Tool's NEW ALBUM Fear Inoculum - August 30th, 2019

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Chrome_Head, Jul 29, 2019.

  1. ThirdBowl

    ThirdBowl Have You Had Your Third Bowl Today?

    Santa Cruz, CA
    5 truly distinct Maynard looks here. Well done, sir.
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  2. Skip Scuffmarks

    Skip Scuffmarks Forum Resident

    I wonder if any critics would abscond their original negative reviews of this revelation committed to tablet? Now that it has punched them in their solar plexus, would they now cling to it as gospel, while facing down the demonic face of death?
  3. Admerr

    Admerr Forum Resident

    I’ll have one of whatever you’re having.
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  4. GentleSenator

    GentleSenator what if

    Aloha, OR
    good god, me too.
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  5. Chrome_Head

    Chrome_Head Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Los Angeles, CA.
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  6. ThirdBowl

    ThirdBowl Have You Had Your Third Bowl Today?

    Santa Cruz, CA
    Listened on headphones for the first time - quite the experience and certainly a different way to hear the album. I quite liked it, picked up more details, especially from Danny with lots of little percussive accents bouncing around the soundfield.

    Really LOVE this album!
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  7. Ctiger2

    Ctiger2 Forum Resident

    I recently picked up an unauthorized vinyl pressing and am stunned by 1. how good of a pressing this is and 2. It sounds great on top. Very pleased. This pressing easily beats anything from Rainbow, United, Nashville & GZ. Although GZ seems to be getting much better of late.
  8. Wasatch

    Wasatch Music Lover!

    Still waiting for the vinyl. What is up with these assholes?
  9. St. Troy

    St. Troy It feels superior.

    The great thing about this "statement followed by question" post is that we could substitute so many statements for the one here without changing the question (this band does much inexplicable sh!t).
  10. Chrome_Head

    Chrome_Head Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Los Angeles, CA.
    The Lateralus vinyl wasn’t released until, what, 5 or 6 years after the album came out on CD? And they’ve never done an official 10,000 Days release.
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  11. sam1982

    sam1982 Forum Resident

    doubt you'd say that to their face.. and why such an air of entitlement? Everyone thinks that would be nice, but ya know.. it is what it is... they don't owe you anything.

    *Disclosure on my statement, I have posted about the frustration at the cost of the Cd (outside of the US, it is around $100 in local currency)
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  12. FloydMaui

    FloydMaui Forum Resident

    May 10 ...... today is Danny Carey's 59th birthday :cheers:

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  13. Wasatch

    Wasatch Music Lover!

    Ordered the CD.
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  14. Dorian75

    Dorian75 Forum President

    I am listening to FI again now for the first time in a few months, and MAN what an album this is! Album of the decade! I get that spine-tingling chill frequently, which I know means I am having a visceral, emotional reaction to brilliant art. AMAZING.
  15. Guitarded

    Guitarded Forum Resident

    Still have yet to hear it. Waiting on an LP Pressing.
  16. Dorian75

    Dorian75 Forum President

    Please refer to this comment for details.
  17. Madness

    Madness Forum Resident

    Maryland, USA
    Lol @ "unofficial release" on those.
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  18. Echoes Myron

    Echoes Myron Forum Resident

    Yeah I am waiting for vinyl too. Please take my money!
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  19. danielkov86

    danielkov86 Forum Resident

    Atlantic City
    I'm dying for a vinyl release too but seriously you guys not listening to it are depriving yourselves of a great experience. FI is a stunner from start to finish.
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  20. Beatnik_Daddyo'73

    Beatnik_Daddyo'73 Music Addiction Personified

    ...I’m waiting for the 8-track tape. Still haven’t heard it.

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  21. MechanicalAnimal6

    MechanicalAnimal6 Forum Resident

    United States
    They really should release it on Reel To Reel...
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  22. Madness

    Madness Forum Resident

    Maryland, USA
    FFS even Iron Maiden released The Book Of Souls on vinyl...3 LPs...and it sold. I can't understand why they won't issue FI on vinyl and then re-release their catalog on vinyl. If they truly care about their fans (and I dont think they do), this should be a no brainer. They haven't even released this on a non-special release CD.
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  23. Dorian75

    Dorian75 Forum President

    Yeah seriously, this is a brilliant album. I am a vinyl lover too, but I'm not going to deprive myself of one of the greatest albums ever recorded due to my preferred format not being available. I have the high-res files and they sound fantastic. If and when the vinyl is released, I will be the first one to buy that too.
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  24. eric777

    eric777 Astral Projectionist

    Those of you who are holding out for the vinyl might be in for a long wait.”Lateralus” wasn’t released on vinyl for a few years after the CD release and I’m not sure if “10,000 Days” was ever released officially on LP. You also have to consider what Tool would do with the release. It could just be a picture disc (or discs) at an incredibly large price. I can easily imagine them charging over $100 for it.

    Then again, the only ones who really know are Tool and they like to stay quiet about what they are doing.
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  25. MechanicalAnimal6

    MechanicalAnimal6 Forum Resident

    United States
    what happened to all these people talking about some big vinyl box set that was going to come with it's own player or something? seemed like a few people somewhere were talking about it as if it were going to happen. i figured they were talking out of their back-end....seems as though they were, haha.

    Seriously though, people should just get the download or 1 of the 2 versions of cd made and just listen to the album from one of those formats.

    100,000 Days was never put on vinyl which we all know, so why do some really think a vinyl of this album will be happening anytime soon??
    You're only wasting your own time by refusing to buy or listen to it any other way then...that's up to you though. I know it's not cool to only have these special cd packages, but that's what they've provided until who knows how long. Just buy it one way or another and enjoy :)
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