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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by stypee, Dec 30, 2004.

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  1. stypee

    stypee New Member Thread Starter

    New York
    I'll leave the "Vison" to the other board but to briefly comment, man what a horrible picture!

    Okay now onto the sound..

    I love this compilation. Been waiting for it since the DVD was invented but there's just something about the DTS mix that seems way to rushed. I'm lucky enough to have the PCM 96HZ to use the disc to its advantage. Came close to blowing the dam amp come third video in. My personal opinion was it seemed a bit rushed. The vocals on the DTS track seemed to have come mainly from the rear speakers. After goofing with my amp. and just setting it to NORMAL SURROUND this fixed the problem a tad. The disc still ran hot. As for the DD 5.1, well, I only gave it one listen and I'm not a big DD 5.1 fan but it wasn't that bad.

    What are some of your thoughts on the DTS mix? Did you also like some of the other variations on some of his songs? SHAKING THE TREE was really nice, don't know why he axed that version. Gotta' love that mullet from the video. I would have also liked to have understood a little more of the introductions, for example before SHOCK THE MONKEY we see him trying to break a television set. While it's evident we know WHY he's doing it, I would have liked to have known WHERE the sound is on the song (if it's there or just mixed into a mess of things) and of course the adverts. at the end of the disc made me want to buy the dam family DVD you can only get in the UK.
  2. Squealy

    Squealy Forum Hall Of Fame

  3. World of Genesis

    World of Genesis Active Member

    Problem with Gabriel's PLAY DVD

    This was lifted from the official Peter Gabriel site. Speaking of audio for this release, you might want to read this (especially if you happen to own a Denon AVR-3805):

    21-Dec-2004 DTS audio on PLAY DVD

    "Since the release of the PLAY DVD we have become aware of an issue with the DTS soundtrack on the latest generation of surround amplifiers.

    PLAY is the first disc produced using a new DTS encoder and it seems that the version we used has set a flag within the DTS audio stream that can cause a 30db reduction in volume.

    We have only experienced the issue on a Denon AVR-3805 amplifier (kindly lent to us by Denon UK), although it may be more widespread as new audio decoder chips reach the consumer market in other products. Reading through our DVD forum, our experience would tie in with the comments of people on the boards . A 30db volume reduction is very noticeable, so the DTS audio heard through these amplifiers is going to be both disappointing, and give a you big shock if you turn it up and then flip back to one of the other audio tracks, or navigate back to a menu.

    Only the latest amplifiers are reading the 'Dialogue Normalization" setting in the DTS audio which is causing the volume reduction. Other amplifiers are simply ignoring this information, so during the product development and testing, and to most consumers the DTS was and still is the best sounding audio on the disc.

    We are currently working with DTS, Warner Vision and Denon to find a solution, and will keep you posted.

    Please let us know if you have experienced this problem on any other equipment."

    Sometimes there is something to be said for not owning the latest and greatest piece of technology! LOL! :agree:

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