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Too Old to Die Young - Miniseries on Amazon Prime

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Juan Matus, May 4, 2021.

  1. Juan Matus

    Juan Matus Reformed Audiophile Thread Starter

    I searched and it seems like there is no dedicated thread for this show. I started watching the other day and so far like it. It's directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, so if you don't like his movies you probably won't like this either since he uses many of the same elements in his directing style. Compared to other shows it moves at a glacial pace, which was odd at first but now I actually enjoy it. Why rush through things, it's nice to have a show take it's time. So far I have only watched the first 2 episodes out of 10. It's a nice change of pace although it is pretty dark thematically speaking. Anyone else watching this show?

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  2. masswriter

    masswriter Minister At Large

    New England
    It's fanastic. Long and studied ... it takes patience and appreciation for good cinema to get the most out of it.
  3. What’s the plot?
  4. Juan Matus

    Juan Matus Reformed Audiophile Thread Starter

    I've only seen 2 episodes so I had to copy this plot outline:

    In one tragic night, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Martin Jones's life is blown apart, and he is forced into a deadly underground of Cartel soldiers, Yakuza assassins, and mysterious vigilantes. Soon he finds himself lost on a surreal odyssey of murder, mysticism and vengeance, as his past sins close in on him.
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  5. slipkid

    slipkid Forum Resident

    I loved it!! Very slow pace in spots but explodes in others. Ultraviolent. Incredibly shot. Puzzling & mystical in places. I wish it went on longer (and the last episode is very short). Also wish they would release it on DVD or blu-ray...
  6. RexKramer

    RexKramer Forum Resident

    Outside of Philly
    I watched the series and enjoyed elements, but at times the pacing was too slow and repetitive for me. I'm a fan of Drive and Only God Forgives but the pregnant pauses got too much at times. And with some startling exceptions, the series sometimes got predictable.

    The influence of Alejandro Jodorowsky is all over this in the characters and themes. There is a nice setup at the end for where the series would have went (assuming it simply wasn't renewed), uniting the two characters I was most intrigued by, so in that sense I was bummed.
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