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'Tone Poet' Jazz Reissue Series*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by cds23, Dec 23, 2018.

  1. dastinger

    dastinger Forum Resident

    I'm in my 30s so those phone books stopped being around kinda early for me. But yeh, Yellow Pages for businesses and White Pages for individuals (had totally forgotten about the distinction). And what I meant was that I've never seen us, Portuguese, sorting names by surname first unless on the White Pages (not Yellow). The White Pages were obviously arranged by last name, I think it made sense. But that was the only thing that I remember that worked like that over here. For example, in forms, first name is always asked first. Lists of names are always "First name Surname" (ex.: John Smith and not Smith, John). We never organized names like that afaik unless on the phone books.
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  2. Dhreview16

    Dhreview16 Forum Resident

    London UK
    Got Dexter Gordon’s One Flight Up from a local bricks and mortar yesterday, after seeing some of the Forum reviews.
    BTW, has anyone compared please the Charles Marvel Tone Poet TP vinyl with the CD ? I bought the CD earlier this year, and it’s one of my favourite new albums of 2021, but the vinyl is close to £50 over here, so I’ve not pulled the trigger yet. (I bought other TP Black Friday stuff like Katanga and Witch Doctor instead). Thanks.
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  3. Patanoia

    Patanoia Third Ear Centre

    Grapevine, TX
    PSA: McCoy Tyner's "Tender Moments" was recorded on this day in 1967.
  4. Kiss73

    Kiss73 Forum Resident

    I haven't listened to Ornette in decades, and didn't really give him much of a chance at that point. I must admit its a shame its not coming out on CD as its a nice looking set and as such I would have picked it up. Not sure I will go to the effort of picking up the albums individually.
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  5. Jellis77

    Jellis77 Forum Resident

    Brighton, UK
    I have well over 1000 Jazz albums mainly from the mid 50s to early 70s and have been buying and enjoying Jazz since the late 80s but have never got into Ornette Coleman. The box looks very cool but his music just isn’t for me.
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  6. DeRosa

    DeRosa Vinyl Forever

    and another Immanuel Wilkins LP coming in January, he's on fire!
    i wish they'd give the TP treatment to more of these new artists.

    Immanuel Wilkins - The 7th Hand – Blue Note Records

  7. DavidJ

    DavidJ Forum Resident

    Kennett Square, PA
    I went for the color variant on the Blue Note website. His Blue Note debut smoked, so looking forward to hearing this follow up.
  8. 420JJJazz666

    420JJJazz666 People Funny Boy

    As a CD collector you really shouldn't be without Beauty is a Rare Thing, if Ornette catches your ear at this point and you don't already have it. I have the most recent repress and it's great. It goes on sale on Amazon from time to time.
    The originals don't go for much either.

    It's a great way to get his classic quartet (and octet) sessions in one fell swoop.
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  9. brimuchmuze

    brimuchmuze Forum Resident

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  10. struttincool

    struttincool Senior Member

    Anacortes, WA
    Looks like Blakey's: Roots and Herbs is coming back in-stock at Amazon US.
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  11. Starquest

    Starquest Forum Resident

    Twin Cities, MN
    at $35.98. ouch! gotta have it though. that's the one TP on my wantlist!
  12. Vibrolux_Reverb

    Vibrolux_Reverb Forum Resident

    New Orleans, LA
    I am hoping it goes down.
    I don't know exactly what is going on, but companies have been very comfortable charging way more than they should for records as of late and people are buying them up. Often times, I swear the higher the price is for the product the faster it sells. Everyone wants to equate price with quality, which has less correlation than a lot of people will admit.
  13. Swordsandchains

    Swordsandchains I have come here to chew bubblegum…

    thats why ive cut back, havent a single AP release since they increased prices, just too much
  14. PabloFanques

    PabloFanques I understood the assignment.

    I want this to be the next Tone Poet LP, please Mr. Was!

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  15. scotti

    scotti Forum Resident

    Atlanta GA
    You Beatle fans are certainly over the top in love with your Fab Four! I mean that as a compliment.
  16. bjlefebvre

    bjlefebvre Forum Resident

    Washington DC-ish
    God smack it, every time I open this Web site up I find a new reason to spend money. Yech.
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  17. timzigs

    timzigs Forum Resident

    South Central PA
    The vinyl versions of Ross, Wilkins, and other new Blue Notes are digital transfers, correct?
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  18. trd

    trd Forum Resident

    Thanks! This is the only TP I’ve been waiting for. It’s been out of print for so long! My inability to find it motivated me to just start pre-ordering everything I was remotely interested in
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  19. DavidJ

    DavidJ Forum Resident

    Kennett Square, PA
    This is the way.
  20. Kimiimacman

    Kimiimacman Forum Resident

    Sorry to go a bit off topic but since we’ve been discussing Ornette on Atlantic I’m interested to know if there are any AAA 33rpm cuts of This Is Our Music & The Change Of The Century?
    On the Ornette boxset thread an early comment alluded to some previous BG cuts of some albums on Rhino but didn’t elaborate.
    I already have The Shape Of Jazz To Come and feel the above two will do me and then go with the TP box when released.
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  21. NicoRock

    NicoRock Forum Resident

    70s pressings of both albums are AAA, sound good, are easy to find and cheap.
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  22. Briskit

    Briskit “I don’t know karate, but I know ka-razy!”

    St Kilda
    You missed out buddy. Used to be listings in the Yellow Pages like "Dial a hit."
    You would ring a free number and listen to the current "number one".
    Sitting in the hallway, listening to INXS in one ear, on a wired handset.
    Those were heady days!
  23. dastinger

    dastinger Forum Resident

    Wow, I never heard about something like that. And, honestly, I doubt there was something like it in Portugal. But, man, thinking how those things will never exist again... even though I'm in my 30s, it's nostalgic.
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  24. bresna

    bresna Senior Member

    York, Maine
    Somebody was mentioning Cannonball Adderley's 7 Riverside LPs that Adderley gave the masters to Capitol when he moved there. These would make excellent Tone Poet LPs.
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  25. DeRosa

    DeRosa Vinyl Forever

    i don't think many studios are rolling tape in 2021.
    Immanuel Wilkins 'Omega' was recorded at Sear Sound in NYC, likely with contemporary digital technology.
    The LP credits Bernie Grundman for vinyl mastering.
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