much from the beginning.
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  20. Lonson

    Lonson An Old Disestablishmentarianismist

    And the comedy was there in the original comic. Hogan the Grim, Falstagg the Dashing, the Voluminous Volstagg, not to mention a lot of Loki antics and even the lame doctor turning into the Mighty Thor. . . .
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  21. mpayan

    mpayan Forum Resident

    Guess I liked the first movie better than I would the comic book then. Ill pass.
  22. vince

    vince Stan Ricker's son-in-law

    If there's comedy, I'm IN!
    I've sat through the first two a couple of times...
    if it wasn't for the girl from "2 Broke Girls" in the second one, I'd be snoring through it!
  23. Jeff Kent

    Jeff Kent Forum Resident

    Mt. Kisco, NY
    It feels more 'spacey' and sci-fi than the original which had more of a Gods of Valhalla ancient feel...if that makes sense.
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  24. Zep Fan

    Zep Fan Sounds Better with Headphones

    N. Texas
    Oh, I much prefer the live version to the studio single version.


  25. Drew

    Drew Senior Member

    Columbus, OH
    Does anyone else think the fonts used in that trailer look like 1970's discorama?

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