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Tonal Balance Control of a track

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Blizzard, Apr 8, 2021.

  1. Blizzard

    Blizzard Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    Hi Guys

    I'm using an Izotope Plugin called "Tonal Balance control"

    Its a useful plugin (i use when i have to compare different masterings of an album) that monitors in real time the Whole spectrum of frequencies of a track

    The plugin divides the whole spectrum of Frequencies into 4 parts:

    Bass from 40/250 hz
    Low Mid from 250/2000 hz
    High Mid from 2000/6000 hz
    High from 6000-20.000 hz

    You have a reference line and based on this,you can see if The track is within the line or if is Down/Up the level.

    In the Bass Part 40/250, If you have a lacks of Bass you have a "Thin" Sound, On the contrary if You have too

    much energy you have a "Boomy" or "Fat" Sound

    Is it correct?

  2. bhazen

    bhazen Beatles Forever!

    Newcastle, WA
    What are your ears telling you? Does it allow you to punch a button and "correct" the track in question? ...
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  3. Blizzard

    Blizzard Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    No man.Maybe I couldn’t explain myself!

    The EQ choices can affect the sound,No question about!It's pretty obvious

    Starting with LOW end Frequencies, let's say from 40 to 250 hz, you can have 2 problems

    Too little energy=THIN...the sound is completely lacking in Bass
    Too high energy=FAT or BOOMY..the sound is overpowered, too much resonance because there's too much Bass

    I wanna ask you If I'm correct

    I don’t have to make any changes on the track, I don’t have to mix

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