Tom Petty The Live Anthology: Ultimate Collector's Edition Boxed Set (5 CDs + 1 Blu-ray + 2 DVDs + 1

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Zafu, Oct 5, 2013.

  1. The Killer

    The Killer I'm Gonna Get Your Gumbo

    If I'd seen this set for UK equivalent $50 I'd have bought it but it's only for disc 5 really. Don't get me wrong, Lord knows I love a box set but all the other stuff I can live without.
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  2. Six String

    Six String Senior Member

    I bought the hires version from Pono so I don't have the BR concert or the detritus but I have the music which is fine by me. Would I like the vinyl box? Sure but not at prices ot's going for today. I haven't even looked as I know it's going to be more than I want to pay for it. Coincidently I was listening to it on my walk today and when I walked in the house I decided it didn't need to end so I plugged the Pono player in the main system and let it fly. So much good music to enjoy.
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  3. rgray_69

    rgray_69 Well-Known Member

    I just checked my blu-ray and it has the songs from all 5 discs. 62 songs on the cds 62 songs on the blu-ray
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  4. Jimmy B.

    Jimmy B. Forum Resident

    I'm quite happy with my 4 CD set. The 5th disc doesn't look that great, although I wouldn't mind hearing Ballad of Easy Rider from it. The DVD of Santa Monica would be cool. But at the prices? Forget it.
    The 4 disc set is damn fine.
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  5. MYKE

    MYKE Analog Upstairs, Digital Downstairs

    This is correct, the quoted info. was not. I just double-checked my own Best Buy Exclusive set.

    Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers* - The Live Anthology
  6. Malina

    Malina Forum Resident

    This set is now selling for big bucks. Glad I snagged my new corner split set for 50 bucks a few years ago. One piece of scotch tape and the split fit together perfectly, can't even notice it. Now I'm hanging on a Beach Party file that is showing one seeder but I'm getting nothing. I hope the seeder pops back in, I really want to check it out! The deluxe Runnin' Down A Dream DVD set is also skyrocketing, got one of those for me and one my brother a few years back too.

    Tom Petty Live Anthology in Music CDs | eBay
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  7. moople72

    moople72 Forum Resident

    One of my prized boxed sets.
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  8. Bill Mac

    Bill Mac Forum Resident

    So. ME USA
    I bought the Live Anthology set at Best Buy a few years back for $29. Wish I bought a few at the time. I ended up selling it unopened for about $80 thinking that I wouldn't listen to it. Well that was a mistake as I've gotten back into Tom Petty the last few years especially in multichannel. I did a WTB in the classifieds for the Live Anthology set and got a mint set for $70. So glad I have it as the Blu-ray has been playing for the last 2 hours and still have quite a bit left.
  9. MYKE

    MYKE Analog Upstairs, Digital Downstairs

    3 hours. 5 hours total, it's a monster.
  10. markp

    markp I am always thinking about Jazz.

    Yes, you are right about all 62 songs being on the blu-ray. Not sure how I got that wrong. In any case, the blu-ray is great sound, and I love putting it on and listening with it like a 4+ hour concert. Plus the 96/24 lists with DR of 13 vs. the cd's at DR of 9:

    Album list - Dynamic Range Database
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  11. aoxomoxoa

    aoxomoxoa In another land...

    Nice to know you have no problem stealing music and telling the world about it
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  12. John Rhett Thomas

    John Rhett Thomas Forum Resident

    Macon, GA, USA
    Pardon the pun, but it's a real heartbreaker for me personally that I snoozed on the blu ray version of this set. One of my most coveted releases but it's getting too high for me. Wish they'd reissue it.
  13. The Elephant Man

    The Elephant Man Forum Resident

    I didn't realize how much the vinyl box is going for. Crazy!
  14. Larsen

    Larsen Forum Resident

    Bergen, Norway
    Great set! Manufactured to perfection. I beauty for the eye and a pleasure for the ear.
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  15. Malina

    Malina Forum Resident

    Reading is fundamental. Beach Party is a 1982 Cameron Crowe directed MTV special that was only aired a few times. And now I'm "stealing music" because I want to watch it? :laugh: I've spent plenty on Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and that's fine with me, don't worry about it.
  16. mick_sh

    mick_sh Made it, Ma! Top of the world!

    Madrid, Spain
    The big fat box is a must have for all Tom Petty fans. The artwork is one of the finest I've ever seen. Iconic. The blu-ray... what can I say, 62 great sounding Petty live songs in one disc.
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  17. drumzNspace

    drumzNspace Forum Resident

    New Yuck City
    I have and love this set but don't really love the sequencing. I mean, each disc is great and works on its own, but I'd prefer the whole thing didn't jump from year to year, back and forth all over the place. I kinda wish it were closer to chronological by performance date. Then the material would roughly follow the songwriting/album arc, excepting killer latter day versions of older tunes, and I think it would be a more interesting listen hearing the band evolve that way.
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  18. Combination

    Combination Forum Resident

    New Orleans
    It would be somewhat of an inconvenience, but you could make some discs with your own preferred order, no?
  19. bbanderic

    bbanderic Forum Resident

    I just picked up a new deluxe box set for $80 at the House of Guitars here in town, the outer box was a bit dinged up but the contents inside were mint, not a bad deal considering that the set is going for $200 or better. I agree with everyone, this is an incredible set, feel fortunate to have a copy.
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  20. I333I

    I333I Forum Resident

    I just bought the 4disc set from Amazon for $15. How much will I be missing out on?
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  21. drumzNspace

    drumzNspace Forum Resident

    New Yuck City
    Huge inconvenience but I could arrange files as such and might now that I think of it.
  22. MYKE

    MYKE Analog Upstairs, Digital Downstairs

  23. clhboa

    clhboa Forum Resident

    So glad I snagged one when they were that cheap!
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  24. tededfred

    tededfred Well-Known Member

    Can someone walk thru the 400 Days video? How many live performances? Any details on which shows are included?
  25. Malina

    Malina Forum Resident

    Save a search on Ebay and one day when you don't expect it a reasonably priced Buy It Now will come into your email and you will snag it. I buy a ton of oop cd's on there, trust me.
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