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  1. Maggie

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but does the closing of Soundscapes mean that Sonic Boom is the last independent record store in Toronto selling a substantial number of new CDs?

    I exclude Sunrise although honestly they are sort of "independent" now too, since they are apparently no longer connected to the old Sunrise parent company that owned Jean Machine. To be honest, the continued existence of Sunrise astonishes me; their new stores are like stepping into a 2008 time warp, in a good way.
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    Sonic Boom is probably the last store to do so.

    Dead Dog also carry new cds but it's a small selection and I think it's relegated to new releases only, at least at their Bloor location. They don't stock catalogue. They'll probably order it in if you ask.

    I think Pop Music on Gerrard will order in if you ask but I don't carry them as a rule. My friend used to order from them as he lived near by.
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    Yes, I didn't even think of this until you asked it. I guess I can't complain because, for years, I had Sonic Boom and Soundscapes to go, as well as Sunrise. shopp
    I agree about Sunrise. It's usually never busy when I visit. I rarely see shoppers looking at CDs.

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