Type O Negative - None More Negative Box reissued by ROG

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Krzych, Jun 21, 2019.

  1. sonofjim

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    I’m pulling this set out tomorrow. It’s seasonal now and it beats the crap out of the Christmas music that’s just around the corner AGAIN, unfortunately.
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  2. miller_time22

    miller_time22 Forum Resident

    That’s what Red Water off of October Rust is for… :agree:
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  3. Jbrownie

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    Naples, Fl
    I feel like this thread has evolved into more of a general discussion of TON, with the most recent activity, so apologies for being off topic of the box set.
    However, I wanted to ask of other fans 2 quick questions:
    1) Anyone heard anything from Nuclear Blast regarding the Dead Again reissue? It didn't ship on time for release date, which is not unexpected, but can't find any updates online.

    2) Am I correct that Life Is Killing Me is the last to be reissued, or did I miss it? I figured they'd do it in '23 for the 20th, but again, maybe I missed it. Kind of an erratic reissue campaign.
  4. TongueDruid

    TongueDruid The Delectable Dingleberry

    Maine, USA
    I don't think I've seen any official statements on a Life Is Killing reissue... but I'm sure it'll happen!
  5. TongueDruid

    TongueDruid The Delectable Dingleberry

    Maine, USA
    I'd love to hear how the original vinyl sounds! Not a very strong chance that it's AAA but either way I'd love to A/B of needledrop of it versus the other few pressings I've had
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