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    I’m hoping the 3 shows Benmont did with Phil are eventually made available on
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    - Hey gang! So Benmont Tench has been active over the past week appearing with Phil Lesh for a series of concerts in Port Chester, New York. As announced above, Benmont also performed two solo shows at the Rockwood Music Hall over the past two nights. There are some videos of selections from the first night's performance currently doing the rounds on Youtube. I am not going to post them here though as after attempting to perform "American Girl", Tench asked the audience to put down their smartphones as he was clearly overcome with the emotion of the moment. However, selections from the second night's performance are also available through YouTube and last night, Tench did not request that the smartphones be put away, so I've attached a performance of "American Girl" from the second performance at the bottom of the posting. Also, as posted up above is the entire performance that Tench participated in backing up Phil Lesh courtesy of Jambase.

    - Benmont Tench also appears on the recently released single by Jenny Lewis: "Wasted Youth". You can listen here: Jenny Lewis - Wasted Youth (Audio Video)

    - Vicki Abelson recently posted an in-depth 2 hour-long interview with Steve Ferrone as part of the "Game Changers" series which dives into basically everything you ever wanted to know about his career and then some. Here is a link to the interview which is well worth watching if you have some time to settle in: Vicki Abelson

    - Recently Carter Alan of WZLX in Boston made a pilgrimage to "Tom Petty Park" in Gainesville, Florida and shares with us his experiences and photographs here: A Visit To Tom Petty Park In Gainesville, Florida | Carter Alan | 100.7 WZLX

    - Paul Zollo has announced that he has delivered a manuscript for an updated version of his 2005's book "Conversations With Tom Petty" to his publisher. The book is scheduled for publication in October and will include a new introduction, previously unpublished interviews with Tom Petty along with several reviews of Petty's work that Zollo has written throughout the years.

    - Author Michael Washburn will be releasing a new installment of the ongoing 33 1/3 book series, this one focusing on Tom Petty/Heartbreakers 1985 album "Southern Accents". While I will admit I have some immediate reservations about this title given the abstract of it that has been posted up online, Washburn has written about Tom Petty in the past and it has been rumored that Washburn was able to access both Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench for his upcoming book. The book will be released on April 4, 2019 and Washburn has a facebook page with links to information about his book, including an upcoming appearance at Newtonville Books (5-01-19, Newtonville, MA) and a podcast where Washburn discusses the "Southern Accents" album: Tom Petty's Southern Accents - 33 1/3 Series

    - For those of you tuned into SiriusXM's "Tom Petty Radio", writer/director/producer Cameron Crowe will be slotting in as a Guest DJ beginning on Monday 03-25-19 at 8 AM ET.

    - Finally has a brief review of the recently released Tom Petty/Heartbreakers compilation "The Best Of Everything - The Definitive Career Spanning Hits Collection 1976-2016": Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers: The Best of Everything (Geffen)

    PS: Fair warning regarding the aforementioned podcast with Michael Washburn. The host of the podcast, makes the unbelievable (and that is putting it kindly) assertion that Tom Petty does not have any hidden classics in his catalog. Sometimes I wonder if people even bother to put in even cursory research into a topic before speaking publicly about it. In a word: BALDERDASH!

    Here is Benmont Tench performing "American Girl" (Rockwood Music Hall/03-20-2019):

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    Is it just me but, every time I see an update to this thread my first thought is a Wildflowers release announcement.
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    It's just you......

    .....and me.
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    ...and the road ahead.

    (Just to put your collective minds at rest , if/when an official announcement for a MAJOR Tom Petty release is made, I will likely not be posting it up in this thread but allotting it it's own specific thread).

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    That’s been my thought the past 3-4 years..:(
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    Would love to see a Wildflowers release.....great album. Petty is my favorite....
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    Here is one from the archives sure to tickle a few funny bones, courtesy of one of the Soul Lips, Jimmy Zavala:

    We had just done a concert in upstate New York, Saratoga Springs, I believe, and we were staying in this really nice resort hotel in the pine trees complete with tennis courts. There was to be a party in Tom’s suite and we were informed that the president of MTV was going to be there and to be on our best behavior. I don’t know why they would say something like that to me but maybe my reputation was becoming less incognito. At the time Player cigarettes was sponsoring the tour and there were always cartons of them backstage, on the plane or anywhere we were. I was sitting in a small living room section of the suite with guitarist Mike Campbell (one of my all time favorites and in my opinion highly underrated) and Stan. I said, “I’m gonna blow that guy up”. They give me that, “uh oh, what’s Z up to now look”, and I proceeded to pull out some exploding cigarette loads. I used to go to magic shops before tours and stock up on this silly crazy **** just to keep things interesting. Keep in mind it can be a lot of fun on tour but it can be excruciatingly boring at times.

    On all the coffee tables and side tables were fresh packs of Player cigarettes. I grabbed a pack and preceded to put loads in two of the cigarettes and position them so they would be the first ones someone would pick up. I told Mike and Stan of my plan. No doubt we would be introduced to the MTV President and at that time I would offer him a smoke. They shook their heads but the anticipation was written all over their faces.

    Sure enough, in comes Mr. MTV and Tom Petty begins talking to him right in front of us. We all got up to be introduced and when he gets to me I say, “Pleased to meet ya…hey would you like a smoke?” He says, “Oh no, none for me, I don’t smoke”. Mike and Stan are enjoying this at my expense smirking and snickering over on the couch. So I go over to them and toss the pack on the side table next to the couch and sit down in a big comfy chair, as we are sitting there Tom comes over and grabs the “loaded” pack taking a cigarette out. Mike, Stan and I are looking at each and I am trying to signal them with my eyes, “be cool…be cool”. Now the music is playing pretty loud and Tom and the MTV guy had their heads close as they talked in each other’s ear. At which point Tom lights up and BOOM!

    I don’t know if you are familiar with exploding cigarette loads but they look like a half-inch of toothpick, which can be shoved into the tip of a cigarette. When they blow up it is just like the cartoons. This one must have been on steroids because sparks and tobacco sprayed about four feet. Tom and the MTV President just freaked. Tom starts yelling, “did you see that?! Did you see that? I think the ****ing lighter exploded!” Mike and Stan are rolling and losing it on the couch laughing and I’m trying to be cool because I’ve only been in the band a few weeks. Now I have just blown up the boss. So what does Tom do? He goes over to the same pack of smokes and grabs another cigarette, all the time thinking it was the lighter. We are all looking at each other and I am wondering what the odds are that out of twenty cigarettes, Tom is going to grab both of the loaded ones. He goes back over and resumes the conversation and now we are dying in anticipation. I plead with my eyes for Mike and Stan to be cool and not blow it but they love every second of this unintended bit of entertainment. Well, Tom finally lights up and sure enough it blows up too. Now Tom is pissed and I realize now I have to spring into action to save my ass and career.

    Jumping up I ran over to him acting concerned and asked him if he is going to be all right. Tom keeps saying,” did you see that? Some mother****er’s gonna get it.” I asked him what he’s smoking and he said,” Players”, pointing over at the pack on the table. I walked over and retrieved the pack, examining it as if I was a member of the bomb squad. After careful analysis I extracted a cigarette, knowing the coast was clear now and light it up. Tom said, “No, don’t do it, but I convinced him this one was fine and gave it to him. By now I’m just trying to keep the conservation going asking, “Whose cigarettes are these and who smokes Players? Stan immediately jumped up saying, “Howie does!” Tom takes the bait and says, “Yeah, that’s right! Howie!”

    Please visit Jimmy Zavala's website as he details some other pranks that were played on Benmont Tench and Bob Dylan:
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    Thanks for that story! Hilarity indeed.
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    Ok, which one is getting advice from Ahmet Zappa?
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    Worst news I’ve heard all day. And the news is always bad these days.
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    Terrible news...
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    Highly recommend this album.
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    Might be posting this before @McCool can get to it...

    Originally, the Rolling Stones were to play my homeland of New Orleans on May 2 for our annual JazzFest (where I saw Tom and the boys in 2012 and decided after that show that I didn't like the festival), but Mick Jagger ended up having a heart valve replaced. Our boy, Mike, and the rest of Fleetwood Mac were supposed to take the Stones' place, but then Stevie Nicks got the flu, and the Mac canceled, too, leaving Widespread Panic to take their place at the last minute.

    I will admit, it felt a bit strange for Fleetwood Mac to return to New Orleans only three months after they played here at our Smoothie King Center (previously the New Orleans arena, located next door to our famous Superdome)

    As I posted in this thread (The Rolling Stones postpone tour - Mick Jagger to undergo surgery ), Mike Campbell has consistently said that the Dirty Knobs' debut album is finally due out at the end of September, and the Knobs are touring for the rest of the year following the album's release.
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    Hey y'all

    - GOLDMINE has just published a new long-form interview they conducted with Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench, promoting the recent career-spanning compilation "The Best of Everything - The Definitive Career Spanning Hits Collection 1976-2016". Both Heartbreakers do a deep dive into the project as well as discussing future plans, the loss of Tom Petty as well as a treasure trove of Heartbreakers memories. Here is a link to the digital version of the article, although the entire piece is also available along with some additional Tom Petty/Heartbreakers features in the March 2019 edition of Goldmine Magazine: The Heartbreakers fortify the legacy of Tom Petty - Goldmine Magazine

    - There has been a great deal of press lately devoted to the Jakob Dylan/Andrew Slater film, "Echo In The Canyon", which will feature the final filmed interview given by Tom Petty. Rolling Stone has a write up here: ‘Echo in the Canyon’ Documentary Trailer – Rolling Stone AND here are some words from Jakob Dylan regarding Tom Petty's participation in the film: Jakob Dylan still can't believe he scored Tom Petty's last interview

    - "Conversations With Tom Petty" author Paul Zollo has recently written a new piece on the simplicity of Tom Petty's songwriting. FWIW someone recently asked if Zollo's "Conversations With Tom Petty" is still scheduled for a re-publication later this year. To my knowledge, the book is scheduled to hit shelves in October, in time to celebrate what would've been Tom Petty's sixty-ninth birthday: Tom Petty, Woody Guthrie & the Genius of Simplicity « American Songwriter

    - Speaking of new Tom Petty/Heartbreakers books, here is an audio interview with Michael Washburn author of the recently released entry into the 33 & 1/3rd book series: "Southern Accents". Alongside the interview with Washburn is a Spotify playlist of a collection of "southern" Tom Petty/Heartbreakers songs, although some of them date from earlier projects. At some point in the not too distant future, I plan to publish my own "Southern Accents" playlist so be on the lookout for that:

    - One of the real good guys of rock 'n' roll, Robert Scovill will be manning the controls as a Guest DJ on SiriusXM's "Tom Petty Radio" next week beginning on Monday (04-22-19) at 8 AM ET. Scovill is a recording engineer and mixer who has been an important part of the sound that Tom Petty concert goers enjoyed on the recent Mudcrutch and 40th Anniversary tours. Scovill has a YouTube channel where he meticulously documents the process of mixing the sound of a live Tom Petty/Heartbreakers concert: Robert Scovill

    - April 2019 is a month of anniversaries for Tom Petty/Heartbreakers. On April 13th, "Echo" celebrated it's twentieth anniversary while this coming Wednesday (April 24), "Full Moon Fever" will mark it's thirtieth birthday. "Full Moon Fever" was recently feted with an induction into 2019 Grammy Hall Of Fame and Redbeard's In The Studio blog will celebrate the album's thirtieth anniversary next week by uploading Tom Petty's "In The Studio" interviews from the late eighties where he speaks extensively about the album. For now check out the YouTube link below for a recently published interview that Tom Petty gave to Australian journalists in 1989 regarding both "Full Moon Fever" and The Traveling Wilburys. The interview (known in some circles as the "Debbie Gibson Hat" interview) has circulated in truncated form before, but I believe this marks the first time that the raw footage has been made available to fans.

    - Finally the reports of a certain album's demise in the press (as well as the speculation that has resulted from it) have been exaggerated. Hope y'all are doing well.
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    Thanks for the update, McCool.

    I found a bit in the Goldmine Magazine unintentionally hilarious though:
    Mike Campbell: “over the years we have always tried to treat the fans fairly financially....We did that specifically for the reason that we never wanted to price ourselves out of our fans. It was the same with the recordings. You shouldn’t have to buy five different box sets to get all of the songs you like”.

    Yet two unreleased/alternate tracks were tacked onto another compilation within three months of “American Treasure”...:rolleyes:
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    To be fair, it's my understanding that the Tom Petty Trust didn't have any other option but to include additional unreleased material on TBOE. It was part of the agreement in order to facilitate "An American Treasure" getting to market in that if Reprise was going to be allowed to issue a package inclusive of unique content owned by UM/e, then UM/e was going to be reciprocated with a new compilation of their own which would also contain it's own unique content. Tom Petty made a similar deal with MCA back in the early nineties which helped to facilitate him departing from the label and thereby taking the "Wildflowers" album with him over to Warners when in accordance to Petty's original contract with MCA, it should have been his final release for that label.
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    Enjoying this gem

    Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Long After Dark
    Promo copy
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    I did read that recently and I can understand but it still doesn't really make up for Mike's comment. He would have been off not saying anything to that effect at all, IMO.
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    ^ This was to be the original cover slick for "Full Moon Fever", when it was still provisionally titled "Songs From The Garage"

    - As previously mentioned, Tom Petty's first solo effort, 1989's "Full Moon Fever" is celebrating it's thirtieth anniversary this week. Joining in on the festivities is the In The Studio w/Redbeard blog who have uploaded an interview conducted with Tom Petty in May of 1988 when he was hard at work not only on "Full Moon Fever" but about to embark on the journey of a lifetime with The Traveling Wilburys. It was an exciting time for Tom Petty who was taking a break from his familiar bandmates and creating music among his heroes. It was around this period as well that both Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne were extremely active in the Los Angeles music scene at the time producing and collaborating with everyone from Del Shannon to Roy Orbison to Randy Newman. There was even some talk of a new record label being formed entitled "Wilbury Records" which would facilitate the Wilburys being able to collaborate with any number of artists they so desired. Sadly it never came to be. Still, even though Tom Petty/Heartbreakers did not release any product to market in 1988 it was still one of the most active years of Tom Petty's career. HAVE A LISTEN: Tom Petty- Full Moon Fever 30th Anniversary | In The Studio with Redbeard

    - SiriusXM's "Tom Petty Radio" will also be feting "Full Moon Fever" this weekend with a celebration of the album's music much in the same vein that the "Echo" album was celebrated a few weeks back. Be sure to tune in beginning on Friday (04-26-2019) at 8 AM ET for some great music from an all time classic album.

    - While not specifically "Full Moon Fever" related, one of the rarest Tom Petty/Heartbreakers documentaries in existence reemerged on YouTube earlier this month. For those who have yet to see it, the documentary "God Bless Our Mobile Home" is a career-spanning retrospective that was produced for Vh1 in 1994. To my knowledge it only aired a handful of times before being shuttered back into the vault so to speak. So catch it while you can as it really is superb:
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    Thanks for posting this. While I had the Let Me Up LP (because of the Dylan collaboration), and I had enjoyed the "Don't Come Around Here No More" video, I wasn't really a Tom Petty fan, but I had a terminal case of Wilbury Fever in late 1988 -- and that's how I became a Tom Petty fan. I remember devouring the tiny bites of info that emerged about Songs From The Garage in the Rolling Stone "Random Notes" section over several months; it seemed like forever that Petty (or insiders) reported that they were stuck on about 29 minutes of material and needed a few more songs to finish it off. When it finally emerged as Full Moon Fever it immediately became one of my favorite albums of the '80s, and suddenly Petty was no longer the least famous star in his supergroup. I know the "Jeff Lynne Sound" has lots of critics, and to some it's like fingernails on a chalkboard, but I loved it, and it did indeed seem to be everywhere for a few years -- Brian Wilson! Randy Newman! Del Shannon! Roy Orbison! "Cheer Down"! And I know the Heartbreakers chafed under Lynne's production methods, but I really loved Into The Great Wide Open too.
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