'Tone Poet' Jazz Reissue Series*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by cds23, Dec 23, 2018.

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    Is that just on CD?
  2. Peterr

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    Also on 2cd,and limited 3lp.
  3. robertawillisjr

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    I can just imagine someone selling “Hot Stampers” of these records 5 or 10 years from now. :agree::shake:
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    Have bought all three so far and they sound good to me. Do mind I have only heard them digitally prior if ever.

    But yeah, I'll buy them all if they maintain the quality.
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  5. Dai

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    So, mistracking confirmed. For the record, mine plays it (Henderson SOTT 1 Friday 13th) if I increase tracking force. I don't think I've ever experienced mistracking that bad.
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    Not complaining as I enjoy all the TP's. But I really would appreciate some "new faces" for the catalog. Many artists have had repeat appearances either as the leader of the recorded group or one of the sidemen. Even if it means stepping away from the BN brand now and then. Just sayin'....
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    Gonna be hard-pressed to find a Blue Note title where the leader isn't a sideman on several other Blue Note records. They are doing a Joe Pass next year which seems to fit that bill though.

    I was hoping we'd get another Blakey next year. So many BN80s of Blakey, but only 1 Tone Poet so far, very glad Witch Doctor is coming.
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    I would LOVE to see a Tone Poet release (or any other repress) of Takuya Kuroda's great, overlooked 2014 album "Rising Son." I think it's one of the best albums Blue Note has released in the 21st century, and the small number of vinyl copies floating around sell for big bucks these days.

    If anyone from Blue Note is listening, please make this happen!
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  11. zither

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    Finally got my hands on "it's time!"

    Wow. I'm lost for words to express how happy I am.
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  12. DeRosa

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    it's completely crazy that amazing records like this are out of print, and listed for $400 on discogs!
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    Slightly off topic as it's not a Blue Note release, but his new album is also excellent.
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  14. scotti

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    Oh yeah, Horace and Jimmy are now in the house and ready for a cleaning. Both records look great and nice and flat. The picture of Mr. Silver (inside gatefold/left side) is sweet as can be, and much better looking at the actual cover. Really looking forward to these two! Happy to say I now have all 31 titles from the series...
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  15. scotti

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    Horace Silver - Further Explorations

    After just one listen from this new version, easily one of my favorites from him and maybe from this series. Was not expecting this one, wow!
  16. timzigs

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    Wonderful news. One of Blakey’s best, IMHO. I have a Liberty that sounds very thin...TP treatment should bring this to life. Kudos to Joe!
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  17. Gabe Walters

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    Since the Blue Note Review thread was closed after not much participation, I'll put this here.

    After quite a long time of waffling, I pulled the trigger on Volume 2, and I'm glad I did. As a reminder, Blue Note Review Volume 2 includes a new compilation of modern-day jazz performers doing Tony Williams compositions, including Chris Dave and the Drumheadz, Tony Allen, and others, with a performance by Tony Williams himself doing "Juicy Fruit," both on 2xLP and 2xCD. There are also two AAA Blue Notes mastered by Joe Harley and Kevin Gray: Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers' Africaine, their first recording with Wayne Shorter, shelved until 1980, and Bobby Hutcherson's Patterns, which originally received the same treatment. All of the above sounds phenomenal (the comp is sourced from digital, of course).

    Everything is housed in a gorgeous linen-covered box that alone adds probably $50 of value to the set. There are two booklets with essays, a pack of Topps trading cards featuring Blue Note musicians, and an Audioquest carbon fiber brush with the Blue Note logo. The 2xLP comp is also in a linen-covered tip-on jacket. The AAA records are in Stoughton tip-on jackets with a matte finish and lower grade cardboard--not the aqueous gloss coating and "brown-in" thick cardboard of the Tone Poet and Music Matters series. All the records were pressed at RTI. These are essentially the first Tone Poet releases; Joe gets a "Tone Poet" credit on the rear slicks of the AAA records. There are two nice lithographs, one of Art Blakey, and the other of Elvin Jones, that could be framed and displayed. The set ships in a heavy duty custom box.

    Is it worth the steep asking price? Overall, I'd have to say yeah. I'd have them up the quality of the jackets to match the Tone Poet series, and cut the CD, brush, and trading cards for another record, but everything about the set screams quality. And no scarf!
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  18. SJR

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  19. scotti

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    Happy birthday indeed! Up for the night and taking it easy, but did you ever start my playlist off in a most excellent way tomorrow! Those two records are beyond special, can almost hear the sweet sounds coming from those awesome pics!
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  20. SJR

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    Sweet, indeed! Love them both :righton:
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  21. gov

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    (Requested by me October 17,2019!!!)
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  22. p.analogowy

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    After reading the reports about SOTT Vol. 1 here (skipping - wow!) I had to recheck my copy and played Side 1, but I am glad to report it plays beautifully - no ticks, pops, warps or anything like that. Thus it seems that at least not all copies are affected.
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    "The All Seeing Eye" just in case anyone is not aware, oh yeah, Joe and Kevin just waved that magic wand over it for 2021. Most excellent choice!
  24. GeraldB

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    I'm pretty sure all copies (so far) are the same, but you may just have a good-tracking cartridge and tonearm.

    As I reported, I had different results with different setups, and @Dai mentioned that increasing track force helped on his. Based on what others are saying, it seems like it's just a big of a challenging cut, but there are no general pressing flaws. Nothing that some setup tweaks or a better-tracking cartridge won't fix.
  25. scotti

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    Here are some more comments from Joe, that he shared with me last night.

    "Katanga!" will blow a few minds after they hear it!

    The brilliant Jazz writer Thomas Conrad will supply additional notes that will be added on all non BN albums as an added insert.

    The test pressing for "Passing Ships" sounds insanely good!

    Was a McCoy Tyner title already announced, if not, here is a hint...1968 then 1970

    By the way my favorite of the "Terrific Three" that street today is easily the Horace Silver!!!
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