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Toshiba/EMI "Black Triangle" CD Listing

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by taxman150, Dec 21, 2004.

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  1. taxman150

    taxman150 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I know that 3 of the most popular early 1980's Toshiba/EMI Japanese "Black Triangle" cd's are the following:

    Abbey Road - CP35-3016
    Dark Side of the Moon - CP35-3017
    Wings Greatest - CP35-3114

    I'm sure there are other titles that are equally as impressive and worth seeking out. Any recommendations? What would be really great is a listing of all titles that exist as black triangles with catalog numbers. Does something like this already exist on the web? I haven't been able to find a website that has anything like this.

    Any info is appreciated!


  2. Vivaldinization

    Vivaldinization Active Member

    I only have one--Kate Bush's "Lionheart"--and it's exactly the same as the later stock CD.
  3. KeithH

    KeithH Success With Honor...then and now

    Beaver Stadium
    There are many more than the four that have been listed here. Our member, aceman400 (Aaron), has compiled a list. Perhaps he will post it here. For now, here are the black-triangle discs that I have:

    Artist title (catalog number)
    * The Band The Best of The Band (CP32-5074)
    * The Beatles Abbey Road (CP35-3016)
    * Bizet (Orchestre National de France, Seiji Ozawa, conductor) Symphony in C Major, Patrie-Dramatic Oveture, Op. 19, Petite Suite "Jeux D-Enfants", Op. 22 (CC38-3031)
    * David Bowie Let's Dance (CP35-3034)
    * Peter Gabriel So (32VD-1021)
    * Julian Lennon Valotte (32VD-1004)
    * Huey Lewis and The News Sports (CP32-5029)
    * Huey Lewis and The News Fore! (CP32-5160)
    * Gustav Mahler (London Philharmonic Orchestra, Klaus Tennstedt, conductor) Symphony No. 2, "Resurrection" (CC38-3141-2) (two-disc set)
    * Paul McCartney & Wings Band on the Run (CP32-5038)
    * Paul McCartney & Wings Wings Greatest (CP35-3114)
    * Olivia Newton-John Olivia's Greatest Hits Vol. 2 (CP35-3046)
    * Mike Oldfield Tubular Bells (32VD-1010)
    * Charlie Parker Story on Dial Vol. 1 (Westcoast Days) (CP32-5103)
    * Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon (CP35-3017)
    * The Power Station The Power Station (CP32-5075)
    * Queen The Works (CP35-3117)
    * The Rolling Stones Rewind (1971-1984) (CP35-5021)
    * Linda Ronstadt Heart Like A Wheel (CP32-5068)
    * Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band Live Bullet (CP32-5101)
    * Tina Turner Private Dancer (CP35-3148)
    * Various One Night With Blue Note, Volume 3 (CP32-5064)

    Some discs were also released with a blue triangle instead of black. I have only one such disc:

    * Various Demonstration Vol. 10 (TEC-2001)

    Aaron has many more blue- and black-triangle discs than I do, so hopefully he will jump in here.
  4. aceman400

    aceman400 Black Triangle Fan

    Here is a list to get you started. These are most likely triangle discs. The TEC titles are blue triangles. There were only about 40 made the best I can tell.
    TEC-2001 Various Artists Toshiba Demonstration Volume 10
    TEC-2002 Roger Wagner Chorale I Dream of Jeannie
    TEC-2003 Berlin Philharmonic Mozart Divertimiento
    TEC-2004 Dalto, Jorge Rendez-vous
    TEC-2005 Logic System Logic
    TEC-2006 Kaizan Neptune, John West of Somewhere
    TEC-2008 Wilson, Nancy What's New
    TEC-2009 Horst Stein and NHK Orchestra Wagner - Dur Ritt Der Walkure
    TEC-2010 Kaizan Neptune, John Mixed Bag
    TEC-2011 The Jazztet Voices All
    TEC-2012 Roger Wagner Chorale America The Beautiful
    TEC-2013 Roger Wagner Chorale Plaisir D'Amour
    TEC-2014 Logic System Venus
    TEC-2015 Logic System Orient Express
    TEC-2016 Great Jazz Trio Threesome
    TEC-2017 Kaizan Neptune, John Two in Flight
    TEC-2018 Asian Mirage East Pulse
    TEC-2022 Mintzer, Bob Horn Man Band Papa Lips
    TEC-2023 Kaizan Neptune, John Bamboo
    TEC-2024 Kaizan Neptune, John Shogun
    TEC-2025 Koto Vivaldi
    TEC-2026 Koto Bach
    TEC-2027 Koto Mozart
    TEC-2028 Koto Händel
    TEC-2029 Koto Vivaldi
    TEC-2030 Koto Resphigi
    TEC-2031 Koto Connection
    TEC-2033 Dalto, Jorge New York Nightline
    TEC-2034 Connor, Anderson, Sloane Three Pearls
    TEC-2036 Honda, Toshiyuki Dream
    TEC-2038 Shomura, Kiyoshi Schumann Kinderszenen
    PCD-17 Various 87 Popular Kaki Kyoryoku Ban Sampler
    CP35-3001 McCartney, Paul Tug of War
    CC38-3004 Roger Wagner Chorale I Dream of Jeannie
    CC38-3005 Berlin Philharmonic Sibelius Syumphony No 2 in D Major Op. 43
    CC38-3006 Wagner - Klaus Tennstadt The Ring of the Nibelung
    CC38-3008 Richter, Sviatoslav The Trout
    CP38-3009 Hause, Alfred Jalousie
    CP38-3010 Wilson, Nancy What's New
    CC38-3014 Gruberova French and Italian Operatic Arias
    CP35-3016 Beatles Abbey Road
    CP35-3017 Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon
    CP35-3018 Carnes, Kim Mistaken Identity
    CP35-3019 Honda, Toshiyuki Shangri-la
    CP38-3020 The Jazztet Voices All
    CC38-3031 Bizet Symphony in C Minor
    CP35-3032 Rolling Stones Tattoo You
    CP35-3033 Ross, Diana Why Do Fools Fall in Love
    CP35-3034 Bowie, David Let's Dance
    CA38-3036 Sugano, Anli Sweet Memory
    CP38-3037 Great Jazz Trio Threesome
    CP35-3038 Cavallaro, Carmen Cavalarro plays the Beatles
    CC38-3042 Pavane ?
    CP35-3045 Bush, Kate The Kick Inside
    CP35-3046 Newton-John, Olivia Greatest Hits Vol.2
    CP35-3048 Clooney, Rosemary With Love
    CP35-3055 Little River Band The Net
    CP35-3057 Dalto, Jorge Rendez-vous
    CP35-3058 Easton, Sheena Take My Time
    CC38-3059 Sibelius
    CC38-3061 Bach brandenburg concierto
    CC38-3063 Poulenc, Francis Chansons Francois
    CP35-3065 Newton-John, Olivia Physical
    CP35-3067 Duran Duran Rio
    CP35-3068 Ross, Diana Ross
    CP35-3069 Morgan, Lee The Sidewinder
    CP35-3070 Adderley, Cannonball Somethin' Else
    CP35-3071 Hancock, Herbie Maiden Voyage
    CC38-3073 Berlin Philharmonic Die Meistersinger
    CC38-3076 The Scholars Greensleeves - English Folk Songs
    CP35-3077 Brown, Les
    CP35-3078 Rosemary Clooney With Les Brown At the Aurex Jazz Festival
    CP35-3079 Rogers, Shorty Shorty Rogers and the West Coast Giants
    CP35-3081 Easton, Sheena Best Kept Secret
    CP35-3082 Duran Duran Seven and the Ragged Tiger
    CP35-3083 Seger, Bob The Distance
    CP35-3084 McCartney, Paul Pipes of Peace
    CP35-3085 Ventures Surfin' Deluxe
    CP35-3087 Rolling Stones Undercover
    CP35-3088 Coltrane, John Blue Train
    CP35-3089 Clark, Sonny Cool Struttin'
    CP35-3090 Blakey, Art Moanin'
    CC38-3091 Tennstadt, Klaus Mahler Symphony No.6
    CC38-3092 Tennstadt, Klaus Mahler Symphony No.6
    CC38-3097 Kann, Hans The Maiden's Prayer / Remi et Piano
    CC35-3098 Mozart Mozart : Die Zauberflote
    CC35-3099 Mozart Mozart : Die Zauberflote
    CC35-3100 Mozart Mozart : Die Zauberflote
    CP35-3102 Richard, Cliff Silver
    CP35-3103 Klugh, Earl Low Ride
    CP38-3105 Honda, Toshiyuki
    CP35-3110 Carnes, Kim Café Racers
    CC38-3111 Takahashi, Aki Aki plays Satie
    CP35-3113 Little River Band Greatest Hits
    CP35-3114 Wings Greatest Hits
    CP35-3115 Newton-John, Olivia Greatest Hits
    CP35-3117 Queen The Works
    CP35-3118 Dolby, Thomas The Flat Earth
    CP35-3120 Wilde, Kim Catch as Catch Can
    CP35-3121 Klugh, Earl Wishful Thinking
    CP35-3123 Spandau Ballet True
    CC38-3124 Bruckner Symphony No.5
    CC38-3130 Bizet l'Arlesienne
    CP35-3139 Ultravox Lament
    CP38-3140 Connor, Anderson, Sloane Three Pearls
    CC38-3141 Tennstadt, Klaus Mahler Symphony No.2
    CC38-3142 Tennstadt, Klaus Mahler Symphony No. 2
    CP38-3146 Wilson, Andrew Thomas Carnarvan
    CP35-3148 Turner, Tina Private Dancer
    CP35-3152 Dalto, Jorge New York Nightline
    CC38-3156 Beethoven String Quartet No.14
    CC35-3161 Beethoven Vienna philharmonic
    CC35-3167 Beethoven Piano Concerto No.5
    CC35-3168 Beethoven Violin Conceto
    CP35-3172 Spandau Ballet Parade
    CC38-3174 Katia and Marielle Labecque An American in Paris
    CC38-3178 Simon Rattle Rachmaninoff Symphony no.2
    CC38-3180 Gilels, Emil Tokyo/Yokahama Live
    CC35-3190 Richter, Sviatoslav
    CC35-3209 Bartok Music for Strings
    CC33-3237 Khachaturian Violin Concerto
    CC33-3236 Brahms Piano Quartet
    CC33-3238 Clarinet Quintet
    CC33-3243 Beethoven Symphony No. 3
    CC33-3282 Sibelius Symphony no. 4
    CC33-3305 Prokofiev 3 Pieces for Piano
    CC33-3308 Bloch Violin Melodies
    CC33-3309 Gitlis, Ivry Violin Melodies II
    CC33-3310 Wagner
    CC33-3466 The Scholars English Folk Songs
    CC33-3385 Strauss Orchestral Works
    CC33-3386 Bloch
    CC33-3415 Gruberova Virtuoso Aria
    CC33-3462 Bach italianes
    CC33-3477 bellini
    CC33-3513 Michel Plasson Toulouse
    CC33-3618 Beethoven no.6
    CC33-3640 Mozart
    CC25-3650 Bach Bach: Sonata & Partitas for Unaccompanied Violin
    CC25-3651 Bach Bach: Sonata & Partitas for Unaccompanied Violin
    CC33-3668 Parkening, Christopher Ave Maria
    CC38-3720 Beiheft
    CC33-3797 Stokowski Andante
    CP35-5001 Honda, Toshiyuki Modern
    CP35-5002 Wolf, Peter Lights Out
    CP35-5003 Hubbard, Freddie Mistral
    CP38-5004 Noriki
    CP35-5006 Bowie, David Tonight
    CP35-5007 Ross, Diana Swept Away
    CP35-5009 Duran Duran Arena
    CP35-5010 Goodman, Bennie King of Swing
    CP35-5011 Aurex Jazz Festival Art Blakey
    CP35-5012 Aurex Jazz Festival Battle of the Horns
    CP35-5013 Aurex Jazz Festival Jazz of the 80's
    CP35-5014 Aurex Jazz Festival Lionel Hampton ???
    CP35-5015 Talking Heads Stop Making Sense
    CP35-5018 Greco, Juliette The Best of
    CP35-5019 Gray, Mark and Superfriends The Silencer
    CP32-5020 Duran Duran Duran Duran
    CP35-5021 Rolling Stones Rewind
    CP35-5022 Cables, George The Big Jazz Trio
    CP35-5024 Easton, Sheena Private Heaven
    CP32-5025 Akiyoshi, Toshiko Trio Time Stream
    CP32-5027 Tabackin, Lew Angelica
    CP32-5028 Idol, Billy Rebel Yell
    CP32-5029 Lewis, Huey Sports
    CP32-5030 Benatar, Pat Tropico
    CP32-5032 Pink Floyd Meddle
    CP32-5034 Waite, John No Brakes
    CP32-5035 J Geils Band You're Getting Even, While I'm Getting Odd
    CP32-5036 Little River Band Playing to Win
    CP32-5037 Murray, Anne Heart Over Mind
    CP32-5038 McCartney, Paul Band on the Run
    CP32-5039 Easton, Sheena You Could Have Been With Me
    CP32-5040 Bush, Kate Lionheart
    CP32-5041 Soundtrack Teachers
    CP32-5042 Hause, Alfred The Best of Alfred Hause
    CP32-5043 Iron Maiden Powerslave
    CP32-5044 Hart, Corey First Offense
    CP32-5046 Various James Bond's Greatest Hits
    CP32-5047 Conti, Bill Rocky Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    CP32-5048 Conti, Bill Rocky II Original Motion Picture Score
    CP32-5052 Jordan, Stanley Magic Touch
    CP32-5053 Burrell, Kenny Togethering
    CP32-5054 Turrentine, Stanley Straight Ahead
    CP32-5055 Tania Maria Made In New York
    CP32-5056 Various Best of Blue Note Vol. 1
    CP32-5057 Various Best of Blue Note Vol. 2
    CP32-5059 Soundtrack Never Ending Story
    CP32-5060 DiMeola, Al Cielo Y Terra
    CP32-5061 Diamond, Neil The Jazz Singer
    CP32-5062 Various One Night With Blue Note Vol. 1
    CP32-5063 Various One Night With Blue Note Vol. 2
    CP32-5064 Various One Night With Blue Note Vol. 3
    CP32-5065 Jordan, Stanley/Charles Lloyd One Night with Blue Note Vol. 4
    CP32-5066 Benatar, Pat In the Heat of the Night
    CP32-5067 Benatar, Pat Crimes of Passion
    CP32-5068 Ronstadt, Linda Heart Like a Wheel
    CP32-5069 Benatar, Pat Precious Time
    CP32-5070 Benatar, Pat Live From Earth
    CP32-5071 Spandau Ballet Journeys to Glory
    CP32-5072 Idol, Billy Billy Idol
    CP32-5073 Go West Go West
    CP32-5074 The Band Best of the Band
    CP32-5075 Power Station Power Station
    CP32-5076 Soundtrack View to a Kill
    CP32-5077 Talking Heads Little Creatures
    CP32-5078 Heart Heart
    CP32-5079 Motels Shock
    CP32-5081 Waite, John Mask of Smiles
    CP32-5082 Hart, Corey Boy in the Box
    CP32-5083 Ross, Diana Eaten Alive
    CP21-5085 Ross, Diana Why Do Fools Fall in Love
    CP32-5086 Bush, Kate Hounds of Love
    CP32-5087 McCartney, Paul Venus and Mars
    CP32-5088 Spandau Ballet The Singles Collection
    CP32-5089 Carnes, Kim Barking at Airplanes
    CP32-5090 Schenker, Michael Michael Schenker Group
    CP32-5091 Schenker, Michael MSG
    CP32-5092 Schenker, Michael Assault Attack
    CP32-5093 MSG Built to Destroy
    CP32-5094 MSG Rock Will Never Die
    CP32-5095 Easton, Sheena Do You
    CP32-5096 Idol, Billy Whiplash Smile
    CP32-5097 Benatar, Pat Seven the Hard Way
    CP32-5098 Nicks, Stevie Rock a Little
    CP32-5099 Katrina and the Waves Walking on Sunshine
    CP32-5100 Jackson, Freddie Rock Me Tonight
    CP32-5101 Seger, Bob Live Bullet
    CP32-5102 Seger, Bob Stranger in Town
    CP32-5103 Parker, Charlie Story on Dial
    CP32-5104 Parker, Charlie Story on Dial V2
    CP32-5106 Iron Maiden Iron Maiden
    CP32-5107 Iron Maiden Killers
    CP32-5108 Iron Maiden The Number of the Beast
    CP32-5109 Iron Maiden Piece of Mind
    CP32-5110 Iron Maiden Live After Death
    CP32-5111 Damia Sombre Dimacnhe
    CP32-5112 Piaf, Edith
    CP32-5114 Ginaud, Yvette
    CP32-5115 Adamo, Salvatore Tombe la Neige
    CP32-5118 Pourcel, Franck Le Torrent
    CP32-5121 MSG One Night at Budokan
    CP32-5125 Rodrigues, Amalia Best of Amalia Rodrigues
    CP32-5126 Lennon, John Live in NYC
    CP32-5128 Seger, Bob Like a Rock
    CP32-5129 Cocker, Joe Cocker
    CP32-5130 Katrina and the Waves Waves
    CP32-5131 Pet Shop Boys Please
    CP32-5132 Lewis, Huey Huey Lewis and the News
    CP32-5134 Go West Bangs and Crashes
    CP32-5136 Jones, Tom The Greatest Hits of
    CP32-5137 Hart, Corey Fields of Fire
    CP32-5143 El Condor Pasa Folklore Best 20
    CP32-5145 Azvanour, Charles Meque Meque
    CP32-5147 Azvanour, Charles
    CP32-5148 Trenet, Charles ?
    CP32-5150 Carnes, Kim Lighthouse
    CP32-5151 Little River Band No Reins
    CP32-5152 Queen A Kind of Magic
    CP32-5155 Soundtrack Labyrinth
    CP32-5158 Iron Maiden Somewhere in Time
    CP32-5159 Sigue Sigue Sputnik Flaunt It
    CP32-5160 Lewis, Huey Fore
    CP32-5162 Turner, Tina Break Every Rule
    CP32-5163 Rodrigues, Amalia Live in Japan
    CP32-5164 Easton, Sheena No Sound But a Heart
    CP32-5166 Jones, Grace Inside Story
    CP32-5167 Orchestra Manhattan ?
    CP32-5169 Glass Tiger The Thin Red Line
    CP32-5170 Saxon Rock the Nation
    CP32-5171 Graham, Jaki Breaking Away
    CP32-5172 Duran Duran Notorious
    CP32-5175 Kraftwerk Electric Café
    CP32-5176 Miller, Steve Band Living in the 20th Century
    CP32-5177 W.A.S.P. Inside the Electric Circus
    CP32-5178 Jackson, Freddie Just Like the First Time
    CP32-5180 Queensryche Rage for Order
    CP32-5181 Davis, Miles Birth of Cool
    CP32-5182 Goodman, Benny Benny Goodman Story
    CP32-5183 Goodman, Benny BG in Hi Fi
    CP32-5184 Kenton, Stan New Concepts of Artistry in Rhythm
    CP32-5185 Chaloff, Serge Blue Serge
    CP32-5186 Ellington, Duke Money Jungle
    CP32-5187 Evans, Bill Undercurrent
    CP32-5188 Farmer, Art Modern Art
    CP32-5189 Coltrane, John Coltrane Time
    CP32-5190 Blakey, Art Three Blind Mice V1
    CP32-5191 Blakey, Art Three Blind Mice V2
    CP32-5192 Ultravox U-Vox
    CP32-5193 Harry, Debbie Rockbird
    CP32-5194 Pet Shop Boys Disco
    CP32-5196 Gordon, Dexter The Other Side of Round Midnight
    CP32-5197 Jordan, Stanley Standards Vol. 1
    CP32-5199 Nevil, Robbie Robbie Nevil
    CP32-5285 Pourcel, Franck Hymne A L'amour
    CP32-5304 Colourfield Deception
    CP32-5319 Soundtrack About Last Night
    CP25-5340 Spandau Ballet 12" Mixes
    CP25-5341 Spandau Ballet 12" Mixes Part Two
    CP32-5343 Soundtrack The Golden Child
    CP32-5398 Bowie, David Never Let Me Down
    CP32-5401 Duteil, Yves La Langue De Chez Nous
    CP32-5410 Shore, Dinah Best 20
    CP32-5422 Konitz, Lee High Jingo
    CP32-5437 Richard Marx Richard Marx
    20VD-1073 Genesis Land of Confusion Ep
    35VD-1001 Culture Club Waking up With the house on Fire
    32VD-1002 Culture Club Kissing to be Clever
    32VD-1003 Culture Club Colour by Numbers
    32VD-1004 Lennon, Julian Valotte
    32VD-1005 Moore, Gary Run For Cover
    32VD-1006 Scritti Politti Cupid and Psyche '85
    32VD-1008 Moore, Gary Corridors of Power
    32VD-1009 Moore, Gary Victims of the Future
    32VD-1010 Oldfield, Mike Tubular Bells
    32VD-1011 Sex Pistols Never Mind the Bullocks
    32VD-1013 Simple Minds Once Upon a Time
    32VD-1014 Gabriel, Peter Security
    32VD-1015 Genesis And Then There Were Three
    32VD-1016 Japan Tin Drum
    32VD-1018 Soundtrack Absolute Beginners
    32VD-1019 Culture Club From Luxury to Heartache
    32VD-1021 Gabriel, Peter So
    32VD-1022 Lennon, Julian Secret Value of Daydreaming
    32VD-1023 Genesis Invisible Touch
    32VD-1024 Moore, Gary We Want Moore
    32VD-1025 Genesis Trespass
    32VD-1026 Genesis
    32VD-1027 Genesis Foxtrot
    32VD-1028 Genesis Live
    32VD-1029 Genesis Selling England by the Pound
    32VD-1032 Genesis A Trick of the Tail
    32VD-1033 Genesis
    32VD-1036 Genesis Duke
    32VD-1037 Simple Minds Sparkle in the Rain
    32VD-1040 Gillan, Ian What I Did on My Vacation
    32VD-1041 Human League Crash
    32VD-1042 Working Week Compañeros
    32VD-1046 Gabriel, Peter Plays Live
    32VD-1047 Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark The Pacific Age
    32VD-1048 Sylvain, David Gone to Earth
    32VD-1049 Ferry, Bryan Boys and Girls
    32VD-1051 Roxy Music Avalon
    32VD-1054 XTC Skylarking
    32VD-1055 Heaven 17 Pleasure One
    32VD-1059 Various When the Wind Blows
    32VD-1060 China Crisis What Price Paradise
    32VD-1061 Roxy Music Stranded
    32VD-1062 Roxy Music Country Life
    32VD-1063 King Crimson In the Court of the Crimson King
    32VD-1064 King Crimson In the Wake of Poseidon
    32VD-1066 Soundtrack The Mission
    32VD-1067 King Crimson Compact King Crimson
    32VD-1068 Bruford, Bill Master Strokes
    32VD-1069 Manzanera, Phil Guitarissimo
    32VD-1070 Boy George Sold
    32VD-1071 Various Artists Virgin Brand
    32VD-1072 Moore, Gary Wild Frontier
    32VD-1074 Cutting Crew Broadcast
    32VD-1080 Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark Crush
    32VD-1081 Gabriel, Peter 3
    32VD-1082 Culture Club This Time (best of)
    32VD-1083 Bruford, Bill EarthWorks
    32VD-1085 King Crimson
    32VD-1086 King Crimson Red
    32VD-1087 King Crimson Discipline
    32VD-1088 King Crimson Beat
    32VD-1089 King Crimson Three of a Perfect Pair
    32VD-1090 Karn, Mick Dreams of Reason Produce Monsters
    32VD-1091 Brook, Michael
    32VD-1093 Penguin Café Orchestra Sign of Life
    32VD-1094 Penguin Café Orchestra ???
    32VD-1095 Penguin Café Orchestra Music from the Penguin Café
    32VD-1099 Simple Minds Life in a Day
    32VD-1105 Roxy Music Siren
    32VD-1106 Suicidal Tendencies Join the Army
    32VD-1107 Mitsouko, Rita No Comprendo
    32VD-1108 The Dolphin Brothers Catch the Fall
    32VD-1109 Heaven 17 Endless
    32VD-1110 Oldfield, Mike Incantations
    32VD-1111 Oldfield, Mike Crises
    32VD-1112 Japan Exorcising Ghosts
    32VD-1113 XTC Compact XTC
    32VD-1114 Eno, Brian Another Green World
    32VD-1115 Daltrey, Roger Can't Wait to See the Movie
    32VD-1121 Budd, Harold Ambient 2
    32VD-1122 King Crimson Larks Tongues in Aspic
    32VD-1123 King Crimson Starless and Bible Black
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  5. Parkertown

    Parkertown See what love can do

    Wow, that list has me drooling! I wonder how those early Blue Notes sound?
  6. aceman400

    aceman400 Black Triangle Fan

    Lee Morgan's The Sidewinder is killer. The Cannonball Adderley is OK. I think the MFSL is better. Miles Davis Birth of the Cool is great also.
  7. poweragemk

    poweragemk Old Member

    I can personally vouch for the quality of these:
    Live Bullet
    Dark Side of the Moon
    Heart Like A Wheel

    Would love to find some more of these...
  8. taxman150

    taxman150 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Thank you very much Aaron and Keith! That is exactly what I was hoping to get!

    I have the DSOTM and Meddle black triangles on the way to me and wanted to see what other titles may be of interest. I'd love to get Wings Greatest, but that one seems very hard to find.

    Thanks again!
  9. aceman400

    aceman400 Black Triangle Fan

    Here are a few more. These are mainly artists which are primarily known in Japan. Most of these are triangles also. I have acquired a few of them, but have never compared them to any other versions.

    CA35-1003 Terao, Akira Reflections
    CA35-1035 Maeda, Norio Aranjuez, Mon Amour
    CA35-1048 Tadaaki Misago and His Cuban Boys Exciting Latin
    CA35-1051 O'Banion, John Satomi Hakken-Den
    CA35-1052 Butler, Rosemary Rose
    CA38-1059 Miyazawa, Meiko Fur Elise
    CA32-1105 Yamamota, Tatsuhiko Mediterranee
    CA32-1107 Hamada Kingo Heart Cocktail
    CA32-1108 Imaginary Arboretum
    CA32-1109 Takashi Sato ???
    CA32-1136 Matsutouya, Yumi Surf and Snow Vol. 1
    CA32-1138 Matsutouya, Yumi Sakuban Oaishimasho
    CA32-1140 Matsutouya, Yumi Reincarnation
    CA32-1144 Various Kadokawa Special
    CA32-1147 Takanaka, Masayoshi Traumatic
    CA32-1148 Boowy Boowy
    CA32-1149 Vow Wow Cyclone
    CA32-1153 Yakushimaru, Hiroko Yume Juwa
    CA32-1196 Matsutouya, Yumi Da Di Da
    CA32-1209 Honda, Minako Syndrome
    CA32-1211 Vow Wow Vow Wow III
    CA32-1221 Honda, Toshiyuki Saxaholic
    CA32-1225 Honda, Minako In Budokan
    CA32-1226 Boowy Just a Hero
    CA32-1238 Show-Ya Queendom
    CA32-1239 Undulation express
    CA32-1246 tokio Tokio Approse
    CA32-1251 Sandy and the Sunsetz Banzai Baby
    CA32-1255 Vow Wow Beat of Metal Motion
    CA32-1258 Honda, Minako Collection
    CA32-1259 Toshiyuki Honda Featuring the Super Quartet
    CA32-1260 Yakushimaru, Hiroko Hana Zukan
    CA32-1262 Takanaka, Masayoshi Jungle Jane
    CA32-1270 Yamamota, Tatsuhiko Face to Face
    CA32-1281 Show-Ya Ways
    CA32-1283 Limelight express
    CA32-1300 Honda, Minako Cancel
    CA32-1301 Nagabuchi, Tsuyoshi Stay Dream
    CA32-1303 Yamamota, Tatsuhiko Spectra
    CA32-1305 The Williard Who Sings A Gloria?
    CA32-1325 Boowy Beat Emotion
    CA32-1330 Matsutouya, Yumi Alarm A la Mode
    CA32-1331 Matsutouya, Yumi Benisuzume
    CA32-1332 Matsutouya, Yumi Ryuusen'kei '80
    CA32-1333 Matsutouya, Yumi Olive
    CA32-1334 Matsutouya, Yumi Kanashii Hodo oten'ki
    CA32-1335 Matsutouya, Yumi toki no nai hoteru
    CA32-1336 Matsutouya, Yumi surf and snow
    CA32-1337 Matsutouya, Yumi mizu no nakino asia he
    CA32-1338 Matsutouya, Yumi sakuban' oai shimashou
    CA32-1339 Matsutouya, Yumi Pearl Pierce
    CA32-1340 Matsutouya, Yumi Reincarnation
    CA32-1341 Matsutouya, Yumi Voyager
    CA32-1342 Killer May Joy Stick
    CA32-1349 Takanaka, masayoshi Jungle Jane Tour Live
    CA32-1350 Honda, Minako Collection
    CA32-1369 Show-Ya Trade Last
    CA32-1395 Tenshi No Mail
    CA32-1409 Show-Ya Masquerade Show
    CA32-1444 Sandii and the Sunsetz Rhythm Chemistry
    CA32-1445 Takanaka, Masayoshi Rendez-vous
    CA32-1450 Show-Ya Best Now
    CA32-1455 Takanaka, masayoshi Rendez-vous
    CA32-1470 Honda, Minako Oversea
    CA32-1494 Honda, Toshiyuki Radio Club
    CA32-1550 Boowy Psychopath
    CA32-1551 Vow Wow V
    CA35-1003 Terao, Akira Reflections
    CA35-1035 Maeda, Norio Aranjuez, Mon Amour
    CA35-1048 Tadaaki Misago and His Cuban Boys Exciting Latin
    CA35-1051 O'Banion, John Satomi Hakken-Den
    CA35-1052 Butler, Rosemary Rose
    CA38-1059 Miyazawa, Meiko Fur Elise
  10. taxman150

    taxman150 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Aaron - if you don't mind another question, can you give us your thoughts on the other McCartney black triangles: Tug of War, Pipes of Peace & Venus and Mars? I remember reading something here already on Band on the Run and that it was great too.

  11. 22dRow

    22dRow New Member

    I'm not Aaron but I have the black triangle Band on the Run and Venus and Mars. Steve's Band on the Run is MUCH better than the black triangle. Venus and Mars sounds good, although Steve's version has better dynamics, especially in the Venus and Mars/Rock Show opener. Steve has discussed here how he created some dynamics on Venus and Mars when presented with the EQ'd masters he would have preferred not to use, but had no choice.
  12. bresna

    bresna Forum Resident

    York, Maine
    I don't know if black triangle CP32 discs are the same, but almost all of the CP32 Blue Notes were Japanese pressings of their US equivalents, including mastering. They were remastered by Ron McMaster, the engineer who remasters most of Blue Note's US CDs. I have compared a few of them to their US counterparts are they sound pretty much identical to me.

  13. aceman400

    aceman400 Black Triangle Fan

    I have both the DCC and the black triangles of Venus and Mars and Band on the Run. If you have the DCC's you probably don't need the triangles of these titles sound quality and packaging wise.
    I like the Band on the Run triangle because it doesn't have Helen Wheels on it (you can get this on GEMM for $45 sealed from a seller called Musicdisc who is fantastic). I like the Venus and Mars triangle because of the indexing of songs (you can do a search to find more information on this). Pipes of Peace isn't a must have in my book mainly because of song content IMO a stinker of an album. Tug of War sounds better to my ears than the black face made in Japan version. I'd have to hear them both again to remember why.

    Black triangles I highly recommend are
    Huey Lewis and the News - Sports
    David Bowie - Let's Dance
    Duran Duran - Rio
  14. rpd

    rpd Senior Member

    If a Live Bullet CD has a catalog number of CP325101, is it for sure a black triangle?? Or did that catalog continue as a non-triangle? If so, would it matter (same mastering??)
  15. tomcat

    tomcat Forum Resident

    I have Olivia Newton-John's "Physical" on a RED-triangle disc, IIRC!
  16. KeithH

    KeithH Success With Honor...then and now

    Beaver Stadium
    I'm pretty sure that is incorrect, at least for any legit. pressing. There is a black-triangle version of Physical.
  17. KeithH

    KeithH Success With Honor...then and now

    Beaver Stadium
    My Live Bullet disc has the black-triangle design. I have not seen a version with catalog number CP32-5101 that lacks the black triangle. EMI used the CP32 series in Japan for years, and later titles in the series lack the black triangle. Many discs in the CP32-53XX series lack the black triangle.
  18. rpd

    rpd Senior Member

    Do we know if the early US Bullet CD's have the same mastering as the Black Triangles?
  19. tomcat

    tomcat Forum Resident

    Oops, you're right! I just checked at home and realized I put the black triangle disc in a red tray because of Olivia's red dress (all of the three look nice - the red dress, the red tray, and Olivia, of course). Too much red, that's why I thought the triangle was also red... ;-)
  20. JoelDF

    JoelDF Forum Resident

    Prairieville, LA
    I'd love to get Kim Wilde's "Catch as Catch Can" on any CD, much less a black triangle version.
  21. rpd

    rpd Senior Member

    Does anyone know this?
  22. aceman400

    aceman400 Black Triangle Fan

    I would guess they are probably the same. I can send a link if your looking for a black triangle live bullet
  23. Dave

    Dave Esoteric Audio Research Specialist™

    Yes and no.
  24. Dave

    Dave Esoteric Audio Research Specialist™

    Aaron, a couple of updates for you and both are triangles...

    32VD-1026 Genesis Wind And Wuthering
    32VD-1063 King Crimson In The Court Of The Crimson King
  25. rpd

    rpd Senior Member


    I own the original US copy...so you are saying I should seek the Black Triangle???
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