Tom Petty "Wildflowers" vinyl

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    According to Analog Planet Mojo, Hypnotic Eye, She’s The One and Greatest Hits were the only albums in the box mastered from digital sources ( high res). (Well, Greatest Hits isn’t part of the box).

    Wild Flowers, Echo and the Last DJ were all mastered from the original analog tapes for the first time for this box. Most, but not all, were pressed at QRP.

    Don’t pay $1000. The boxes are great but they’ll be repressed, have no fear.
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    This! Everything ALWAYS gets repressed at some point.
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  4. sonofjim

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  5. Bobsblkwax

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    How many box sets have been repressed? Serious question. I'm not sure.

    The first Bowie box remains out of print for now.
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  6. ToddH

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    well that live anthology vinyl is pretty rare. So disgusted with myself for not buying it.
  7. Rocketdog

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    True, but unless you were in it too primarily get the exclusive bonus album that was part of it, all the other albums in it were re-issued individually. Which, may also be the case with the Petty Box set.
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    IMO, the box set version of 'Wildflowers' is better than the original! I own the original, but not the box. The original has a lot of that 90s vinyl sibilence, and was probably cut from DAT without proper EQ adjustment (SO common with 90s vinyl). The 'new' issue is one instance where a reissue is better (and all analog) than an original.
  9. Turntable

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    I have both the original German pressing of Wildflowers and the Boxset analog reissue.

    I am not sure I can agree with you on the new reissue sounding better. The german original does not suffer from siblance al all. It has a directness that the reissue does not have, especially in Tom's vocals.
    for example on " Its good to be King" not only is Tom's vocals clearer, Benmonts piano touches as well as the strings are slightly more forward whereas the reissue is pushed back into the mix and the bass is a little rounder. the acoustic guitar on Only a Broken Heart has better placement in the mix which allows it to have a more intimate feel.

    There is nothing wrong with the new remaster, as it sounds excellent, its just the original has a magic that has not been captured with the reissue.

    I for one will not be selling my original pressing.
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  10. long gone john

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    I’ve had the vinyl since its original release. Never even realised it was rare until reading this thread. Was half tempted to sell it, but I have a real sentimental attachment to it - and it still sounds great. Be nice for his fans if a stand-alone rerelease makes it out to save them the big bucks.
  11. rpd

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    So, the new Wildflowers is only available via the box at this point, correct?
  12. Tullman

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    No one with the original will admit the AAA vinyl is better, it would only devalue the record that they own.
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  13. GentleSenator

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    yep. pretty much the only reason i bought that set.
  14. randy9700

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    Except for Mojo and Hypnotic Eye which were recorded digitally. There was also an issue with 'She's The One' where a digital master was used if I recall correctly. The Debut, YGGI used the RSD masters from several years ago and DTT used the 2010 ORG master (which is a good thing).
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  15. And those that want an orginal but won't pay up for it will always say the new issues sound better than an original in an attempt to drive prices down. It goes both ways.

    An original release like Wildflowers will always command big dollars no matter how many reissues are made that may or may not sound better.
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  16. Bananas&blow

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    I would insta sell this now and get paid for a digitally sourced vinyl and buy the AAA re-issue later this year for $25. Once the AAA is available individually, your treasure will plummet in value. Unless you prefer nostalgia over sound quality (which is valid IMO).

    For those that think the original CD sounds poor, I'm kinda shocked, I think it sounds terrific.
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  17. Turntable

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    Is that a serious comment? Have you heard both?

    I could sell the original for more than I paid for the entire box set if I wanted to.
  18. Right. I was only referring to Wildflowers.
  19. Tullman

    Tullman I prefer analog

    Boston MA
    No, I wasn't totally serious. I think it there are some that have paid a lot of money for the original that would have to be HARD pressed to admit it was in any way inferior to the AAA pressing. I haven't heard both, but I'm sure it's apples and oranges. The original will have those digital characteristics, though. A certain lack of air and sterility.

    I happen to think that the 90's digital pressing of Electric Lady Land sounds as good as the AAA version for the most part. The AAA still betters it.
  20. long gone john

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    It is tempting - but I think the nostalgia wins out on this occasion. It’s one of the slabs of vinyl I feel an emotional attachment to, however crazy that may sound.
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  21. Turntable

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    I paid $20 back when it was released.
  22. elvisergud

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  23. Hi there! Been lurking for a good while. WF is my favorite TP recording. I have the CD and it sounds amazingly in my old Bang & Olufsen Beocenter 2300 from 1999 with my BeoLab 4000 speakers. I got into vinyl only lately because when I started to have the means to buy records vinyl was going down. I bought the GH first and FMF and ITGWO when they came out individually. I looked for WF frantically and the prices are shockingly high. The same happened to PJ’s Riot Act that was flying high as USD 500 and got reissued for USD 25 and CC’s Recovering the satellites and August and everything after. All of the sudden I found a sealed copy of WF from an open Box 2 for USD 70 on a local auction site in my country, Uruguay. It turns out the seller has bought two Box 2 and opened one for sale to recover for the cost of buying the two boxes. Clever but at the prices currently seen on eBay he could’ve made much more money on this one. Luckily for me he was not so greedy and he was happy to sell to a collector like me. So lucky... Good luck finding reissues for all TP real fans. We certainly miss him... Mario
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  24. Peja11

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    First post here. I've been lost in Beatles matrix#'s threads for about a week and finally came up for air. This is a most amazing site.
    I am not a collector of rare. I've always bought the best quality audio available at the time. Many times upgrading what I like and in the process some become rare. I too am stunned at the prices of Widflowers and Live Anthology.

    The wife and I have been huge Mudcrutch/TPHB's fans from their start. I scored a promo 45rpm of Depot Street by Mudcrutch from the local FM station and we were hooked. I have all the vinyl and am grateful the attention they paid to their vinyl catalog. I'm looking forward to any reissues that become available.

    This probably isn't the right place for this story but I attended a drummers clinic the day after TPHB's finished their month long run at the Fillmore in 1997. The featured was Steve Ferrone. It was an amazing day for me as I saw him the previous night (+5 other times). The clinic was interesting as it was mostly aspiring drummers Q&A and him demonstrating. The best part for me was a meet and greet/autograph session afterwards.

    I slipped away early to be first in line. I bought a drum skin and had brought a copy of Wildflowers for him to autograph. We shook hands and was stunned how blistered and beat up his hands were from all the shows. He had his bucketful of drum sticks from before on the table. I asked him what I had to do to get one? He replied "take your pick" He signed the skin but when I handed him WF he stopped and said "this is really rare, you are lucky to have one, they only made 5000". I was a bit struck just being there and it didn't really register until much later. Wow was he right. It was a pleasure to see someone so kind and accommodating to their fans.
  25. Peja11

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    [​IMG] Thought I should at least add a little proof of my story.
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