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TV shows that have not been shown on TV in a long time

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by MikaelaArsenault, Jul 8, 2019.


    BILLONEEG Forum Resident

    New Jersey
    I loved this show as a kid & two years ago I saw the 1961 movie & loved it too. I would love to see an updated movie of this but they must use the original Seaview.
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  2. Jim Walker

    Jim Walker Forum Resident

    southeast porttown
    Before there was X-Files there was... The Invaders. Alien beings from a dying planet,
    it all began at a closed deserted diner...
    I haven't seen it in 5o years, but it was
    pretty entertaining for it's time. It probably holds up well as nostalgia now.
    If it has been on recently, I've completely missed it.

    This is the opening to the episode called The Ransom.

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  3. Purple Jim

    Purple Jim Forum Resident

    If there are any Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea experts here, I'd like to identify one episode that I loved as a kid (because it scared the hell out of me).
    In hte episode, a giant caterpillar snakey thing gets into the sub and causes havoc. Which episode would that be?
  4. HGN2001

    HGN2001 Mystery picture member

    THE INVADERS also airs on the Saturday Night science-fiction block on MeTV. I think it's midnight Eastern time.
  5. Jim Walker

    Jim Walker Forum Resident

    southeast porttown
    Well I'll be, what a celebration that will be! Indeed it will be on at midnight on Saturday on MeTV. Thanks for
    posting that. I guess it would have kept getting missed.
  6. JohnO

    JohnO Forum Resident

    Washington, DC
    Voyage To the Bottom of the Sea is running on MeTV at 2AM Sundays.
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  7. Scope J

    Scope J Senior Member

    On the Roku app. now
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  8. Billo

    Billo Forum Resident

    Southern England
    Re Voyage To The Bottom of The Sea - the 'snakey thing' episode could be the first season episode; 'The Price of Doom' written by Harlan Ellison as 'Cord Wainer Bird' - with guest stars David Opatashu and Jill Ireland where a monstrous plankton thing gets loose on Seaview...

    that is a black and white episode - if the episode remembered was in color than clearly it was not that one but a later season episode

    the original Seaview has a number of smaller glass windows in the nose and that was in the 1961 color film and the black & white first season - tho' stock footage of it in color features later on....however from color season two a new model with two large windows in the nose plus a laser beam in the light and of course the flying sub hatch doors below under the nose section together with a much larger control room set than in season one features

    - obviously Admiral Nelson (and Irwin Allen's team) re-designed the Seaview during a major refit between seasons one and two !

    however stock footage from the color 1961 film was still used in later color seasons so Seaview from time to time alters during a color episode depending on the footage being used...
  9. SteveRes

    SteveRes Forum Resident

    Hill Street Blues
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  10. Danny B

    Danny B New Member

    I loved that show and so bummed it's nowhere to be found. There were 22 Episodes total and you can find segments from two of them if you search YouTube.

    I hate that this show has been buried. I contacted the media company that purchased the show around 2014 I believe, pretending that I was a big shot producer and interested in buying episodes and was told they were "in the vault" with no plans to release them. It started with A&E and showed at times on History Channel as they were dipping their toes into collector shows (Like Pickers that started there).

    Regardless.... no more show. Not a trace. :-( Oh and I found this thread doing what I do every couple years; Google search for one of my favorite collectors shows.
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  11. MikeInFla

    MikeInFla Forum Resident

    Panama City, FL
    There was a show I enjoyed when I was a kid that was similar to The Twilight Zone. I can't remember the name of it but it might have been called "The Red Room". I looked around and could not find anything about it so I may have gotten the name wrong.

    EDIT: I found it, it was called The Dark Room. Tons of stars on the show including a young Helen Hunt. I particularly remember the episode with the toy Army soldiers that come to life.

    Darkroom (TV Series 1981–1982) - IMDb
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2020
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  12. All Down The Line

    All Down The Line Forum Resident

    Not the 9 o'clock news

    RIP Mel Smith
  13. MikaelaArsenault

    MikaelaArsenault Forum Resident Thread Starter

    New Hampshire
    What a shame. It’s really sad that the show is underrated.
  14. Solitaire1

    Solitaire1 Carpenters Fan

    I remember him from the movie Brain Donors (it was a remake of the Marx Brothers movie A Night At The Opera). He played the Chico role.
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  15. Kyle B

    Kyle B Forum Resident

    Hill St Blues is in regular rotation on the H&I network.

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