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  1. Deuce66

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    Critic reviews are starting to come in. 96% on RT so far.

    Top Gun: Maverick

    This is a worthy, often exemplary follow-up to the 1986 classic. It’s everything a summer movie should be. New York Post

    The ultimate Gen X Dad fantasy, in which a 50-something gets to outsmart and outperform the younger generation’s best and brightest. The Wrap

    Somehow, "Maverick" manages to recycle those latter beats -- with an exceptionally well cast class of new pilots -- and still feel contemporary, all while approximating the old-fashioned virtues of the kind of movies that flourished in the '80s . CNN

    Tom Cruise's 'Top Gun: Maverick' is an audio/visual treat and generally well-made summer blockbuster even as it becomes a 'Rise Of Skywalker'-style nostalgic ode to itself. Forbes

    Ridiculous and often ridiculously entertaining... Los Angeles Times
  2. GillyT

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    From the Guardian. Made me chuckle over my coffee this morning... :laugh:

    Top Gun: Maverick review – Tom Cruise is still speedy, less needy in a rock’n’roll sequel

    In the first Top Gun in 1986 – that anti-Strangelove cold war classic – the US Navy’s fighter pilot Lt Pete “Maverick” Mitchell gets accused of letting his ego write cheques his body can’t cash. But with the sequel, it’s quite clear the body of Maverick, played by Tom Cruise, has been cashing cheques with abandon for decades. His pecs have been setting up standing orders. His biceps have been signing off on direct debits. His abs have been authorising BACS transfers and his rock-hard buttocks each have their own PayPal account. In short, as we return to the extraordinary story of Pete Mitchell, it’s plain that he’s still physically solvent, in the opening scene recklessly test-flying a colossal stealth fighter at Mach 10 against orders from the glowering officer on the ground (played by Ed Harris), who is forced to concede that he’s “got balls”. (They’re both configured for contactless payment.)​
  3. Djmover

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    Really ?
    This movie looks absolutely incredible with camera’s positioned inside fighter jets to give the audience the most realist view point and your take out is about the age difference between Cruise and Jennifer Connelly .

    Grow up and just enjoy the movie when it comes out .
    No one cares.
  4. Ghostworld

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    My. mother always said' All psychiatrists do is teach you to hate your mother." LOL

    My friend was in therapy for 12 years... he was cured when he realized he hated his mother.

    Just saying....
  5. Ghostworld

    Ghostworld Senior Member

    Never saw it either... no desire.
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  6. kwadguy

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    The requisite "Beatles suck" comment.
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  7. Ghostworld

    Ghostworld Senior Member

    No, cheesy, hyped-up and clichéd action movies suck.
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  8. MikaelaArsenault

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  9. Speedmaster

    Speedmaster Music is for those who enjoy, hifi is for snobs

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    I’d advice you to take your own advice
  10. adm62

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    Toronto, Canada
    The first movie was so bad it was pretty watchable. Contrived, predictable and laughable. Can the sequel live up to that?
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  11. Speedmaster

    Speedmaster Music is for those who enjoy, hifi is for snobs

    The Netherlands
    Come on, Joe. Who you kidding?

    Joseph Kosinski is one of the best technical directors working today. I’m sure he made an excellent pop corn, turn your brain of, blockbuster.

    I’ll catch this in a few months on which ever streamer has it.
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  12. Oatsdad

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    To date, Kosinski has directed 3 movies: "Tron: Legacy", "Oblivion" and "Only the Brave".

    "Oblivion" is pretty good, but the other 2 were meh, IMO.

    I suspect "Maverick" will be better than the first movie if just because I never liked the first movie, but Kosinski's track record doesn't inspire confidence in me.
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  13. MrGrumpy

    MrGrumpy Forum Resident

    I am so pumped for this. I might even venture into a movie theater to watch it. Until then, I've got Top Gun on a loop (after I'm done with Eurovision).

    Fly, Tom, fly.
  14. plugmeintosomething

    plugmeintosomething Forum Resident

    Top Gun was fantastic. Cheesy and corny but still fantastic and this looks like it might be fantastic-er. I hardly ever go to the cinema anymore but I'm there for Maverick. Talk to me Goose.
  15. JohnG

    JohnG PROG Nation!

    I’ve got my ticket to the early preview on May 24th! You get a pair of free Top Gun aviator glasses to look Maverick cool as you walk in.
  16. Boom Operator

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    What a fun idea!

    One of Tom’s wrap gifts to the crew was a choice of various styles of Ray-Ban shades. I went with the classic Wayfarers. Hey, now!

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  17. brownie61

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    I did not see the original Top Gun, but am intrigued by the new one because I think Tom Cruise has more choice about his ventures these days, and I have enjoyed all the Mission Impossible films.

    Should I see the new Top Gun without having seen the original?
  18. MrGrumpy

    MrGrumpy Forum Resident

    Don't ask. Just do. Tonight.
  19. Deuce66

    Deuce66 Senior Member

    It's on CBS tonight at 8:00 pm give it a shot.
  20. Nephrodoc

    Nephrodoc Forum Resident

    Been looking forward to this for years! It kept getting pushed back, think it was suppose to come out 2 years ago.
    The footage in the trailers looks fantastic and it’s supposed to have a surprise appearance on an F14.
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  21. brownie61

    brownie61 Forum Resident

    Thanks! Can’t watch tonight but will record to watch tomorrow!
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  22. Deuce66

    Deuce66 Senior Member

    I'm doing the same so I can FF >> thru commercials, I haven't seen TG in years. I remember it being a decent action popcorn movie nothing more, if you can handle Cruise being his typical smart ass self, you might like it.
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  23. Speedmaster

    Speedmaster Music is for those who enjoy, hifi is for snobs

    The Netherlands
    I put the emphasis on his technical filmmaking ability. I have no doubt TG2 has some amazing (live action) stunt work.

    Not too giddy about everything else surrounding this movie, but pretty sure about that.
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  24. Too bad Michael Ironside won't make an appearance-I liked some of his stuff.
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  25. Drew

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    Grand Junction, CO
    I graduated high school the same year the original came out. My recollection is that it was a product of its time. I'll go to see this for the same reason I go to see modern Star Wars movies: nostalgia.

    At least I'm not afraid to admit it.
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