Three years into vinyl, where to go from here.....

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Chester0711, Jul 10, 2019.

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    I am not familiar with that particular test record, but I would try to come closer to passing that "Torture test". Ignore any and all manufacturer's recommended VTF and anything you have heard anywhere about what the ideal VTF "should" be. Increase the VTF .1g at a time and listen for an improvement. Usually .2-.4 makes a noticable improvement. All styli are not absolute identical. Some may sound better a little over the recommend norm, and some may actually sound better a little under. When you get a replacement you will need to play around and find the best setting again. And keep that tip clean! I recommend Oznow.
    Any yeah I would not go and get some 8000.00 speakers anytime soon if ever. Make the most of what you have now before spending big on more components. You may find that only spending a little bit can be a noticeable improvement.
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    This fits my experience as well; A change of 0.1 g can already make a noticeable difference. Also, with warmer weather I need about 0.2g lowering of the VTF.

    Experimenting with the VTA (or SRA, if preferred) can really improve the stereo image, as well. I run my cart with an arm position 2.2 mm lower on the rear end than on than cart end. Not all styli respond to this, but the the more complicated shapes tend to do. I use spacers now to compensate for thicker records. There could be a 1mm or more difference between records.
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    Exactly! I have a stack of about 30 albums, sitting in my music room yet to be listened to. A mere 30 albums is giving me anxiety, due to my inability to listen to them - I couldn't imagine being tasked with 1600! :)
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    This. Floorstanders; just not too big so as not to overpower your 12x12 room . Up to twin 6.5 woofers x tower should do the trick.
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    For movies only:cheers:
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    Your first 3 years is equivalent to my goal of 10 plus years. I'm 3 years in and I'm now filling in a 5th cube within my Billy bookcase (300 +- records I'm guessing). I'm on my 2nd TT, AT-LP 120 (a controversial entry level fan favorite). The rest of my gear is listed in my profile. Long story short, enjoy what you've got now, looks to be an enviable set up. :righton:

    Sound advice sir. :tiphat:

    OR you could just go climb Everest and get Henry Rollins' setup


    The speakers alone are $200,000
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    I can barely keep ONE sealed, usually as soon as I get home from the record store or as soon as I open my mail it's straight to the spin clean then to the turntable.
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    And that doesn’t even show the components... I’ve heard him make a comment that his cartridge costs more than his car, which is an idea I fully support for anyone who has that kind of money and cares that much about listening to music.
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    My 2-channel setup is in a space similar to yours. I bought floorstanders with a forward firing port so that I didn't have to hassle with placement in relation to the rear wall. I can hear my music throughout my house.
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    Are you referring to volume? Or is your music just a listening experience that doesn't provoke you to groove to it?
    I had just the listening experience using belt drive TTs, even with the Marantz TT-15S1 and it sounded wonderful but it didn't get me into the music like CDs. I ended up reading through forums, stumbled across belt vs DD threads so I went to Guitar Center bought a PLX-1000 and found what my music was missing. GC has a 14-day no hassle return policy for DJ gear, I didn't need it.
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