'Tone Poet' Jazz Reissue Series*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by cds23, Dec 23, 2018.

  1. brimuchmuze

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    Ya, unfortunately shipping from the US to anywhere else in the world is getting insane.

    Worst are some of the US Audiophile labels/distributors. Music Matters Jazz will charge US$40 for shipping a single LP to Canada!

    That is what is great about Tone Poet. Great product. Great distribution and reasonable prices. No limited editions.
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  2. Crazysteve

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    San Diego
    I’ve picked up a ton of CTI records and I also picked up a half dozen of the recent re-issues. They nail it on the re-issues as far as sonics and silence, and it’s like having a brand new great record. To each his own.
    I can’t wait for the Tone Poets to start rolling out.
  3. Mr. November

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    The Netherlands
    Shipping and import taxes are a pain in the ... US-based Audiophile labels sell 45 rpm records for 35(sale) to 50 dollars. In Europe these records are sold for 70 to 100 euro. Haven't seen any price reduction sales. Now the opposite: what is the price of a speakers corner issue, a sam records release or a pure pleasure record in the US? Here they are around 30 euro. Can't imagine these records selling in the US for more than 50 dollars... I don't really get this price asymmetry. I have to say that i'm quite new to buying audiophile records (only in it for a year or 2).

    And of course as stated before: finding OG jazz records in Europe is a lot more difficult than it is in the US. So I would welcome some CTI, or other great labels, audiophile reissues for reasonable (worldwide) prices. Tone Poet and BN80 are really the best thing happened in the audiophile market in terms of availability.
  4. Stu02

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    I thought these did not have the gatefolds but maybe im confusing this with a different reissue series. At any rate i second getting orig pressings. They sound great and are often found in NM condition for good prices.
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  5. DeRosa

    DeRosa Vinyl Forever

    Perhaps you're thinking of the ORG reissues, they did some of the same CTI titles as Pure Pleasure,
    but the ORG are single pocket jackets, the PP's are gatefolds.
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  6. SJR

    SJR Senior Member

    The Pure Pleasure reissues have glossy gatefolds. The ORG reissues have the single jackets.

    I agree, getting OG pressings would be great, if only they were readily available here. The only way of getting them would be buying from Discogs, but that isn’t available at the moment.
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  7. Sydster

    Sydster Forum Resident

    New York
    One more he’s shared publicly (on my Instagram a few weeks back) is a Pacific Jazz gem that I’m INCREDIBLY excited for...Curtis Amy & Dupree Bolton’s ‘Katanga!’
    There’s a track on that LP called “Native Land” that’s one of my favorite jazz tunes, EVER. The whole record is excellent and I’m really stoked they’ve selected this one. Dupree Bolton is an exceptional trumpet player who only appears on a couple of records—‘Katanga!’, as well as Harold Land’s ‘The Fox’. Otherwise, he’s another tragic jazz tale...a life of addiction, incarceration, homelessness, obscurity, and an unnaturally early death.
  8. vinylkid58

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    Victoria, B.C.
    In Canada we have a word for that, it's called extortion.

  9. scotti

    scotti Forum Resident

    Atlanta GA
    I am so ready for 8/28...4 of these at the same time! And then RSD the next day. I'm in big trouble...
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  10. Biff Jones

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    Washington, DC
    This is exciting news. The Pacific Jazz catalogue is rich with memorable recordings like “Katanga!” We are fortunate that Mr. Harley is able to include Pacific Jazz in the Tone Poet series. As Sydster commented, Dupree Bolton was a unique talent, whose life spun on a tragic trajectory:
    Obscure Trumpet Masters – Dupree Bolton - JazzArts Charlotte
    In addition to the wonderful Curtis Amy, the album offers a chance to enjoy the work of the seldom recorded Ray Crawford on guitar, and the fine pianist, Jack Wilson. Let’s hope this portends for more releases from Pacific Jazz!
  11. Smith

    Smith I'm cyanide over you.

    Would love to see Tex Book Tenor on the docket.
  12. LongHairedJazz

    LongHairedJazz Member

    Brooklyn, NY
    But what about remasters from the OG tapes? Both the Red Clay and Jobim look like great options but I don't believe they are RMs from tapes. I could be wrong?
  13. Kimiimacman

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    Berkshire UK
    I spent the good part of yesterday afternoon on a country walk in the glorious weather we’re having in the U.K. at present with my Bluetooth IEMs in listening to some great jazz. I was in the mood for something a little out there but not too far so started off with Sam Rivers Contours which I really love then, for the first time, played Wayne Shorter’s The All Seeing Eye and finished off with Andrew Hill’s Pax: two simply amazing albums. Just check out the lineup on the Shorter! Those arrangements sound orchestral.
    Freddie and Joe are as outstanding as Andrew in Pax too. These are simply must haves for me and I truly hope Joe concurs.
  14. NorthernFusion

    NorthernFusion Active Member

    Managed to preorder the upcoming Herbie Hancock and Jimmy Smith with Stanley Turrentine titles from Norman Records.

    Always been fortunate regarding the pricing, because these would easily be £50 records coming from MoFi.
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  15. dastinger

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    Wayne Shorter is one of the top 3 jazz composers of all time imo. The guy is a genius.

    There's a fun story told on The Birth of the Cool where Shorter says that in one of his first recording sessions with Miles, he took a small notebook he had with compositions that he wrote since military service. Miles liked those so much that every time they recorded from then on he always said "Bring the book". It says a lot about the quality of his music.
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  16. scotti

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    Atlanta GA
    Well my friends, I found out from a very reliable source that BN does not want anyone talking about test pressings any more. Has nothing to do with me or anything I said here on this forum. I will not and can't say one thing more in regards to this.

    So it looks like we get to share our feedback at the same time in regards to these awesome records.

    I was listening to a couple of the Tone Poet's last night and it just made me so thankful the titles that Joe, Kevin, and Don and the team are bringing us. I do not need this series to bring me the almighty classics that have already been released. I love the fact that we are getting some that many have been hoping far that have never gotten this kind of love before and the surprises like "Katanga!" as an example.

    Well it's only August 3rd and my monthly record budget is already spent.
  17. Crazysteve

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    San Diego
  18. scotti

    scotti Forum Resident

    Atlanta GA
    Ha! And this is a prime example of how I blame forum members for me buying so many records. I sure do like it here though!
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  19. Crazysteve

    Crazysteve Senior Member

    San Diego
    I second that Scotty. And my ears are happy. Bring on late August!
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  20. musictoad

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    Salt Lake City, UT
    He's my #1. It's no coincidence my favorite Miles tunes are the ones written by Shorter, and that the albums he leads are musically my favorite of any Blue Note musician. His sense of melody and mood are out of this world. His ballads in particular freaking melt me like no other music can, jazz or otherwise.
  21. recstar24

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    Glen Ellyn, IL
    I just appreciate that Wayne shorter song titles actually fit how the song sounds like. So many of these instrumental song titles are like wtf I don’t even know what that means. But like I’ll listen to infant eyes and the title makes total sense.
  22. scotti

    scotti Forum Resident

    Atlanta GA
    One of my all time favorite musicians! No surprise I have him listed on the top line of my favorites on my profile page. It's almost magical how every time I hear a record that he fronts or is part of, the way the music continues to get better with each listen.

    Well that puts me in the mood to enjoy "ETC" one of my favorite Tone Poet's later this afternoon. Anyone notice that this is not the easiest record to get right now and prices have gone up by the folks selling it. Obviously the shutdowns contributed to this.

    And @musictoad just put me in the mood for some Miles featuring Mr. Shorter so I just came back upstairs from my self created paradise turning on my stereo and picking some records out for later and the two I chose from Miles are "Bitches Brew" which I believe Shorter only co/wrote the song "Sanctuary" from this masterpiece. And as a follow up, picked out "In A Silent Way", can never go wrong with that classic!

    edit - did some more thinking about Miles and Wayne, and have decided to start off with my MoFi 45 of "Miles Smiles" before I stretch my imagination with BB and IASW.
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  23. ThirtyThree1/3

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    South Jersey
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  25. ThirtyThree1/3

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    South Jersey
    That's good to hear they will go down in price since that's my first time ordering the Tone Poets from Amazon. The other 4 preorders coming out in August went through Udiscover music since they were having a 25% off sale each being $26.24.

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