'Tone Poet' Jazz Reissue Series*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by cds23, Dec 23, 2018.

  1. Beach House

    Beach House Forum Resident

    These 5 mil polypropylene clear sleeves work great. They do not have flaps or adhesive seals so they are open top, but they easily fit all of my AS 2X45 gatefolds where as the MoFi do look nice I find them to be extremely tight and difficult to put on at times.
    LP outer sleeves that are strong and durable and super clear.
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  2. KUJayhawk

    KUJayhawk Forum Resident

    Urban Kansas
    I just received an order from Sleeve City and another a few weeks ago. If you email them, they are very good about telling you when things are expected to be back in stock.

    BTW, their oversized 5 ml sleeves are perfect for Tone Poets.
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  3. Gabe Walters

    Gabe Walters Forum Resident

    That’s what I use.
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  4. mikemoon

    mikemoon Forum Resident

    Atlanta, GA
    The Sleeve City Oversized 5 Mil are one of the best for gatefold IMO. They are in stock. I just ordered 200 of those for higher quality covers and 100 PREMIUM QUALITY 3 Mil. thickness polyethylene (Invest in Vinyl Brand) for regular covers.
  5. mikemoon

    mikemoon Forum Resident

    Atlanta, GA
    I prefer the SS 5 Mil for nicer covers but recently figured I'd use the cheaper polyethylene for thin cheaper covers. Any other reason besides them being a bit more cloudy to being adverse to them?
  6. Gabe Walters

    Gabe Walters Forum Resident

    Oh, I have tons of them, too. My local shop puts all its records in cheap PE sleeves. I use the Sleeve City 5 mil sleeves for gatefolds and other audiophile records I buy online.
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  7. mikemoon

    mikemoon Forum Resident

    Atlanta, GA
    Same here. I was even using the regular SS 5 Mil on cheaper covers. Since they were out I figured I'd try the 3 Mil from Amazon on those covers and just restock the oversized 5 Mil for Gatefolds and other nicer covers.

    I also looked at Vinyl Solutions but decided to stick with Sleeve City for now.
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  8. timzigs

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    South Central PA
    I recently made the switch to Vinyl Solutions. Their dual cover approach for easy access to the inner gatefolds was too much to pass up. I also like that the records slide into the side vs. the top so the open portion faces to the back of the storage cabinet (i.e. less dust maybe).
  9. Kimiimacman

    Kimiimacman Forum Resident

    Ah, we’re back on ‘sleeves’ again.
    Must admit, the jazz was getting a bit tired :whistle:
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  10. Gabe Walters

    Gabe Walters Forum Resident

    Have a jazz post for us?
  11. Petter Premberg

    Petter Premberg Forum Resident

    Amsterdam, NL
    How about some future-TP related secrets? ;)
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  12. bjlefebvre

    bjlefebvre Forum Resident

    Washington DC-ish
    Well, it's sleeves for jazz records. So not that bad of a tangent.
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  13. Robotlove

    Robotlove Forum Resident

    Toronto Ontario
    I ordered large but...Im not hopeful.
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  14. Bradd

    Bradd Now’s The Time

    Chester, NJ
    Their products are the only thing I use, both for inner and outer sleeves.
  15. Swordsandchains

    Swordsandchains True metal never rusts

    same, love VSS
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  16. AnalogJ

    AnalogJ Hearing In Stereo Since 1959

    Salem, MA
    Or "Mine has non-fill, or in other words,...holes!"
  17. biodawg

    biodawg Forum Resident

    Atlanta, GA
    Going to have to check these out!
  18. Spazotron3000

    Spazotron3000 Forum Resident

    Washington State
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  19. scotti

    scotti Forum Resident

    Atlanta GA
    New Tone Poets week has arrived, hooray! My local store has them confirmed as in stock and will steal my wife's car and pick them up later this week. I'm talking about two killer Jazz records here. My Conception and Expansions. No inner sleeve chatter on my mind this morning...Ha! Just some new Tone Poet releases to anticipate as I spin many of the previous titles over the next few days.

    It's not that I'm excited or anything like that, just pumped up beyond belief!
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  20. dastinger

    dastinger Forum Resident

    These two still haven't shown up at a decent price on this side of the world so I'm still waiting. I'm also still not sure about Expansions. I streamed it and didn't love it so I'm not sure if I'm getting it or waiting for a huge discount to get it. My Conception is definitely taking a place on my shelf though.
  21. Trifonius

    Trifonius Jazz

    Same here, also not crazy about expansions. The Sonny clark sounds great though
  22. Petter Premberg

    Petter Premberg Forum Resident

    Amsterdam, NL
    I think both My Conception and Expansions are excellent musically, though in very different ways. But I think the latter might have a higher potential as a TP; the soundstage is a bit more uneven and unpredictable, lots of different sounds and dynamics in the arrangements to play with, and you'd bet KG will take good advantage of that. Can't wait to hear that flow through my speakers in a couple of weeks!

    The Sonny, I can imagine exactly what it'll sounds like, and it'll be great, but it might not get as high a "TP lift" as I think Expansions will. Just my thoughts, of course, we'll see the SQ reviews start to come in soon :)
  23. dastinger

    dastinger Forum Resident

    I initially read "Can't wait to hear that wow through my speakers...". Jesus... :laugh:
  24. Eamon

    Eamon Forum Resident

    Just got an email from amazon saying the Sonny Clark is delayed to the 27th August. Anyone else get the same?
  25. Newscot

    Newscot Forum Resident

    Glasgow, Scotland
    I received one but it stated September 2nd …
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