Thor Ragnarok*

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    Man this is Marvel, the possibilities are endless. As long as the quality keeps up, I will continue to stay in there. DC's fault is trying to compete playing Marvel's game. What DC needs to do is stick to serious and provide a growing back story, not just slam everyone in at one time and expect us to buy it.

    Black Panther I thought was incredibly well done just like Thor Ragnarok. A movie should entertain and deliver on plenty of intelligent action. Marvel walks a fine line, but I still thinks gives plenty to come back to....TV shows too!
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    If they ever make a sequel to that Pixies doc, I hope they call it THAT!
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    Second viewing even better. Love the comic book/70-80s b movie vibe. Great stoner space/viking/action-flick.
    The Lord of Rings parody scenes are funny stuff :biglaugh:

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