Top-Five CD Players Up To USD/EUR 200

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by FloydVivino, Mar 14, 2019.

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    Dear Forum,

    I'd like to ask for what would be your top-fice choices if you had no CD Player and wanted to purchase one paying up to, or around, €200 (or $US) price point.

    Please bear in mind:
    • "best" can mean many things, but consider reliability, quality, specs, features and, if you like, your subjective taste on "how good it sounds"
    • suggest new or used, vintage or 21st century, or both, as for me it makes no difference - the best, in your view
    • I don't buy into the SACD or HDCD, for some reason
    • Ignore what my hifi set up is or would be - just consider players on their own merit
    Many many many thanks for this. Too many brands, too many specs to consider. Please help this man.


    PS: I realize that for some of you 200 euros is far too low, but I'm confident that might be some good finds in the used market as well as in the new too. I'm no audiophile or have any pretension, but I like my sound and detect quality when I hear it.
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    I’m very, very happy with my Tascam CD-200. You can find them used for $100-$130.
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  3. FloydVivino

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    Adding to my first post, I've looked at used equipment so far and from Ebay and mainly based in Germany (I'm Euro-based, so I ignore anything outside Continental Europe due to plug format and voltage), here are my findings so far:

    • Prices Between €60-€100 + shipping:
      • Denon DCD-5xx/6xx from early-to-mid 1990s
      • Technics SL-PGxxx from early-to-mid 1990s
      • Yamaha CDX-470 from mid 1990s
      • Marantz CD-4x from mid 1990s
      • Onkyo 6xxx/7xxx from mid 2000s
    • Prices Between €160-€200+ shipping:
      • Denon DCD-700AE from mid 2000
      • Yamaha CDX-880 from mid 1990s
      • Marantz CD6000 from early 2000s (the OSE version is one gorgeous thing!)
    Still searching, but you can start by commenting on the above and in particular how 21st century vs 20th century models.

    Many thanks in advance

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