Toronto's Top 10 Record Shops!

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    Now it seems it might not have been on Yonge. I remember looking for Yonge and I think Dundas when I was in town in 2011, looking for record stores. But digging in my old check registers I find that I wrote a check to "Sonic Boom" November 26, 2011, right after US Thanksgiving when I was there. But the current location on their website is too recent (I think after 2014. I must have spotted it while driving around. Does anybody remember the locations for Sonic Boom in 2011? I know it wasn't Honest Ed's because I saw that photo.
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    Before they moved to Honest Ed's they were around the corner on Bloor St. This is what that one looked like: Sonic Boom moving to Honest Ed's

    But they moved out of that building well before November IIRC. I think they moved into the Honest Ed's location at the end of August/early Sept 2011. They did have another vinyl only store in Kensington Market at the time you visited. Which is now closed. They moved that location and the Honest Ed's location to the new Spadina store in 2014.
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    Hopefully this isn’t taken as a threadjack... I’m currently working in Cambridge for 3 weeks - any shop recommends for the KWC area? I do plan to get into Toronto on the weekends and hopefully visit some of the shops mentioned in this thread.
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    I think I hit all the record shops along Queen St. from Kops and up to Grasshoppers/Rotate This. I didn’t see deals on anything but it’s great to have so many indie choices around. And such a vibrant area! The only thing that sucked was parking.

    I plan to make another trip into the city before I head home and will try to visit some of the other notable shops mentioned.
  5. colinu

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    I think Encore Records in Kitchener. I also check out one of the stalls at the Market Road Antiques on Weber St.N. in Waterloo from time to time. You may also want to check out Beat Goes On for CDs and some vinyl.
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    Encore Records in Kitchener, Looney Tunes in Burlington and Sonic Boom in Toronto.
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    I didn’t make it back into Toronto after all, but have visited quite a few shops anyway. I liked Encore in Kitchener the best of all of them and picked up a few things while there. I have to say that I didn’t find any bargains anywhere. Prices appear to be higher overall up here, and that’s before adding the ripoff HST.
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    The Toronto Record Show is this Sunday (Mar 25) starting at 11:00 AM. Expect the usual chaos.

    The Record Guys

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