Three's Company: Janet, Chrissy, Cindy or Terri?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Baba Oh Really, May 21, 2016.

  1. Carl Swanson

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    Yes, over the years, he had a lot of bit parts in movies and TV.

    I like QMS's cover of "Pride of Man," but also Gordon Lightfoot's, recorded in 1964 and appearing on his 1966 debut album.
  2. Jimmy B.

    Jimmy B. .

    Cindy Snow.
    Jenilee Harrison was gorgeous.
    Then again it might have been easier being around Janet or Chrissy. (I never liked Terri)
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  3. California Couple

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  4. California Couple

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  5. genesim

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    The case for Terri well put. Worth a quote for sure.
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  6. NickCarraway

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    There were also THREE "Three's Company" pilots. The first (never aired) had nearly all different character names (David, not Jack; Jenny & Samantha, not Janet & Chrissy). The second (which did air) fixed the character names and brought in Joyce DeWitt but had Susan Lanier (who would later marry Delaney Bramlett of Delaney & Bonnie) as Chrissy. The third pilot solidified the classic original cast by ditching Lanier for Somers.

    Here's the first pilot's theme song, where you get looks at Suzanne Zenor and Valerie Curtin as "Samantha and Jenny".
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  7. groundharp

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    I love Quicksilver, and don't care for Gordon Lightfoot, so...

    Hamilton Camp's 1st album was also where Rod Stewart found a couple of tunes he then recorded for his own lps, namely Only A Hobo and Tomorrow Is A Long Time.
  8. Benno123

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    Did Audra Lindley wear her customer and wig that night or go with her natural hair so she wouldn’t be recognized?
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  9. PaulKTF

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    I know they didn't have lyrics yet, but it's like the singer can't remember any of the words. :)
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  10. Jimmy B.

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    she looks good in those for sure.
  11. genesim

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    This is one of the rare times that there wasn't pantyhose on with a bathing suit in those old 70's/80's shows. Never seen that on the beach! This show had it all.

    I always remember Mr. Roeper's Niece and Jacks bottle cork popping!
  12. RoyalScam

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    PRE-NOSE JOB Janet when she had the Joan Jett haircut. There, fixed.
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  13. RoyalScam

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    Also, as much as I remember Jeffrey Tambor for "Hey Nowwwww...", I also remember him equally for "Boom...boom...dittum...dattum...wattum...SHOE!!!"
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  14. Oatsdad

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    I remember nothing about Tambor from "The Ropers" other than the fact he was on the show and was a jerky character, IIRC.

    First place I ever heard of him, and it's still the main show with which I associate him after all these years! :help:
  15. ganma

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    I grew up watching both but 3s company had a greater impact on my 8 year old self. I recognize that actor from Me and My Girl. Man about the House is more hazy memory I probably saw on reruns. I do remember the split off George and Mildred quite well though.
  16. Steve Hoffman

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    Opening by request
  17. Spastica

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    I voted for Terri....BUT....

    This picture almost convinced me to change my vote.
  18. Chip TRG

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    Mrs. Roper, right? ;)
  19. Mister Charlie

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  20. JediJones

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    I had a little date with two of the girls myself at Chiller con a couple years ago.

  21. Grand_Ennui

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  22. I'm watching episodes right now, and I'd don't know, peeps, Terri's hips were awfully thin. She looks healthy, but also a little slouchy in the shoulders.

    Meanwhile Cindy has those thick ass thighs, a rotunda, and some mighty peaks. She doesn't wear that goofy face outside of Three's Company. She's my pick.

    Janet is simply too sweet to salivate over. Plus, I don't like her hair after Season 2.

    Chrissy? 38 years later I'm still undecided from I was like 8. :D
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  23. Panther

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    Gotta go with Terri (Priscilla Barnes). She was a super-hot blonde and was super smart? Win all the way.



    Cindy wasn't really given a fair chance, as she was just a temp-actress to substitute for Suzanne Somers. (It has to be said that the actress who played her has not... aged well.)

    Chrissy/Suzanne is not my type, physically, but I concede she was the funniest roommate.
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  24. Lance LaSalle

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    Chrissy is dead last for me.
  25. Kyle B

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    In the early days, Chrissy/Suzanne was pretty in a girl-next-door kind of way. As was Joyce/Janet. They looked less attractive to me beginning with season 4, when they both got makeovers and were much more heavily made up. It also made them look quite a bit older. At the beginning, the actresses were 27 and 30 years old, playing characters in their early 20s. By the time the makeovers happened, they were 30 and 34, and no longer believably passed for roommates in their 20s.
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