TOTO-New remasters of entire catalogue and box set!

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Rufus rag, Dec 13, 2016.

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    All members of TOTO have been busy over the last few months working with SONY on new remasters of their entire catalogue – along with a promised box set to celebrate the band’s upcoming 40th Anniversary in 2018.

    Newly unearth tracks, rarities and even new material is all inbound, with Steve Lukather stating that working on the old material has inspired the guys to get working on new material, hitting the studio in January!

    Here’s what Luke had to say on the remasters: “It is all 192 Resolution sonically from raw un EQ'd tapes w/ NO compression and the EQ is just right and CLEAR and huge. Like never before. Not even close! Truly remarkable difference on the old stuff.” And “Mind Blowing-This is your life week Re-Mastering 11 Toto albums+… HUGE thanks to Elliot, Gavin and Rueben! 1st 3 like never before!”

    On his Facebook page, Luke goes further in depth:

    “It is all from the ORIGINAL album mixes but reshaped EQ wise but NO compression added at all!! We are hearing subtle parts that were buried in the old mixes on the early albums. Remember we had to mix for Vinyl back then and there were sonic rules we HAD to deal with that were a drag. Elliot Schiener, Gavin Lurrsen and his co -mastering engineer Rueben did some amazing things. It’s like a blanket was taken off the speakers on our 1-3 records and just a tweak here and there from Toto IV on.
    We found a 5.1 mix of IV Elliot did yrs ago that was never released... SO many treats/ surprises will be in there as well, some great liner notes on all 11 SONY albums and photos and personal stuff... and it is like we re-mixed the early stuff, the first 3 albums, but we didn't! It's SO clear and hi fi! This was an amazing experience.

    It has inspired us to write the NEW music we start on Jan 9th - March. Many surprises and ' treats' will be included. Out 2018 but we will tour 2017 as well. Some festivals in Europe and then the USA. A surprise is coming there as well. It is all working us up to the 40th Anniversary in 2018. 2 year world tour to follow. That’s all for now. Happy Holidays to you all…”
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