Tony Iommi remixing Black Sabbath's "Forbidden"

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Sentient Six, Sep 21, 2018.

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    TONY IOMMI Doesn't Know What OZZY OSBOURNE Meant When He Said He 'Didn't Have A Great Time' On BLACK SABBATH's Final Tour

    The real news is that he is working on remixing the Forbidden album:

    "I'm in the process of remixing [BLACK SABBATH's 1995 album] 'Forbidden' with Tony Martin [vocals], Cozy Powell [drums] and Neil Murray [bass]. That's an album I've never been satisfied with, so I'm about to start pulling that apart and remix it."

    Hopefully this will be the start of seeing more Tony Martin era albums getting worked on.
  2. keefer1970

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    Of course it will... because I just finished buying Russian bootleg CDs of all of 'em. That figures. (kicks rock)... haha
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  3. Claus

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    Please no..... a waste of time. A remix doesn’t help, maybe a re-recording with a new singer! One of the worst Metal abums!
  4. angelo73

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    I love Tony. Here's a man who knows how to say, 'I really couldn't care less at this point what Ozzy says' without starting in with the trollball volley.
    Of course he knows what Ozzy meant; the latter's statement couldn't be more unambiguous:

    "I didn't have a great time. I spent nine or 10 years in SABBATH, but I'd been away from them for over 30 years. With them, I'm just a singer. With me, I get to do what I want to do. I was getting bad vibes from them for being Ozzy. I don't know — what the **** else can I be?"

    Tony's got a great attitude, the mark of a warrior who is battling the most formidable and lethal of foes, with a resolve to conquer, not be conquered.

    Original Sabbath is history, enshrined.
    Tony's legacy travels far beyond that lineup. Looking forward to hearing his upcoming projects !
  5. SizzleVonSizzleton

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    Hopefully he'll turn up Jason Newsted's bass. Wait.....
  6. dlokazip

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    That's great Tony.

    Meanwhile, if you can get Steven Wilson to remix Born Again and have someone reissue Tyr with its original mix, that would be great.
  7. Sandinista

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    That would be cool, re: SW but I would also be more than happy with Andy Pearce continuing what he started - I have enjoyed all the reissues thus far - even the Born Again DE, while still not a great sounding album imo, the Pearce remaster is better than any of the versions I have had.
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  8. blacksabbathrainbow

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    I almost missed this thread because you didn't write "Black Sabbath" in the title.;) Glad I found it, thanks for starting it! I am very curious how a remix of Forbidden will sound. I also still haven't given up on hoping for Deluxe releases of all post-"The Eternal Idol" Tony Martin era albums with some bonus material, maybe even 1 or 2 new songs. However, haven't heard any news about that for something like two years.
    Tony Martin IRS Era Deluxe Editions – Black Sabbath Online
    Tony Martin era Sabbath reissues
    Tony Martin/Tony Iommi Reunion?

    I guess Tony Martin is still waiting for Iommi's call... Oh well, some things never seem to change...

    Meanwhile, check out this thread and share your opinions on what's the best-sounding release of "The Eternal Idol":
    Best CD version(s)/mastering(s) of Black Sabbath's The Eternal Idol???
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  9. Matthew Tate

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    Excited plus there was news of all the Martin era releases being expanded
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  10. blacksabbathrainbow

    blacksabbathrainbow Sabbnatic

    Yeah, but those news are several years old, no? I would be glad if Tony Iommi finally confirmed he was really preparing those releases now. From what I read over the last two years, including the more recent news, I don't get the impression that the Tony Martin era Deluxe releases, other than Forbidden which he now working on, will happen any time soon, or happen at all. Basically Tony is recording new music, hundreds of great musicians (including of course Tony Martin) would love to work with him again, while Tony I. does not even rule out that the current recordings might become an instrumental album. I am glad we will likely get more music from him; but I am very skeptical about the possibly Deluxe releases of Headless Cross, TYR, and/or Cross Purposes as long as Tony Iommi does not explicitly state that he is working on that right now. And I am afraid that when the two Tonys met a while (two years?) ago, Tony M. was much too quick to post his public announcement that they would likely work together again.
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  11. Purple

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    The rough mixes for Forbidden were impressive, relatively speaking. Throw in "loser gets it all" and you have a solid record. While not necessary, a remixed 'illusion of power" without ice-t (or with the original vocal by Tony Martin) would improve it even further. There is tons of material for a deluxe disc, whether that's the demos or live tracks (concert).
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  12. Matthew Tate

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    Richmond, Virginia

    i'm guessing we will get the others at some point
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  13. Mr. H

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    It seems like Iommi is in no rush with these. Which is totally fine by me, as long as we get them eventually.
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  14. blacksabbathrainbow

    blacksabbathrainbow Sabbnatic

    ...and by me. Especially considering Tony's age and the fact that he just defeated cancer, while making it very clear in interviews that he and his doctors are not at all sure it won't come back. I wish Tony all the best, and I seriously hope he will take good care for himself and NOT start any huge projects that wear him out rather than be fun. (He said that the extensive touring was really too much for him.)

    What I am less happy about is that after the two Tonys met and talked to each other the last time (after they hadn't seen each other for many, many years), Tony Martin's impression obviously was that Tony Iommi was going to call him in order to start working together again, as soon as his (Iommi's) studio would be ready. Martin posted that on his Facebook account and it was also on Blabbermouth. And it seems that since then (it was probably 2 years ago), Martin has expected Iommi's call - a situation that awkwardly resembles the situation after the Forbidden tour and earlier situations when, according to Martin, he never really got fired from Sabbath - the telephone just "stopped ringing". This time, the telephone doesn't ring at all. (Even now that Iommi is finally remixing "Forbidden". I am afraid that even if he finally starts working on the Martin era Deluxe releases, it is far from sure that Martin will be personally involved at all.) Instead, Martin has probably learned, once again, through the media that it is far from clear if Iommi will ever call him again - because for Iommi, another collaboration with Martin is just one of many projects that he might or might nor pursue. Which is, again, totally fine by me (except that I personally of course would love the Deluxe Editions of the Martin era albums to happen, hopefully with lots of unexpected bonus material and a few new, or previously unknown, songs - but Tony Iommi's health and happiness is definitely more important than that); I just wish that Iommi's (non-)communication habits would finally change. Don't forget that Iommi's account of Martin in his autobiography was pretty devastating, while, according to Martin, he (Iommi) had never brought up any of that criticism in person while they were still working together (or any other time). And I am sure nobody has forgotten how the situation with Bill Ward not participating in "13" and the following live reunion tours was apparently never discussed directly by the band members - instead, first it was managers talking (and then stopping talking), then it was all in the media. I don't like that. I think it is perfectly natural that things sometimes don't work, plans and priorities change, and/or people talking to each other misunderstand each other. I just think that in such cases, especially with friends or colleagues, the right thing to do would be to call or visit the other person, have a chat and explain. The history of Black Sabbath (not just Tony Iommi), regrettably, seems to be full of moments where that simply didn't happen. Besides Bill and Tony Martin, situations with Glenn Hughes, Ronnie James Dio (RIP) and Vinnie Appice come to mind. I think that's pretty annoying and unnecessary.

    ...which is, under the circumstances, very far from sure, see above.

    By the way, I actually like "Illusion of Power" with Ice-T. I have seen some posters say that his voice should be removed from the album for the remastered release, a manipulation that I would find very insulting against Ice-T (a big fan of Black Sabbath) - and also simply untrue to the album's history, which does involve Ice-T and his voice, whether someone likes it or not. Remastering the album, great; adding the instrumental and/or the Tony-Martin-only version of "Illusion of Power" (and also the alt. version of all other songs) as bonus material, fine. Removing a singer from the album itself? Crazy - and I am not just saying that because I do like the Tony Martin/Ice-T duet. I just think that the band history and former bandmates should be treated with respect.

    Rant over.:D I almost forgot we're discussing some bit of good news here: Tony Iommi's remixing Forbidden. :thumbsup:
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  15. FVDnz

    FVDnz Forum Resident

    I'm definitely all over this! And I have no issues with Ice-T's contribution to Illusion of Power, so keep that in there. A version without Ice-T can still become a bonus track. :)
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  16. walrus

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    I don't really think the problem with Forbidden was the mix. It was just an uninspired record, the result of a band working with a poorly-paired producer to fulfill a contractual obligation and ride out their contract.

    I do hope we get new music from Tony at some point though. Sabbath is done, but I wouldn't mind another album like Iommi with a rotating cast of guest singers.
  17. blacksabbathrainbow

    blacksabbathrainbow Sabbnatic

    Very good points! Yes, at least Tony Iommi didn't really seem to be interested in working on "Forbidden", and they finished the studio recordings unusually quickly. And it shows. I totally forgot to mention in my comments above that I never found the sound or mix of Forbidden to be as bad as many people claimed. As much as I am interested in a remix of the album simply because it will hopefully make the album sound the way Iommi would like it to sound (and I am curious what that will be like), there are indeed no miracles to be expected from it. I am more interested in the bonus stuff. Tony Martin once mentioned on his Facebook site that he has several SBD live recordings from the Forbidden tour. My guess is that Iommi has them too. However, I have a feeling they will not use any live recordings as bonus material for Forbidden. The demos are nice but would not be new to me since they have been circulating as bootlegs for many years.
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  18. Scott6

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    How much improved is the mix on the Born Again deluxe edition (the one with the Reading show on the second disc)?
  19. blacksabbathrainbow

    blacksabbathrainbow Sabbnatic

    It is not a remix, just a remaster. They wanted to remix the album, but reportedly did not find the original multi-tracks, so all they could do was remaster. The Deluxe remaster is good, but many people who have the PHCR-2054 (1st Japanese pressing) prefer it over all other copies. I agree it sounds very good, but haven't finished my comparisons between the PHCR-2054 and the Deluxe 2xCD yet.

    It is all said somewhere in here:
    Roland's favorite CD versions of Black Sabbath albums (part2)
  20. Scott6

    Scott6 Forum Resident

    Cheers for the info!
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  21. blacksabbathrainbow

    blacksabbathrainbow Sabbnatic

    No problem. I just listened to a few songs from the 1990 Japan PHCR-2054 vs. the Sanctuary Deluxe on my AKG K 141 headphones. A difference is there, but it is not shocking, or not to these ears. The Deluxe seems to sound a little fuller, the PHCR-2054 seems to leave a little more room for breathing. Given the price difference (€49.00 + shipping from Russia for an NM used copy of the PHCR-2054 vs. $12.69 + shipping from USA for a MINT used copy of the Deluxe), I'd probably order the Deluxe. Anyway, I cannot listen with good speakers at the moment.
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  22. Scott6

    Scott6 Forum Resident

    Purchased the deluxe. Sounds good to me. Certainly better than I remember my old vinyl copy being.

    The Fallen and the extended Stonehenge on disc 2 are well worth the price of admission. I have always been fascinated by the whole Born Again album / era. Really interesting time which produced in my view a stunning album.
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  23. Sick Sick Phil

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    It was a really bad album but I thought tyr was far worse.
  24. blacksabbathrainbow

    blacksabbathrainbow Sabbnatic

    "The Fallen" is my favourite track. Not entirely finished or perfect, but energetic like hell. Amazing song. I think they should have included the demos of all tracks though, not just the two. They had been available in bootleg circles for quite a while when the Deluxe was released. Also, the Worcester live recording would have been an even better addition than Reading. Anyway, it is a very good release.

    Really? What didn't you like about TYR? I am not a big fan of the last two tracks, nor of some of the lyrics. But I think many of the songs are awesome.
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  25. Leigh Burne

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    I really hope this means we’re finally gonna get the other Tony Martin albums reissued. I’ve always been a fan of Martin’s work with the band. Headless Cross is one of my all-time favourites, I’ve been dying for a deluxe edition of that ever since they slammed the brakes on after The Eternal Idol.

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