Trip to New York End of August

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  1. Technocentral

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    Dublin, Ireland
    Hi All, will be staying in Brooklyn but traveling around NY for a week, any shops that I can get good used 45s cheap particularly 80s ones?
  2. Hershiser

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    Build time into your stay to travel to Princeton Record Exchange in Princeton, NJ across the street from the university. You will not regret it.
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  3. R. Totale

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    Separate the words New York City and "cheap" in your mind.

    Princeton Record Exchange is if I remember right about 2 hours from NYC by bus.
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  4. Dave S

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    Isn't there a train?
  5. Hershiser

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    Yes. It’s called the Northeast Corridor run on NJ transit. Goes from NY Penn Station to Trenton with a stop in Princeton. One and a half hours by train.
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  7. zphage

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    Have you gone yet? Where did you go? What did you find?

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