Tool's NEW ALBUM Fear Inoculum - August 30th, 2019

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Chrome_Head, Jul 29, 2019.

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    Correct. However, as of 2017 Tool were planning to reissue all their albums on vinyl. Adam Jones, etc. are aware of proper mastering practices so they should be something to get excited about. Given the chinese democracy-like pace Tool operates at who knows when these will materialize.

    I don't know whether for certain Fear... will be issued on vinyl. I thought that was the plan though.
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  3. DPM

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  4. malcolm reynolds

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    If Tool were any slower they would be my 67 year old dad driving.
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  5. Jumpin & Changin

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    If this is too off-topic, let me know...
    Genuinely asking what the appeal of bootleg vinyl of an official release? I have tons of bootlegs of unofficial releases (live shows, outtakes, etc.). I get that appeal from a listening and, in some cases, collectability perspective. But let's say a Tool boot vinyl of one of their studio albums - why?
    1. It's mostly to collect and not listening to it.
    2. Listening experience (if this is why, enlighten me).
    3. Couriosity.
    4. A combination of the above
    5. Other
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    Sounds like a topic that has been covered in a few threads already.
  7. erowid

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    I don’t get it either. These bootlegs are way overpriced and at best cd sourced. The only „benefit“ you gain here are a pixelated overblown front covers, the imperfections of vinyl (ticks pops, surface noise, scratches) mixed with a digital cd master tuned to loudness war.
    But this stuff sells. Clearly I’m doing something wrong in my idea of business.
  8. Thoughtships

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    I'll buy the thing one day, if they ever just release a normal, reasonably-priced CD.
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  9. Hymie the Robot

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    Hipsters on a vinyl leaning forum. Funny stuff, colored vinyl only adds to the comical value.
  10. eric777

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    Well, I finally got a CD copy. To be honest, I had already convinced myself that I would never lay eyes on a physical copy. I had heard that a second edition was being released, but I didn’t bother looking into it. I just figured that it would be a limited edition version as well and that it would not be easy to obtain.

    Where I live, places to purchase CDs are few and far between. As a matter of fact, after talking to the staff at several different retailers that “might” actually have it, I discovered that the first edition was only carried at the Barnes & Noble in my hometown. The local Walmart and Target never received any copies. That Barnes & Noble store only received 5 copies and they all sold within the first few minutes of the store opening.

    After my wife and I were done having dinner together for Valentines Day, we went to Target because she wanted to pick up a few work supplies. I went over to the music section to see if they even have CDs there anymore and I was surprised to find five copies of the book edition sitting on the shelf. They were on sale for $30.99 usd. Of course it really wasn’t much of a sale at that price but it was there. I decided to pick up a copy since I really didn’t know just how long these would be around.

    I must admit that I have mixed feelings about this purchase especially since I already have the 24 bit version. The packaging is nice as well as the pictures and the downloadable video, but the CD looks cheap and has a few tiny scratches on it due to being in a sleeve. The disc also has a weird haze on the readable side which is common for CDs that are cheaply manufactured. Of course it shouldn’t hurt the playback ;however, for $30.99 I would expect a little more quality control. I guess that would be asking too much.

    Anyway, I just thought I’d share that.
  11. drapes

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    A bunch of new tour-dates added in North America, including Montreal, Woot!

    Apparently 7empest made its first appearance on the set list in Australia, let’s hope it stays!
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  12. zakyfarms

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    They're playing SF on the same night as Kraftwerk. Decisions, decisions...
  13. jazon

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    I wish they would play Ottawa but I might have to make the trip to Montreal.
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  14. Lord Summerisle

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    It sure did and I was at the Melbourne show when they played it. Epic.
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  15. footlooseman

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    Maybe the last chance to see Kraftwerk.
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    I have a feeling these overpriced CDs of Fear Inoculum will end up in used bins selling for way cheaper than they originally sold. They are all fluff. I flipped a few of the first release with the video for $50-$80+ and was absolutely flabbergasted that people were willing to pay that much. I bet they probably regret it now.
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  17. pablorkcz

    pablorkcz ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

    I’ll bet they’re a little irritated at people who are glib about “unabashedly flipping”.
  18. HotelYorba101

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    I feel like if that will happen, it won't be for a long while, at least for the limited edition video screen edition. That edition I have a feeling will be sold at above-sale price for a while and at the most for the forseeable future only get as low as face value
  19. musictoad

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    Nobody forces anyone to pay above market. Blame the buyer if anything.
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  20. GentleSenator

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    lol that there's still no vinyl release. these guys really are hucksters.
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  21. pablorkcz

    pablorkcz ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

    Wasn’t really criticizing the market.
  22. musictoad

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    I didn't say you were.

    You were saying you bet they are annoyed at flippers. My reply is that they only have themselves to blame if they are paying more than what they feel the item is worth. And hopefully they learned their lesson from this experience.

    Or the other possibilty is they have all the money in the world and don't care that they overspent. Then it's win win for myself and them.
  23. pablorkcz

    pablorkcz ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

    I wasn’t really even saying that some people are annoyed by flippers. That seems to be a given that doesn’t need to be restated. I was referring to people who like to flaunt how smooth they are about “unabashedly” flipping.

    I see you’ve removed the word “unabashedly” from your original post so you did earn some respect back for showing a little remorse, but now that I see you’ve added in your most recent post “hopefully they learned their lesson from this experience”, I’m not quite sure how to rate your karma. ;)
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  24. musictoad

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    Lol I can't say I've ever had someone on the internet assess me so thoroughly or monitor my karma quite to that degree before. Umm, I'm flattered I guess? :p
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  25. pablorkcz

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    I’m here to serve the greater good. You’re welcome.;)
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