'Tone Poet' Jazz Reissue Series*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by cds23, Dec 23, 2018.

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    I just got my first Tone Poet pressing (Stanley Turrentine - Comin' Your Way) and all I can say is it's perfect. If only all records were made like this.
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    Just received The Prisoner from amazon.com and it was shipped in a plastic bag (international shipping), wow. Needless to say the corners are trashed to hell.

    I also advise people to open their copies after receiving - my copy of Chet has this weird non-fill type of glow for almost the entire side of the record surface, most parts are quiet, but there is a spot when the non-fill is definitely very much visible and audible. The more popular Tone Poet titles seem to have more quality control problems than others.

    edit: with all that said, I think this series is still probably the best jazz re-issue series ever, because of the ease of availability its even better than MMJ.
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    My Chet is fine, other than both sides being a bit off-center, not terribly noticeable, though. I don't see anything filmy on the surface. And there's a little bit of piano warble, but it doesn't get in the way of really enjoying the record. The sound is lush and present. Overall, it's a wonderful reissue.

    My flabber was gasted (flabbergasted, I tell you) at the thought of merely shipping in a plastic bag. I'm trying to imagine whoever made that decision.
  5. recstar24

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    an underpaid hourly worker that’s most likely not offered or wearing any PPE that’s fearful for their health?
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  6. AnalogJ

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    Very possible. And sadly, as well.
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  8. ryu

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    Two months ago I ordered the 2015 Speakers Corner Herbie Hancock's Flood from Amazon.fr. It arrived in a simple plastic bag. Needless to say, it was trashed. I reordered it and the new copy arrived in a plastic bag too! It wasn't as bad as the first one but two corners were bent. I sent back the first one, asked for a replacement for the second one and, as there were only two copies left on the website, ordered another copy (yeah, I know Einstein's definition of insanity).
    My replacement came...in a simple plastic bag but, incredibly, was totally fine. Finally, my third order arrived in the usual Amazon mailer and was also perfect. Shattered by the whole experience, I kept both...
  9. scotti

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    Atlanta GA
    I would feel much safer buying from Acoustic Sounds over Amazon right now, even if I had to pay more. That's where I will buy any future Tone Poet's and BN 80th's from going forward.
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    I 100% agree Scotty. I was trying my best to solely support locals since late last year, but a guy needs his music. I’ve solely stuck with Acoustic Sounds the past month, egged on initially by their sales. In the process I realized that with their 10 or 15% discount and no tax, oftentimes the end price is less than Amazon would be, and the records arrive packaged like someone gave a F.
  11. scotti

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    Atlanta GA
    They are practically bomb proof! Almost makes me want to place an order for something today, but I got plenty to keep me happy right now. Just enjoying the heck out of records I have not played in a while, and with my wife home from work for a while, she tells her family she has her own personal DJ taking care of her every request. It's a good thing for me she has great tastes in music...
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  12. GentleSenator

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    Aloha, OR
    consider www.plaidroomrecords.com too. they have a great platform, and always ship in outstanding mailers. i've purchased the last few tone poet releases from them. oh, and the prices aren't ridiculous.
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    If it’s of any note, acoustic sounds and elusive disc or plaid room, they are probably running fewer employees, less human contact and more social distance, and at least for me makes me feel better supporting a company that treats their employees like human beings. I think it’s worth the extra few dollars to support them over amazon.
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  14. AnalogJ

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    Salem, MA
    Very possible.

    I received a large order from Acoustic Sounds a couple of weeks ago which contained a couple of accessories, four records and replacement for a very warped record I had previously received. Unfortunately, of the four new ones I received, two of them (both AP/QRV pressings) had really noisy vinyl (the vinyl sounding like low level ocean waves churning). I wrote Evan about those two records early last week. He responded to my email saying "Sorry, I'm very busy." I haven't heard back from him since, one week later. I wrote him another email yesterday and still haven't heard from him. I'll call tomorrow if I don't hear back today. I hate to push it too much right now, given the state of the world we're in, but it'd be nice to know that they're at least responding. I'd prefer not to get stuck with two subpar copies.
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  15. Jellis77

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    Hi your post made me think about what I think the best "audiophile" Jazz reissue series is and where Tone Poet fits into the list.

    Anyway I put Tone Poet in 8th place so far - but of course we are at 21 releases and there at least another 19 to come and hopefully more and so I suspect it will move up the list. I based my placings on music and mastering and I have only included a series if I own all the releases (so I have excluded the Music Matters 33rpm series and the Universal Blue Note 80th Series.)

    1 AP Fantasy 100 45rpm Series - 100
    2 Music Matters Blue Note 45rpm Series - 112
    3 AP Impulse 45rpm Series - 25
    4 AP Blue Note 45rpm Series - 50
    5 AP Verve 45rpm Series - 25
    6 AP Prestige 33rpm Mono Series - 25
    7 AP Prestige 33rpm Stereo Series - 25
    8 Universal / Tone Poet 33rpm Series - 21 to date
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  16. BendBound

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    I ordered four AP 45 RPM BN titles from AS. Three were perfect. The fourth had a serious pressing defect on Side1/2, both sides a full track long. All dimples. Called CS 2 days ago and was advised to send a note to Evan. Did that, with image asking for next steps. No response. So, if you do get through, tell him that his customer in Bend, OR with his defective John Patton set wants to hear from him too.
  17. hutlock

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    Yeah, Amazon doesn’t need the money and there are PLENTY of indie shops out there that do. I can name a few that carry the TPs and charge what Amazon does and in some cases less.
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  18. Starquest

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    Price isn't the only consideration for me. What's the return policy? Returning crap vinyl to indie shops sucks. You get to watch the clerk have palpitations before your eyes. Well, not these days I guess.
  19. Don P.

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    Upstate NY
    I’ve sent a handful of records back to Acoustic Sounds and there has never been a problem. I just call them, up get my RA#, send out the box, and patiently wait a couple of weeks for them to mail out the replacement or credit my account.
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  20. AnalogJ

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    Salem, MA
    Right. Usually.

    But we're not in usual times. And AS is not responding the way they usually do.
  21. Levi's Tubs

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    I ordered a slew of AP Blue Note records when they had a sale a month back. Several had warped records. I emailed them and they politely sent out replacements.
  22. Tennessee Dave

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    Dayton, TN
    Ordered 4 from Blue notes around the 20th of March. Haven't received them yet. Sent a message two days ago about shipping status but have heard nothing. Anyone else having this experience?
  23. Starquest

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    Twin Cities, MN
    I haven't ordered anything from them, but the sale is back on: code 30OFF
  24. JazzFanatic

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    I ordered 10 from Blue Note records. After a 3 week wait, I cancelled the orders and did get a refund. I'll get them elsewhere.
  25. DeRosa

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    Josh from MusicDirect.com has been posting favorite records he's been listening to during the
    last couple weeks of being self quarantined at home.

    Joe Harley is the guest contributor to today's listening post!
    Notes from My Listening Room #14

    He also picked one of my favorite records from the last couple years,
    Bahamas; Earth Tones, from my hometown!
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