Top Album Of All Time Poll.

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  1. Lucca90

    Lucca90 Well-Known Member

    John Frusciante-The Empyrean
    Porcupine Tree-The Incident
    Red Hot Chili Peppers-Blood Sugar Sex Magik
    Pete La Roca-Basra
    Depeche Mode-Ultra
    Massive Attack-Blue Lines
    Art Blakey- A night in Tunisia
    Henry Mancini-The Pink Panther soundtrack
    Sam Rivers-Fuchsia Swing Song
    Gustavo Cerati-Bocanada
    John Frusciante-Niandra Lades and usually just a t-shirt
    John Coltrane-A Love Supreme
    Lee Morgan-Search for the new land.
    Boards of Canada-In a beautiful place out in the country
    Tina Brooks-True Blue
    Radiohead-Ok Computer
    Cecil Taylor-Conquistador
  2. Former Scientist

    Former Scientist Now on wheels....

    Brian Eno - Before and After Science
    Donald Fagen - The Nightfly
    Rick Wakeman - Six Wives of Henry 8th
    Steinski - What Does It All Mean?
    Stranglers - The Raven
    Fripp/Eno - Evening Star
    Van Morrison - Days Like This
    Return To Forever - Romantic Warrior
    ELP - Tarkus
    Yes - Close To The Edge
    Was Not Was - First album
    Kid Creole - Tropical Gangsters
    Clash - London Calling
    Squeeze - East Side Story
    MMEB - Nightingales and Bombers
    Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now
    Steve Hillage - Green
    Style Council - Our Favourite Shop
    Beatles - Love (...sorry...)
    Karl Bartos - Communication

    I could get by on just these twenty records, if I had to....
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  3. Dave Gilmour's Cat

    Dave Gilmour's Cat Forum Resident

    Is someone compiling a master list and ranking these?
  4. richierichie

    richierichie Forum Resident Thread Starter

    `tis I Mr Gilmour the OP. I have just started to do so and the results will be posted over Christmas,
  5. qJulia

    qJulia Forum Resident

    David Bowie - Low
    The Beatles - Abbey Road
    The Beatles - Revolver
    George Michael - Listen Without Prejudice
    George Michael - Faith
    Oasis - Definitely Maybe
    Coldplay - Parachutes
    The Doors - LA Woman
    The Doors - The Doors
    Stevie Wonder - Songs in the Key of Life
    Stevie Wonder - Talking Book
    Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
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  6. Dave Gilmour's Cat

    Dave Gilmour's Cat Forum Resident

    Superb. Thanks.
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  7. notgoblin

    notgoblin Habitual Linestepper - not dancer

    Abbey Road
    Tattoo You
    Rickie Lee Jones
    Living My Life
    Station To Station
    The Wall
    Physical Graffiti
    Who's Next
    Star People
    Dire Straits
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  8. Zeki

    Zeki Forum Resident

    I better put this on "watch" then.
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  9. mr.steelydan

    mr.steelydan Well-Known Member

    Vienna, Austria
    01. David Bowie - Hunky Dory (1971)
    02. Frank Zappa - Studio Tan (1975)
    03. Frank Zappa - One Size Fits All (1975)
    04. Beatles - Abbey Road (1969)
    05. Jethro Tull - Thick as a Brick (1972)
    06. Tori Amos - from the choirgirl hotel (1998)
    07. Supertramp - Breakfast in America (1979)
    08. Jon Lord - Sarabande (1976)
    09. Steely Dan - The Royal Scam (1976)
    10. The Who - Face Dances (1981)
    11. Jethro Tull - The Chateau D'Isaster Tapes (Nightcap Disc 1) (1973)
    12. Kate Bush - The Kick Inside (1979)
    13. Jimi Hendrix - Axis: Bold As Love (1967)
    14. Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon (1973)
    15. Paul Simon - Graceland (1985)
    16. Yes - Relayer (1974)
    17. Kevin Rowland & Dexys Midnight Runners - Too-Rye-Ay (1983)
    18. Level 42 - World Machine (1985)
    19. Adam and the Ants - Prince Charming (1982)
    20. Kiss - Unmasked (1980)
    21. Kiss - The Elder (1981)
    22. Dire Straits - Making Movies (1980)
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  10. Cobra verde

    Cobra verde Member

    Bob Dylan - Bringing back all at home [1965]
    Junior Wells - Hoodoo Man Blues [1965]
    Led Zeppelin - Led Zep I [1969]
    The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground [1969]

    The Who - Tommy [1969]
    Neil Young - After the goldrush [1969]
    Elton John - Elton john [1970]
    The Stooges - Funhouse [1970]

    Joe Cocker - Mad Dogs & Englishmen[1970]
    The Kinks - Muswell hillbillies [1971]
    Ruth Copeland - I'm what I am [1971]
    Alice Cooper - Love It To Death [1971]

    T-Rex - Electric warrior [1972]
    The New York Dolls [1973]
    Gram Parsons - GP [1973]
    AC-DC - High Voltage [1976]

    Television - Marquee Moon [1977]
    X.Ray.Spex - Germ Free Adolescents [1978]
    Johnny Thunders - Hurt me [1983]
    Mazzy Star - She Hangs Brightly [1990]
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  11. kendo

    kendo Forum Resident

    Oot Beh,Scotland
    Brian Eno - Here Come The Warm Jets
    Pink Floyd - The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn
    Frank Zappa - One Size Fits All (...or...or...or...)
    Durutti Column - Vini Relly
    Martyn Bennett - Grit (LP version)
    Can - Future Days
    Between Interval - Secret Observatory
    Eat Lights Become Lights - Modular Living
    Pretty Things - SF Sorrow
    Kevin Ayers - The Confessions Of Dr. Dream

  12. Jimmy Cooper

    Jimmy Cooper Forum Resident

    Kiel, Germany
    01. THE BEATLES - Revolver
    02. THE BEATLES - Rubber Soul
    03. THE STONE ROSES - The Stone Roses
    04. THE BEACH BOYS - Pet Sounds
    05. THE ZOMBIES - Odessey and Oracle
    06. CANNONBALL ADDERLEY - Somethin’ Else
    07. THE ROLLING STONES - Aftermath
    08. OASIS - Be Here Now
    09. THE WHO - The Who's Sell Out
    10. THE ROLLING STONES - Exile On Mainstreet
    11. GRATEFUL DEAD - Workingman’s Dead
    12. LOVE - Forever Changes
    13. THE BEATLES - Help!
    14. THE BEATLES - A Hard Day's Night
    15. THE ROLLING STONES - Beggar's Banquet
    16. BABYSHAMBLES - Down In Albion
    17. OASIS - (What's The Story) Morning Glory
    18. MILES DAVIS - Kind Of Blue
    19. VAN MORRISON - Astral Weeks
    20. THE SORROWS - Take A Heart
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  13. Incompletist


    Why's everything in fours? Is this some kind of league division table? If so I think T.rex and Television could be in division A.
  14. Paulette

    Paulette Your love for me has just got to be real.

    Does this mean Sgt. Pepper gets a minus 1?
  15. Bluebair

    Bluebair Well-Known Member

    Salem OR, 97301
    1. Pet sounds (beach boys)
    2. Smile sessions (beach boys)
    3. Skeletal lamping (of montreal)
    4. Wish you were here (pink floyd)
    5. Illinois (sufjan stevens)
    6. Innerspeaker (tame impala)
    7. Rubber soul (beatles)
    8. Forever changes (love)
    9. Satanic panic in the attic (of montreal)
    10. Classics (ratatat)
    11. Master of puppets (metallica)
    12. Weezer "blue" (weezer)
    13. London calling (clash)
    14. Doors (doors)
    15. Age of adz (sufjan stevens)
    16. Meddle (pink floyd)
    17. Is this it (strokes)
    18. Moon & antarctica (modest mouse)
    19. Lonerism (tame impala)
    20. Congratulations (mgmt)

    Not sure if this is the exact order, or actually my favorites, but this is what I could think of off the top of my head.
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  16. Bluebair

    Bluebair Well-Known Member

    Salem OR, 97301
    Already thinking of things id change. I might replace moon and antarctica with in the aeroplane over the sea by neutral milk hotel
  17. Cobra verde

    Cobra verde Member
    Hi..I did not intend to create league division table !:biglaugh:I don't know why I did that (for clarity maybe)
    the ranking is only chronological..;)
  18. Bluebair

    Bluebair Well-Known Member

    Salem OR, 97301
    And i didnt put velvet underground & nico in here or and david bowie, geez...
  19. PCM7027

    PCM7027 Forum Resident

    a-ha Scoundrel Days
    The Beatles Abbey Road
    Kate Bush Hounds of Love
    Depeche Mode Songs of Faith and Devotion
    Peter Gabriel So
    Genesis Selling England By The Pound
    Elton John Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
    King Crimson In the Court of the Crimson King
    Marillion Misplaced Childhood
    Randy Newman Sail Away
    Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark Architecture and Morality
    Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon
    Queen Queen II
    Bruce Springsteen The Wild, the Innocent & The E Street Shuffle
    The Smiths The Queen Is Dead
    Sparks Propaganda
    The Stone Roses The Stone Roses
    The Who Who's Next
    Yes Close To The Edge
    Neil Young On The Beach
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  20. Incompletist

    Ha ha. Just pulling your leg. I love this table stuff and I love that albums and bands have become the football league teams of the modern world. :)
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  21. In no particular order:

    - Alive! (Kiss)
    - Live And Dangerous (Thin Lizzy)
    - Moving Pictures (Rush)
    - Back In Black (AC/DC)
    - The Dark Side Of The Moon (Pink Floyd)
    - Crime Of The Century (Supertramp)
    - Nightflight To Venus (Boney M.)
    - Time Out (The Dave Brubeck Quartet)
    - Giant Steps (John Coltrane)
    - Discipline (King Crimson)
    - Hot Rats (Frank Zappa)
    - Paranoid (Black Sabbath)
    - Van Halen S/T
    - Boston S/T
    - Never Turn Your Back On A Friend (Budgie)
    - Made In Japan (Deep Purple)
    - Appetite For Destruction (Guns N' Roses)
    - Led Zeppelin IV
    - Oxygène (Jean-Michel Jarre)
    - Ace Frehley (1978 solo album)

    I intentionally chose only one album per artist (just in case, while Ace Frehley's solo album was marketed as a Kiss album, it really isn't).
  22. Incompletist

    btw. when are we going to see the results? I want to see if there's been a shift at Hoffman forum since the last few years.
  23. Benjy

    Benjy Forum Resident

    Paul Simon - Graceland
    Simon & Garfunkel - Bridge over troubled water
    Bad Religion - Against the Grain
    Sneetches - Slow
    Grateful Dead - Workingman's Dead
    The Posies - Dear 23
    The Beatles - Revolver
    Creedence Clearwater Revival - Cosmo's Factory
    Bob Dylan - Blood on the Tracks
    Nas - Illmatic
    Nofx - punk in drublic
    Snuff - Snuff said...
    Slayer - Reign in Blood
    Meat Puppets - Forbidden Places
    Cheap Trick - Heaven Tonight
    Tom Petty - Full Moon Fever
    Rolling Stones - Some Girls
    Social Distortion - White light, white heat, white trash
    Big Brother and the holding company - Cheap Thrills
    Marvin Gaye - What's goin on?
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  24. zakyfarms

    zakyfarms White cane lying in a gutter in the lane.

    San Francisco
    Arnold - Hillside
    Stooges - Funhouse
    Neil Young - Rust Never Sleeps
    Neil Young - After The Gold Rush
    Neil Young - On The Beach
    Pink Floyd - Meddle
    Public Enemy - Fear Of A Black Planet
    Peter Gabriel - Security
    Joanna Newsom - The Milk-Eyed Mender
    Soundgarden - Superunknown
    Grateful Dead - Complete Fillmore 1969 box set
    Phish - Hampton/Winston-Salem ‘97 box set
    Codeine - When I See The Sun box set
    Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
    Milton Nascimento - Clube Da Esquina
    Flaming Lips - The Soft Bulletin
    Meat Puppets II
    Pernice Brothers - The World Won’t End
    Super Furry Animals - Rings Around The World
    Yo La Tengo - May I Sing With Me
  25. dirtymac

    dirtymac Forum Resident

    Exile, MN
    Beatles Sgt. Pepper's
    Beatles Rubber Soul
    Beatles Revolver
    Beatles White Album
    Beatles Abbey Road
    Magnetic Fields 69 Love Songs
    Dylan Freewheelin'
    Dylan Highway 61 Revisited
    White Stripes Elephant
    Pavement Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
    Joni Mitchell Blue
    Rolling Stones Beggar's Banquet
    Led Zeppelin II
    Nirvana Nevermind
    Beach Boys Pet Sounds
    Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon
    Prince Purple Rain
    The Who Tommy
    David Bowie Ziggy Stardust
    Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Damn The Torpedoes
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