Toy Story 4 - June 21/2019

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Deuce66, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. intv7

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    It's getting to a point where I forget I'm watching an animated feature. So much of it looks real.
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  2. Spencer R

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    The characters such as Woody don’t necessarily look real, they’re meant to be stylized caricatures. But the backgrounds and scenery increasingly do look real. I thought the one bridge too far for the CGI in this movie was the cat, they seemed to use rapid cutting to disguise that animating a realistic animal with fur is difficult.
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  3. Bluesman Mark

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    Having gone to see TS4 last night, I have to admit that the Robert Chicken parody would have made a far better version. Very, very disappointing overall. It felt more like a combo of an afterthought & a cash grab after the brilliance of TS3. Plus the story felt too much like a rehash of TS2 with, (heaven forbid), even a touch of Mad Max: Fury Road mixed in.

    Here's hoping the way it ended that it's also the end of the franchise, as they've ran out of interesting ideas to pursue & intriguing ways to say things. My wife, (who is 20 years younger than me & has been a huge fan of Pixar & the TS franchise since the beginning), leaned over to me more than once during TS4 saying how bored she was.

    It was somewhat entertaining, but it was never engaging & the magic is gone. Keanu Reeves as Duke Caboom was the best part of it.
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  4. Gregory Earl

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    Saw an early showing at 9:15 this morning with my family. I've seen all of these and for me this one is my favorite. It had a slow start I thought (but maybe not) but once the story began to form the momentum never stops pushing the film forward in a must see the end direction. The Woody/Little Bo Peep/Buzz Lightyear characters are laughs and tears one after another. Can't wait to see it again. IMO it's a masterpiece. the lobby after the movie they had tables set up for kids to make their own Forky. My boy Niko (4 and 1/2) loved it and has talked about it all evening. He loves his Forky.

    I give this movie :righton::righton:. My highest rating.
  5. johnny 99

    johnny 99 Down On Main Street

    I saw this with a friend last night (we both loved the previous three) and this one did not disappoint!
    Many laugh out loud moments and a tear jerking moment or two as well.

    The 1st one set an impossibly high bar and I have to say they've maintained the momentum and high standard across all 4 films!

    Don't miss it, if you liked the other 3!

  6. SandAndGlass

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    You need to see the CGI cat "Goose" in Captain Marvel, you can't tell the CGI cat from the real cat.


    Which Goose the Cat is Real? | Making Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel

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  7. BeatleBruceMayer

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    I saw it yesterday with my wife, two boys (7, 9), my parents, a friend and her daughter (3). We all loved it. We were laughing out loud and getting a little choked up.

    I rarely watch movies. The only ones I go to, let alone see, are kids movies. Pixar films are so well written that they appeal to kids and adults. And the difference is clear during the previews. The highlights of the non-Disney movies are fart/burp/poop jokes. Don't get me wrong. I laughed, but that's the highlight.

    I have seen 16 of the 21 Pixar films and have enjoyed them all except The Good Dinosaur. I couldn't make it half-way through. I have yet to see Toy Story 2, Cars 2, Monsters Inc., Brave, or A Bugs Life.
  8. Guy Smiley

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    Sesame Street
    And the original Star Wars trilogy was about a young man with “Daddy issues.”
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  9. Paul Saldana

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    Toy Story 2 is a must see, a real soul crusher in spots.
  10. 5th-beatle

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    I was actually describing the only scene from the previous three films that I remember watching: a boy who grew up and gave his toys to a young girl. I believe it was the ending of one of the earlier films.
    I see that you mistakenly thought that I was attempting to summarize the story, so you tried to make a sarcastic comparison to someone attempting to summarize Star Wars.
  11. Gregory Earl

    Gregory Earl Forum Resident

    I'm curious why you didn't like The Good Dinosaur? I've seen it about 100 times with my son and it's one of our favorites. Part 2 is coming out in November.

    But yeah, This Toy Story 4 is great. I hope this isn't the last of the series.
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  12. Deuce66

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    There's no sequel in the works at Pixar that I know of.

    The Good Dinosaur premiered on November 10, 2015 in Paris and was released in the United States on November 25, 2015. The film grossed $332 million worldwide against a $175 million budget. Adding in marketing costs, this resulted in a total net loss of $85 million, causing it to become the first Pixar film to be a box office bomb.[9]
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  13. Gregory Earl

    Gregory Earl Forum Resident

    Yeah I've read those numbers before. Means nothing other than the promotion for the movie wasn't well thought out. It's a great film with a great cast. I'd advise anyone to see it. I would say it could put some folks off since one of the main characters gets killed near the beginning and there's another scene later on that has a surprise death. But it's a western and folks die in westerns, so be it.
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  14. Deuce66

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    I gave it a shot for the first time a few weeks ago, I tuned out after 20-30 minutes asking myself how this got beyond the storyboard/rough animation phase of development. Hated it and I love Pixar for the most part.
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  15. Gregory Earl

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    Fascinating captain.
  16. Oatsdad

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    Or it could mean people didn't find the premise interesting and they skipped it.

    "Good Dinosaur" isn't a terrible movie but it's pretty bland. Audiences didn't seem to care for it - 65% audience rating at RT, which is awfully low for Pixar. "TS4" is at 94%.

    Pixar movies come with a head start, as they're so well-regarded. It's more than just bad promotion when a Pixar movie bombs...
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  17. JohnG

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    Forkie really saved the movie, he was hilarious!
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  18. SandAndGlass

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    In honor of "Forkie", KFC is giving away copies of his 1st cousin.

    What's better than a movie tie-in that you don't have to pay any royalties for. I bet they could even get away with giving away a free piece of "pipe cleaner", with a purchase of half of a bucket or more.


    Here is an article I found on "Why Forkie?"

    If you’ve seen any of the new trailers or posters for “Toy Story 4,” you’ve probably been wondering why one of the main characters in the upcoming film is a silly looking spork. Well, that spork is Forky, and let’s just say he’s a lot more than meets the eye. While it may be confusing why Pixar chose a spork to be the headlining character for the long-awaited fourth film in the “Toy Story” series, like with all Pixar movies, we as fans have got to trust that they know a good thing when they see it.

    Inside the Magic recently had the opportunity to sit down with the team behind “Toy Story 4” at Pixar Studios, and we’re eager to share what we learned about Forky with you (and why he may be our favorite character in the upcoming film).

    So who is Forky, and why did Pixar pick a spork for a primary character? To help Bonnie as she starts kindergarten, Woody encourages her to create her own toy, and from that moment Forky was born. Forky is created from remnants found in a trash can, given the name “Forky” even though he’s clearly a spork, and doesn’t understand why he’s been turned into a toy and given a newfound purpose when he’s simply a bunch of stray parts glued together. Plus, naturally, he looks like he was created by a five-year-old. Throughout the film, Woody teaches Forky what it means to be a toy for a child who loves you, which is quite possibly the most wholesome message we’ve ever heard.
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  19. Ghostworld

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    Me, too. 30 minutes and out.
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  20. GregM

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    Quite interesting how Forky was obsessed with trash.
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  21. tommy-thewho

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    Lot of fun.

    Loved Keanu Reeves daredevil.
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  22. Veltri

    Veltri ♪♫♫♪♪♫♫♪

    I liked the two Kubrick references in the movie, and learned of a third afterward.

    In the antique shop they play on the record player the song from the end of The Shining, "Midnight, the Stars and You."

    One of Buzz Lightyears' inner voice lines is "Open the pod bay doors."

    Near the end when visiting the old lady, the address of her home is 237, the haunted room number in The Shining.
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  23. applebonkerz

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    My wife and 3 late-teen kids went to see it last night. All of them said they liked this much more than the 3rd one. I didn't care for the 3rd one either. I'll probably see this one eventually.
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  24. The Hud

    The Hud Just add water

    Sadly, Cars 2 is a disappointment. Cars 1 and 3 are great movies, though.
  25. Oatsdad

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    Alexandria VA
    I loved "Cars" in 2006 and still like it but it's lost a lot of luster for me.

    Not wild about either of the sequels. I think "2" is better than most believe but it's not great. I respect that it did something different.

    Which isn't the case with "3", as it's a near-remake of the original. It's watchable but uninspired...
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