Thorens TD 160 start problem ( 4sec)

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by sniperfox, Apr 16, 2019.

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    Hello, This is my second TD 160 used. I remade the oil level, bought a new belt, it turns well, no noise ect. On the other hand, at startup, it trembles (the arm too) for 4 seconds ...?,?! / I am looking for the cause of this problem, but given the simplicity of the machine, I do not see where it can come from ... To know that it does that when I put the tray ... with the sub tray ca does not pose a problem ...

  2. Optimize

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    The only thing I can think of is that the new belt may Couse it.
    If the pulley graaab, sliiips,graaab,sliiips,grab, slips and grab.
    During the time (until) it try to get it up to speed.

    Try with the old belt see if there are any difference.
  3. Agitater

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    Without the platter in position, the suspension system is not balanced. When a system is not balanced (because the platter has been removed), the start-up torque of the motor on the belt can cause the position of the lighter subplatter to deflect so much that a vibration is transmitted to the tonearm base. Of course you can balance the system when the platter is not in place, but then it won’t be properly balanced when the platter is in place.

    Stop testing your turntable without the platter in place. It won’t work properly every single time, and you can’t play any LPs.
  4. Try1256

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    Winter Springs, Fl
    Probably the clutch mechanism in the pully.
  5. McLover

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    East TN
    Is the belt a Thorens or Thakker belt? If not, buy one. They work correctly. I use no other belts on a Thorens.
  6. ddarch

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    1. As stated, Thorens or Thakker belt is key.
    2. On a 160, the motor pulley (cream colored) should be in two parts with a spring inside. Gently push down on the cream colored part of the pulley, and it should move downward with ease. (with some resistance from the spring). If not, post a picture of the pulley that is installed.
    3. Any oil contamination can wreak havoc. Clean all surfaces where the belt rides with isopropyl alcohol. Wash belt in soapy water. Allow ample dry time.
    4. If all these other things check out, it could be the springs are way too loose OR the studs were wrongly messed with from ABOVE and they are no longer rigid as they should be.

  7. Thorensman

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    Is the motor shaft bent?

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